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Daniel Levi - Over The Moon

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Laul nr 6

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Daniel Levi - Over The Moon


Daniel Levi Viinalass, Victor Crone, Vallo Kikas

Koht: 4

Punkte: 13



You said that cloud looks like a rocket
I turn around and I'm looking up
But its already gone

I feel the earth underneath me shaking
A silly smile that won't go away but
Hold on to that song

All of your worries, all of the rain
We can make it go

Last night I dreamt I jumped over the moon
I passed the stars and saw the universe in bloom

Floating around, I felt just like a fool
I should of known that all I'm looking for is you

So I'll
Sing it like a lullaby
Close your little heavy eyes
And I'll be at your side

And if you want
Hold me like the worlds on fire
Rest your pretty head on mine
And I'll be at your side

I heard a noise like the roar of thunder
We got scared and we ran for cover
Underneath a tree

There's nothing worse than an empty promise
A little lie and a little honest
But it's ours to keep

And all, all of your worries, all of the rain
It'll help us grow


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