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Egert Milder - Free Again

EESTI LAUL 2021 finaal

Laul nr 1

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Egert Milder - Free Again


Kaspar Kalluste, Matteo Capreoli, Egert Milder

Koht: 12

Punkte: 2



I remember the last time I was free as I feel now
I was juggling decisions as if they wouldn't fall
When I was a child
Playing on the streets
Running on the fields

I remember muddy shoes
And my hair was full of dust
When I look back in time I...

Wanna be free again
With no one who tells me how to behave
I know it will not be the same again
But please let me dream my friend
At least I can dream my friend

I am blinded while priorities pretend to make sense
Day by day I can see how my imagination shrinks
Tired of flying around
Always on the run
Money rules my time

But where's this childish boy
Who could free me from the spell
Oh I don't wanna lose my ease, no

At least I can

Frame a picture of my dreams
If I'll ever lose it I could see it clearly
How it looks like and how I feel it, deeply
My inner child will never leave me

At least I can dream my friend
At least I can dream my friend

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