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'It's Gotta Be You' is now certified GOLD in Denmark! 🇩🇰🏆📀❤️ Thanks so much!

"It's Gotta Be You" just went GOLD in Denmark! 🇩🇰 🤘🏽🤙🏼 love you all !!!!! https://t.co/8diB2AgL4R


The third video in 2017 Second chance comes from Denmark and is called ONE. Personally I thought this was the one which would get Denmark a high scoring. Again we ask our readers to tell us if this is better or worse than the song selected.

Dansk Melodi grandprix 2017 ( Ida Una ) One

DENMARK - Reminiscing on having hosted the 2014 Eurovision, Jan Lagermand Lundme, head of entertainment for DR has stated that one of the ideas for Eurovision 2017 Danish performance were never realised. The fireworks display for Eurovision lasts approximately 20 or 30 seconds and it was this, which DR wants to change, looking at the possibility of lengthening the display to 50 seconds. [ 64 more words ]

Jan Lagermand Lundme reveals Anja’s staging changes due to security reasons

Jan Lagermand Lundme reveals Anja’s staging changes due to security reasons

DENMARK – Reminiscing on having hosted the 2014 Eurovision, Jan Lagermand Lundme, head of entertainment for DR has stated that one of the ideas for Eurovision 2017 Danish performance were nev…

Denmark's Anja Nissen masked a hair-stuck-in-lip-gloss moment beautifully during the first #eurovision semi-final https://t.co/KsLYYUOhoh


A cover of LIGHTHOUSE X song SOLDIERS OF LOVE - their 2016 entry for Denmark at the Eurovision song contest,is now available via Itunes.

Soldiers of Love - Single by Lufuno Msingo & Linda Kilian on Apple Music

Soldiers of Love - Single by Lufuno Msingo & Linda Kilian on Apple Music

Listen to songs from the album Soldiers of Love - Single, including "Soldiers of Love." Buy the album for $0.99. Songs start at $0.99. Free with Apple Music subscription.

OGAE Second Chance Contest - Warsaw 2017 is underway.

22 entries are competing in 2017 edition of the contest hosted by OGAE Poland.

1. Albania (Dilan Reka – Mos Harro)
2. Belarus (NUTEKI – Take My Heart)
3. Denmark (Ida Una – One)
4. Estonia (Kerli – Spirit Animal)
5. Finland (Zühlke – Perfect Villain)
6. Rest of the World [Georgia] (Maliibu – We Live Once)
7. Germany (Axel Feige – Wildfire)
8. Greece (Demy – When The Morning Comes Around)
9. Hungary (Gabi Tóth & Freddie Shuman feat. Lotfi Begi – Hosszú Idők)
10. Iceland (Daði Freyr – Is This Love?)
11. Italy (Paola Turci – Fatti Bella Per Te)
12. Latvia (My Radiant You – All I Know)
13. Lithuania (Greta Zazza – Like I Love You)
14. Malta (Janice Mangion – Kewkba)
15. Norway (Ella – Mama’s Boy)
16. Poland (Carmell – Faces)
17. Portugal (Pedro Gonçalves – Don’t Walk Away)
18. Slovenia (BQL – Heart Of Gold)
19. Spain (LeKlein – Ouch!)
20. Sweden (Mariette – A Million Years)
21. Ukraine (Tayanna – I Love You)
22. United Kingdom (Holly Brewer – I Wish I Loved You More)

In addition to that, 11 clubs will join the contest as guest juries:
Andorra, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Ireland, Israel, Luxembourg, Russia, Serbia.

Listen to all participating entries at playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?list=PLCy3Z9mdvWVeXzAs8wOD4fXQqtZCfBKVw&v=MLenrqJbT3U

Find more information on the official site of the event:

For the voting details contact your local OGAE International Network club. Deadline for the club to submit votes is 15 July, while results will be revealed in early September.

OGAE Second Chance Contest | Warsaw 2017

From Rehearsals 😊 Still can't believe this was me on that amazing stage!

This is a special multi-cam videomix featuring the rehearsals of Denmark's Anja with the song "Where I Am" for Eurovision Song Contest 2017, at Kyiv's Intern...

Today at the Ukrinform agency took place the press-conference of the organizers of the Eurovision Song Contest 2017. The Executive Producer of the show Pavlo Hrytsak has shared some data on the financial side of the event and urged national and international press to operate only with confirmed facts and not some amateur calculations or rumours.

A total of 64,000 spectators have attended 9 Eurovision shows in the capital of Ukraine, of which 37.4% were foreign guests. The average attendance for the show was 7,110 spectators with a hall capacity of 9,500. Sales of tickets have amounted to 2,457 mln Euros, making it 65% more than initially planned. For the first time in history, Saturday afternoon rehearsal (Family Final) was sold out.

