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Kadri Voorand - Energy

EESTI LAUL 2021 finaal

Laul nr 12

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Kadri Voorand - Energy


Kadri Voorand

Koht: 6

Punkte: 10



Why the hell I keep falling in love with The Ones who are hurting me?
Why the hell I keep wasting my time and wasting my energy?
And I'm having my fears that I'll drown into tears and it's burning me.
And I'm wasting my years,
though I've learned my fears,
they shouldn't guide me.
But I,
I am afraid to find that I know.
Why it is so hard to let you go?
We fell in love and love I do believe.
But is it the kind of Love that you or me would need?
We fell in Love and in Love ...
But I'll always remember the day your eyes started leading my way.
All the moments to hold, it will be our gold,
that we will always know.
So this is where we grow.
These moments we should hold --
Our dialogue sounded stilted as if we could not speak,
though the chat between our eyes was most clear and deep.
No matter what the question was, our answer was the same,
after hearing next applause we will run away.
No matter what the question was,
we will run away.
No matter what the question was,
And we did, so we ran and we ran and we ran ...
Never again will I fall for the one who is hurting me.
Never again I'll be wasting my time,
or wasting my energy!

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