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Палескiя рабiнзоны на перапынку))
Сёння фiнальны дзень здымачнага працэсу нашага новага клiпа. Чакаем з нецярпеннем вынiк такой вялiкай працы.🌿🎶🍃🙏🏻🚀
Today is the final day of shooting our new video. We are looking forward to the result of our big work! #naviband #eurovision2017 #newvideosoon

Sometimes wiwibloggers are so hard at work they miss some of the fun. During the #WiwiJam in Kyiv, @ronk.esc and @bernardotpereira were too busy finding missing backing tracks backstage to notice Robin Bengtsson's dancer getting freaky 😂 Bur @da3.14 noticed 🔥 #Repost @robinbengtssons
This is how we warm up before every gig👌🏽😅 @patrikriber #eurovision #europeanunion #eurovision2017 #eurovisionsongcontest

Quick stroll through one of the exits at Oriente Station — your gateway to the #eurovision2018 venue @meoarenaoficial 😍🇵🇹 It so gives us #eurovision2017 stage vibes 🇺🇦 Our VLOG and your is coming soon #eurovisionsongcontest #esc2018 #esc #eurovision

Заўсёды прыемна быць часткай такіх момантаў. Песня "Абдымi мяне", якая аб'яднала нас, стала важным момантам для іншых - гэта вельмі крута. Дзякуй за давер! 🌿🎶🍃🙏🏻🚀#naviband #eurovision2017 #абдымiмяне

On Wednesday we'll publish a highlights reel of our @salvadorsobral.music #eurovision reviews and reactions — from the Festival da Cancao artists announcement through to rehearsals and ultimately his #eurovision2017 win 🇵🇹 #eurovisionsongcontest #salvadorsobral

He’s the teenage singing sensation who took Australia to its third straight Top 10 finish at Eurovision this May.

Since then Isaiah Firebrace has enjoyed still more momentum with his single “It’s Gotta Be You” going double platinum in Sweden and gold in Norway, and his most recent release “Streets of Gold” racking up more than 1.2 million Spotify streams in just two weeks.

And guess what: He ain’t slowing down. On Tuesday the X Factor winner released the official music video for “Streets of Gold”, which celebrates some of his recent achievements, including his appearance at Eurovision, which will be instantly recognisable to members of the Firebase. #eurovisionsongcontest #eurovision2017 #eurovision

You've had all summer to think. And later this week it's time to let us know your favourites for Best Live Vocals, Most Memorable Staging and more. Get ready. The Vision Music Awards are coming! #eurovisionsongcontest #eurovision #eurovision2017 #esc2017 #wiwibloggs

Portugal, the winning country at Eurovision 2017, gave DiHaj twelve points. And the love continued over the summer. “I have to say they [OGAE Portugal] also invited us to a Eurovision party [in Porto]. It was very nice.” The mutual respect is evident, as DiHaj has only kind things to say about Salvador Sobral and his winning number “Amar pelos dois.” “This is a real song with real feelings — very romantic. I don’t mind that he won at all. I’m happy that this year Eurovision had the winner like this. Because he is a great artist with a beautiful voice and attitude. And the song was brilliant.” “You can feel it. I’m also trying to find a balance in our art — in that way. It doesn’t matter in what language you’re singing, you have to spread the feeling of what you’re singing about or it doesn’t matter about the lyrics.” #eurovision #eurovisionsongcontest #eurovision2017 #dihaj #salvadorsobral

In 2014 Belgium crashed out of the Eurovision semi-finals. Singing about his mother while an apparition danced in the background, Axel Hirsoux creeped out much of Europe. He landed in 14th position with just 28 points.

Perhaps spurred on by that sub-par performance, Belgium has emerged as a Eurovision powerhouse, finishing in the Top 10 three years in a row. That includes a very impressive pair of fourth-place finishes.