The total budget of the contest has amounted to 20.4 million Euros.

Comparative budgets:
2017 Kyiv 20.4 mln Euro - official data
2016 Stockholm 23 (13 SVT + 10.9 Stockholm) - official data
2015 Vienna 38.2 - here and below data of voxukraine.org
2014 Copenhagen 49
2013 Malmö 23.6
2012 Baku 58.2
2011 Dusseldorf 33.6
2010 Oslo 33.6
2009 Moscow 38.2

20.4 million Euros were formed by:
17.6 million - expenses paid from the account of the UA:PBC (15.2 - financing from the state and municipal budgets, 1.5 - purchases for UA:PBC, 0.5 - expenses for the state companies, 0.4 - taxes)
2.8 - profit from local sponsors, ticket sales, rental of commentator booths

20.4 million Euros were spent out of 25 million initially allocated, including:
11.12 mln out of 15.44 mln of the state budget
6.54 mln out of 6.78 mln of the city budget
Total: 17.6 mln of 22.2 mln of the state money
2.78 mln out of 2.82 mln of the revenues

9.39 million Euros are still on the accounts of the UA:PBC, of which 4.81 are expected to be paid out, and 4.58 will be saved.
Income from member fees and international sponsors that has not yet been calculated and paid by the EBU, was not taken into account during these calculations.

Payments to Ukrainian companies amounted to 55% (11.2 million Euros), foreign to 45% (9.2 million Euros). Companies from the following countries were involved: Ukraine, Sweden, Belgium, Germany, Great Britain, Ireland, Denmark, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Georgia, Austria, New Zealand, The Netherlands, Greece, Slovenia.
The cost of security amounted to 1 million Euro.

417 thousand people visited the official locations of the contest (Eurovillage, Euroclub), 49 thousand visited the Eurovillage on the opening day, 12 thousand were able to attend it at the same time, which made the Kyiv Eurovillage largest for all years of the contest.

A total of 10,541 accreditation badges were issued (delegations, artists, press, fans, organizers, employees, volunteers) + 800 temporary passes.

Deputy Executive Director for Technical Issues Roman Keryk spoke about the technical side of the event. For example, during the contest the largest screen in the history of Ukraine was installed (total area 1100 m, 71,000,000 pixels), 61 video projectors were used to create a unique arch design for each country presentation.

In total, 2100 lighting devices were used, including of press center. Behind the screen was installed a matrix of about 300 lighting devices, which was used for the first time in history of TV production and thus did not even have a name, it helped to create a 3D effect.

Were used 258 sound speakers, instead of using the system to dry out the noise of the hall, zone system was created to make sound comfortable at all areas. It is possible that a feeling of insufficient volume was created in the hall, but this was done for the convenience of televiewers so that the microphones on the stage would not catch excessive noise from other sound devices. Were used 212 microphones (+20 in the press center), 152 in-ear monitors. On the live broadcast have worked 34 sound specialists.

During the broadcast the cameras were switched not by a human person, but by a programmed system synchronizing cameras, lights, screens, pyrotechnics. In each song there were about 40 change of plans, music video shooting technology was used. A total of 20 cameras were used for the broadcast, a unique 1D camera that descended from the ceiling to the surface of the stage, 2D camera which flew from the Greenroom to the stage arch, 3 cranes, one of which was the longest crane in Ukraine - 17 m, 2 automated rake systems, one of which was mounted on the stage.

The first pavilion of the IEC was divided into 101 rooms (3000 m of walls), 70 screens were installed in it. The press center simultaneously accommodated 1500 press representatives and 500 accredited fans.

The final data will be collected in the coming months and announced by the UA:PBC at the forthcoming press conference.

Організатор: Національна суспільна телерадіокомпанія України. Учасники: Павло Грицак — виконавчий продюсер Євробачення України; Роман Керик - заступник викон...

Eurovision Ask Box Roulette


The rules are simple: each country in Eurovision 2017 corresponds to a question (see below). Leave the name of a country in our ask box and we’ll answer. 

Reblog to join in!

Albania 🇦🇱 favourite power ballad of all time?

Armenia 🇦🇲 best country to have never won in your opinion? (or who should have won more often?)

Australia 🇦🇺 country you’d like to see join eurovision next?

Austria 🇦🇹 favourite ‘misheard lyrics’ of all time?

Azerbaijan 🇦🇿 least favourite winner of 21st century?

Belarus 🇧🇾 favourite music genre for eurovision?

Belgium 🇧🇪 act you think is the most original of the 21st century?

Bulgarian 🇧🇬 favourite ever lyrics of a eurovision song?

Croatia 🇭🇷 least favourite act in 2017?

Cyprus 🇨🇾 favourite act in semi-final 1?

Czech Republic 🇨🇿 least favourite ballad of 2017?

Denmark 🇩🇰 favourite female winner of 21st century?

