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Carlos Ukareda - Whiskey Won't Forget

EESTI LAUL 2023 teine poolfinaal

Laul nr 9

Esitaja - Laul

Carlos Ukareda - Whiskey Won't Forget


Carlos Ukareda, Gevin Niglas, Chris Roberts

Koht: 8, koht II voorus: 3

Punkte: 9, hääli II voorus: 655



I wonder if sometimes
I still cross your mind
Does your mama ask about me
I hope she's doing alright

Baby i still keep
Your number in my phone
And your sweater's still
Hanging in my room

Even though I know it's over
And even though I know you're no good for me
But baby I, maybe I might have something you still need
If you're lonely, you can call me up
And we can say the things we should've said
'Cause I'm three drinks in
And whiskey won't forget

I remember the weekend
We spent in your hometown
We were standing in the pouring rain
When the tears came pouring down
I said I love you but I don't know how to work it out


Your high heels and
Levi's jeans
Something about you
I can't do without
I can't get over it
And I tried to
Give it some time
But I'm not giving up just yet


Whiskey won't forget

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