With the (completely unsurprising) news that VRT has confirmed Belgium’s participation for Eurovision in 2018, it’s a good time to reflect on the country’s recent success. So we just have to ask you: Of Loïc Nottet, Laura Tesoro and Blanche, who delivered your favourite Eurovision performance? #eurovision #eurovision2017 #eurovisionsongcontest

Даражэнькiя, роўна тры месяцы таму мы выйшлі ў фінал конкурсу Еўрабачанне-2017. Успамінаючы гэтыя перажыванні, эмоцыі і неверагодную падтрымку ад вас, мы яшчэ раз дзякуем кожнаму за такую прыгоду. Спадзяемся, мы не падвялі вас, мы былі чэснымi да канца. З гледачом, журналістамі і з Вамі. Наперадзе новыя песні, відэа і канцэрты, па якім мы ўжо сумуем. З нецярпеннем чакаем сустрэчы. Вашы NaviBand.🌿🎶🍃☀️🙏🏻🚀
#naviband #eurovision2017

It happened to us exactly three months ago. It was incredible. Thank you all for these emotions.

1. Belgium: Blanche, “City Lights” 7.06% (2,526 votes)
2. Italy: Francesco Gabbani, “Occidentali’s Karma” 6.24% (2,232 votes)
3. Bulgaria: Kristian Kostov, “Beautiful Mess” 5.32% (1,902 votes)
4. France: Alma, “Requiem” 4.38% (1,566 votes)
5. Azerbaijan: Dihaj, “Skeletons” 4.07% (1,456 votes)
6. Moldova: SunStroke Project, “Hey Mamma!” 3.95% (1,412 votes)
7. Portugal: Salvador Sobral, “Amar pelos dois” 3.61% (1,291 votes)
8. Sweden: Robin Bengtsson, “I Can’t Go On” 3.25% (1,164 votes)
9. Norway: JOWST, “Grab the Moment” 3.24% (1,160 votes)
10. United Kingdom: Lucie Jones, “Never Give Up On You” 3.11% (1,113 votes) #eurovision #eurovisionsongcontest #eurovision2017

Адзiн з самых стыльных i натхняльных фiтнэс-клубаў @mobydickgym у Мiнску збiрае розных цiкавых людзей вакол. Жадаем Вам з карысцю правесцi выходныя i перадаем прывiтанне кожнаму з Вас!🌿🎶🍃🚀☀️ #naviband #eurovision2017 #mobydickgym

Now we're getting closer to you.....
Have you seen our #eurovision2017 recap video yet? We'd like you to sing with us as you watch it on our #YouTube channel.
#celebratediversity #eurovisionsongcontest #fusedmarc

Awww thank you so much #Repost @kristian_kostov_.fan
PLEASE CHECK THIS VIDEO NOW ITS SO FUNNY 😂😂😂😂 ITS AT YOUTUBE: @wiwibloggs #eurovision #eurovision2017 #wiwibloggs

Адна з самых важных крынiц натхнення для нас - гэта прырода, дзе мы з вялiкай радасцю апошнiм часам праводзiм шмат часу!🌿🎶🍃🎼🚀☀️
Nature - one of the most important source of inspiration for us! #naviband #eurovision2017 #nature #inspiration #newvideo

We're at a Portuguese chain of bakeries waiting for a vegetable empanada. Guess who comes on the sound system? 🎧🎤 Listen carefully 😍#eurovisionsongcontest #Eurovision2017 #eurovision #visitportugal #esc #salvadorable #salvadorsobral

Ну что мои дорогие, кто просил ещё концерта?)), тут места думаю хватит всем)!☝🏻🙏🏻😉, я очень рада и счастлива потому что это будет особенный и очень крутой концерт, приуроченный к моему дню рождения 😊, это будет нереальное шоу и будет много сюрпризов, билеты уже можете заказать пройдя по короткой ссылке 👉🏻http://bit.ly/2wdjgQ4 😉😊❤️🙏🏻! Люблю 😍
#АРЦВИК #ARTSVIK #teamartsvik #eurovision2017 #miracleproduction #esc2017 #Градский #Градскийхолл

Рыхтуем для Вас прыгажосць. Як думаеце, на якую песню?🌿🎶🍃☀️🚀#naviband #eurovision2017 foto: Mikita Nedaverkau

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