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Pre-Sail op Texel ! ⚓️⛴
Dankjulliewel voor deze heerlijke avond 😍💕 #liefde

Pre-Sail op Texel ! ️⛴
Dankjulliewel voor deze heerlijke avond #liefde https://t.co/fdzJa3clsy

Beterschap @AliBouali !! ️ Texel, see you tonight : https://t.co/gGYGqPpd4l

¡Feliz cumpleaños, Salomé, happy birthday! The Spanish singer celebrates her 78th birthday today, 21 June. Following Massiel’s victory for Spain in 1968 (“La La La”), Salomé defended the Spanish colours in 1969 on home ground with the song “Vivo Cantando” and became one of four winners that year, alongside Frida Boccara (France), Lenny Kuhr (The Netherlands) and Lulu (United Kingdom) - a unique case in the history of the Contest.
Watch again Salomé’s performance at Madrid’s Teatro Real on 29 March 1969… All the best, Salomé!
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Salomé, nuestra representante española en el festival de Eurovisión de 1969, interpreta el tema "Vivo cantando", alzándose con la 1º posición junto con otros...

Was gezellig ! Is tof om te doen 🏼️ https://t.co/1yUVv10GW6

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🇳🇱JA !! We hebben naar deze avond uitgekeken! We gaan met jullie chillen en zoveel mogelijk vragen beantwoorden. K… https://t.co/aKCVevRqqU

YES !! We've been looking forward to this! It's gonna be so much fun 🏼 So TUNE IN tonight at 20:00 #LiveQ&A https://t.co/UcQxWJRB3V

🇬🇧 YES !! We've been looking forward to this! It's gonna be so much fun 😍🔥 Hanging out with you guys and answering as many questions as we can 👏🏼 Maybe YOUR question will be answered ! So TUNE IN tonight at 20:00 🔥#LiveQ&A
🇳🇱 JA !! We hebben naar deze avond uitgekeken! Gaat superleuk zijn 😍😱 We gaan lekker met jullie chillen en zoveel mogelijk vragen beantwoorden.. misschien zit JOUW vraag ertussen!! Dus.. KIJKEN vanavond om 20:00 🔥 #LiveQ&A

Each summer, after the Eurovision Song Contest, the international Eurovision fab club OGAE organises its Second Chance Contest for those quality songs that competed in the national finals, but didn’t make it to Eurovision. It’s a chance to honour the artists who might not have triumphed at home, but still deserve recognition for the work they did. It also helps prolong the Eurovision atmosphere just a little bit longer.

OGAE — the Organisation Générale des Amateurs de l’Eurovision, or General Organisation of Eurovision Fans — has been hosting the event since 1987, when the first Second Chance Contest took place in Huizen, The Netherlands. Previous winners include Måns Zelmerlöw, Carola, Alcazar, Anna Oxa, David Bisbal and Nek, among other artists. Good company, indeed!

Last year Poland’s Margaret won the contest with “Cool Me Down” — her on-trend number which had a distinct sense of Caribbean cool. As a result of her victory Poland’s OGAE club hosts the event this year.

Poll: Who should win the OGAE Second Chance Contest 2017? | wiwibloggs

Poll: Who should win the OGAE Second Chance Contest 2017? | wiwibloggs

Some of the best songs from the Eurovision 2017 national selection season didn't make it to Eurovision. The OGAE Second Chance Contest honours many of them.


ESCCovers felt various websites, facebooks and blogs gave a comprehensive account about the tragic death of Sandra Reemer who took part in Eurovision for the Netherlands several times in various ways. We had yesterday a small tribute to her music. We do not have a large collection of her songs as she was never really known in South Africa but the song that impressed most was INDONESIA - a vinyl single she brought out in 1981. In fact 90% of the people attending the tribute heard this song for the very first time.

All aboarddddd !! In het Spoorweg-museum voor een gig (en ja, we zijn op tijd) https://t.co/jxDs5flLdQ

WE ARE GOING TO DO A LIVE Q & A !! Click here for all info : https://t.co/n26noJPzG8

🇬🇧 After LOTS of request we are doing a LIVE Q & A again! What question should we definitely answer ?? Leave your question in a comment below and maybe we'll answer yours this upcoming thursday during our live-stream ! ⬇️
🇳🇱 Na BIZAR veel aanvragen gaan we weer een LIVE Q & A doen! Welke vraag zouden we sowieso moeten beantwoorden ?? Laat het ons weten in een comment hieronder en misschien beantwoorden we jóuw vraag aanstaande donderdag tijdens onze live-stream ! ⬇️

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