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Eurolaul 1998


ETV Stuudio - 24.01.98


Marko Reikop & Anu Välba


11-member international jury

Position in ESC

11th with 36 points (Birmingham)

Televoting favorite

Mere lapsed

Koit Toome

1. Koit Toome - Mere lapsed

Place: 1Composer(s): Maria ja Tomi Rahula
Points: 97Song writer(s): Peeter Pruuli

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Kaire Vilgats & Lauri Liiv

2. Kaire Vilgats & Lauri Liiv - Kristallid

Place: 8Composer(s): Kalle Erm
Points: 47Song writer(s): Argo Kasela

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3. Kate - Tulepuuhuulte luule

Place: 3Composer(s): Aivar Joonas
Points: 79Song writer(s): Villu Kangur

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Evelin Samuel

4. Evelin Samuel - Unistus igavesest päevast

Place: 2Composer(s): Priit Pajusaar & Glen Pilvre
Points: 94Song writer(s): Kaari Sillamaa

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Rumal Noorkuu

5. Rumal Noorkuu - Säravad tähed

Place: 5Composer(s): Ivar Must
Points: 65Song writer(s): Villu Olesk

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Tõnis Mägi

6. Tõnis Mägi - Mõni mägi

Place: 10Composer(s): Tõnis Mägi
Points: 36Song writer(s): Tõnis Mägi

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Siiri Sisask

7. Siiri Sisask - Tagareas

Place: 7Composer(s): Lauri Saatpalu
Points: 53Song writer(s): Lauri Saatpalu

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Janika Sillamaa

8. Janika Sillamaa - Viimne valge kuu

Place: 4Composer(s): Koit Toome
Points: 69Song writer(s): Kaari Sillamaa

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Mona & Karl Madis

9. Mona & Karl Madis - Maailm kahele

Place: 9Composer(s): Sven Lõhmus
Points: 42Song writer(s): Sven Lõhmus

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Evelin Samuel & Ivo Linna

10. Evelin Samuel & Ivo Linna - Andesta

Place: 6Composer(s): Priit Pajusaar & Glen Pilvre
Points: 56Song writer(s): Kaari Sillamaa

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The score board

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Jordi Catala (Spain), Seamus Crimmins (Ireland), Mate Victor (Hungary), Hans Barksjö (Sweden), Birte Krohn (Germany), Kato Hansen (Norway), Erkki Pohjanheimo (Finland), Jos Moons (Belgium), Tanya Peck (United Kingdom) and music experts from Switzerland and Turkey.

Video: Chanel - SloMo (Spain 2022)
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