Estonia 🇪🇪 act you wish would come back to eurovision again?

Finland 🇫🇮 which was the first eurovision you remember?

France 🇫🇷 favourite Big 5 act in 2017?

Georgia 🇬🇪 act you didn’t expect to like but did?

Germany 🇩🇪 favourite presenters of 21st century contests?

Greece 🇬🇷 favourite female solo act in 2017?

Hungary 🇭🇺 favourite non-English act of all time?

Iceland 🇮🇸 who do you think will win this year?

Ireland 🇮🇪 favourite historic (pre-2000) winner?

Israel 🇮🇱 best dancers accompanying an act?

Italy 🇮🇹 runner up you think most deserved to win?

Latvia 🇱🇻 act you loved which no one else did?

Lithuania 🇱🇻 favourite eurovision memory?

Macedonia 🇲🇰 favourite ever entry by your country?

Malta 🇲🇹 the 2017 song which best sums up your life right now?

Moldova 🇲🇩 favourite kooky act of all time?

Montenegro 🇲🇪 favourite act in semi-final 2?

Netherlands 🇳🇱 favourite group act of all time?

Norway 🇳🇴 favourite all time winner?

Poland 🇵🇱 your eurovision grand final night routine?

Portugal 🇵🇹 favourite male solo act in 2017?

Romania 🇷🇴 favourite duet of all time?

Russia 🇷🇺 favourite staging of all time?

San Marino 🇸🇲 favourite ever act not to make it to the final?

Serbia 🇷🇸 favourite interval act of all time?

Slovenia 🇸🇮 favourite bubble-gum pop act of 21st century?

Spain 🇪🇸 act you think was most underrated in 2016?

Sweden 🇸🇪 favourite male winner of 21st century?

Switzerland 🇨🇭 favourite European country?

UK 🇬🇧 least favourite Big 5 act in 2017?

Ukraine 🇺🇦 favourite hosts of 21st century?

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Anonymous asked:

for people acting like salvador's win is undeserved and a pity vote, here are his chart positions on itunes: #1 Belarus#1 Luxembourg#1 Netherlands#1 Portugal#1 Spain#2 Belarus#2 Cape Verde#2 Estonia#2 Norway#3 Mozambique#3 Portugal#3 Slovenia#3 Sweden#4 Kyrgyzstan#4 Poland#5 Greece#5 Ukraine#6 Switzerland#7 Belgium#7 Finland#8 France#9 Denmark#12 Lithuania#13 Macau#14 Israel#17 Austria#19 Germany#20 Moldova#27 Ireland#33 Portugal#35 Azerbaijan#37 Italy#37 Romania#41 Belarus




Interesting to note! 👍

#amarpelosdois #Portugal2017 #salvadorsobral

Here it is if you missed it! My Grand final performance in Eurovision!!! ❤️ Thank you for all the love and support! Please share!😊

Anja represented Denmark at the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest in Kyiv with the song Where I Am. If you want to know more about Anja, visit https://eurovision.tv

Anja - Where I Am (Denmark) LIVE at the Grand Final of the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest

Anja - Where I Am (Denmark) LIVE at the Grand Final of the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest

Anja represented Denmark at the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest in Kyiv with the song Where I Am. If you want to know more about Anja, visit https://eurovision.tv

We got this fantastic preview from BERNADETT FODOR

Tonight is the Grand Final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2017. It will be an intense battle between Italy and Portugal for the first place, but we can’t forget about Bulgaria with it’s Beautiful Mess, and Belgium’s City Lights. Will the winner rise from these artists, or a dark horse might surprise Europe with an unexpected placement?

Here are your 2017 finalists.

Israel - IMRI - I Feel Alive
Opening the Grand Final is not always a blessing. Especially for Imri, who is performing first tonight with his pop song I Feel Alive. Will the staging and the choreography be enough for Israel?

2. Poland - Kasia Moś - Flashlight
Next up is Poland with it’s dark pop Flashlight. Kasia is not the bookies favorite this year. She is ranked in the bottom 5, and just like Imri will have a difficult time making herself rememberable throughout the night.

3. Belarus - Naviband - Story of My Life
Belarus has a great staging this year. The scenery goes great with the rhythm of the song. With Naviband’s enthusiasm it could definitely be an uplifting performance early on.

4. Austria - Nathan Trent - Running on Air
Nathan had some vocal issues in the second Semi Final. Austria did qualify however though, thanks mostly to the whole package including the staging, the dress, and the scenery. The song is a sweet pop tune, but won’t finish in a higher position than Zoe did last year.

5. Armenia - Artsvik - Fly with Me
A unique and strong contender. Artsvik is expected to be in the top 10 with the song “Fly with Me”.

6. The Netherlands - O’G3NE - Lights and Shadows
A very emotional entry from The Netherlands. The girls can harmonize very well, and they can fill up the stage with pure talent.

7. Moldova - Sunstroke Project - Hey Mamma!
Moldova had a dress malfunction in the Rehearsals yesterday, but it won’t stop them from making a big Eurovision party with Hey Mamma.

8. Hungary - Joci Pápai - Origo
Joci from Hungary with a unique and ethnic entry. He is expected to be in the top 10, but can he coop with the pressure?

9. Italy - Francesco Gabbani - Occidentali’s Karma
Since day 1 Italy has been the favorite to win this year’s competition. Slowly Portugal managed to steal that place in the bookies ranking. Will the dancing ape help Francesco win Eurovision for Italy?

10. Denmark - Anja - Where I Am
Anja is not in a great position tonight. Singing after Italy, and before Portugal. Viewers might not even remember her at all.

11. Portugal - Salvador Sobral - Amar Pelos Dois
Lisbon 2018? The beautiful, emotional song from Salvador could finally give Portugal it’s very well deserved place on top?

12. Azerbaijan - Dihaj - Skeletons
Dihaj with an interesting stage design. Azerbaijan is up for a distinguished placement with Skeletons. Also, there is a dancer with a horse mask on. Need anything else ?

13. Croatia - Jacques Houdek - My Friend
The biggest surprise of the second Semi Final. Croatia was not expected to make it to the Grand Final but here they are with their pop-opera mash up of My Friend.

14. Australia - Isaiah - Don’t Come Easy
Isaiah did not have a strong game in the first Semi’s. After last year and the success of Dami’s song this Australian entry seems forgettable and weak.

15. Greece - Demy - This is Love
The melody just stays in your head with this one. Demy looks stunning on stage, and her vocals were on point last time.

16. Spain - Manel Navarro - Do it For Your Lover
Spain is not looking very good at the moment. Manel’s Do it For Your Lover just does not make him justice. The songwriting is lazy, although with the staging and the atmosphere it can have it’s moments.

17. Norway - JOWST - Grab the Moment
Norway is a solid contender, but Grab the Moment probably won’t be enough for a high placement.

18, United Kingdom - Lucie Jones - Never Give Up on You
Written by Emmelie de Forest, “Never Give Up on You” is a beautiful ballad that could lift up the United Kingdom from the bottom 5. After years and years of struggling the UK can finally be happy for it’s artist.

19. Cyprus - Hovig - Gravity
Cyprus can be happy that they qualified for the Final, but Hovig’s stage performance makes Gravity less stable in the competition.

20. Romania - Ilinca and Alex Florea - Yodel It!
The title says it all. Romania is all around the place with Yodel It. Cannons, rapping, and well, yodeling .

21. Germany - Levina - Perfect Life
Levina can sing. She proved it with acoustic sessions, and acapellas. The problem is with the song itself. Germany won’t be in the top this year as well.

22. Ukraine - O. Torvald - Time
The only rock song in 2017. The hosts could draw in the fans of the genre, but overall it is not as powerful as Jamala’s winning entry.

23. Belgium - Blance - City Lights
Another favorite coming late in the evening. Some of the viewers were disappointed after Blance’s Semi Final performance. Her vocal was not as strong then, but can she manage to overcome the pressure and slay it tonight?

24. Sweden - Robin Bengtsson - I Can’t Go On
Sweden has a habit of sending amazing singers to the Eurovision Song Contest. This year is not different. Robin can sing and dance while being the ladies favorite.

25. Bulgaria - Kristian Kostov - Beautiful Mess
Bulgaria yet again with some competition. Can Kristian win this ahead of Francesco and Salvador? The performance is there along with a great song to do it.

26. France - Alma - Requiem
Singing in French and English Alma is the last in the Grand Final. Her song Requiem is the most searched one in the contest according the Google. Televoters might love her more than the national juries.

Seen by Bernadett Fodor at 6:18pm

Let’s make it so they end up in the top 10 :)

Seriously, it will be so disappointing if they’re not in the top 10….

#eurovision2017 #hungary2017 #denmark2017 #eschungary #escdenmark

Anja Nissen (Denmark 2017) "Where I Am" LIVE @ Nordic Night 2017: https://t.co/vP6CUw6NpR via @YouTube

Anja Nissen (Denmark 2017) "Never Alone" LIVE @ Nordic Night 2017: https://t.co/06J3h1pTph via @YouTube

Emmelie de Forest (Denmark 2013) interview @ Grand Euro Party 2017 | wiwibloggs: https://t.co/w444AwKBAa via @YouTube

Denmark: Anja looks comfortable on stage and nails the vocals without any problems. #eurovision

ESCKAZ in Kyiv: Anja (Denmark) Grand Final Dress rehearsal Where I Am: https://t.co/oxK1S1l6CW via @YouTube

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