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RT @ManelNMusic: Now @eurovision & Ukraine will be a part of me forever.

Тепер Україна буде частиною мене назавжди https://t.co/7dJprXYoYz

wiwiblogger @b_tavares_p just had an interview with Spain's @ManelNMusic in Portugal. Soon on the wiwi tv.… https://t.co/xHEWDs4gic

RT @joanarhay: @ManelNMusic Obrigada It was such a pleasure to meet you, your sympathy is contagious :D 🇵🇹

RT @_esc_updates: Can honestly say I think that @ManelNMusic has worked the hardest of all the #Eurovision entrants on promoting his entry…

RT @STESParedes: O Representante de Espanha @ManelNMusic no Festival Eurovisão da Canção 2017 está de Visita a Portugal. Ele Atuou à Pouco…

RT @ManelNMusic: Now @eurovision & Ukraine will be a part of me forever.

Тепер Україна буде частиною мене назавжди https://t.co/7dJprXYoYz

RT @joanaplucas: I broke my ESC rule just to watch @ManelNMusic on RTP... And I think I need to put Spain on a higher place on my top htt…

RT @ElizabeteAC: Não achava possível que o fosse achar ainda mais cutie, mas olha que amor de pessoa @ManelNMusic #eurovision https://…

RT @TelevisionLV: Así es el tatuaje que @ManelNMusic dedica a #Eurovision2017. ¡Su significado es de lo más especial! #Eurovision


The representative of Spain Manel Navarro has arrived today to Lisbon where he will take part in various events and television programs.

He will make appearances in "Agora Nós" and "5 para a Meia Noite" programs on RTP 1. In the latter also present will be representative of Portugal Salvador Sobral. It will be aired tomorrow at 22:50.

Today at 19:00 Navarro will give Meet & Greet session to the fans at Instituto Cervantes.

Yesterday, Manel has attended reception by the ambassador of Ukraine in Spain Anatoliy Sherba. At the reception in Madrid he has been accompanied by the director of TVE, Eladio Jareño, and other members of the Spanish delegation in Eurovision, such as commentator José María Íñigo, or Paloma G. Quirós.

Anatoliy Serba has highlighted the importance of Eurovision as "the most important musical event in Europe" and a good "opportunity to present the best we have in our country. I also believe that the Spanish team are very keen to win and we will support them in that goal, "said the ambassador during the reception, at which also took place performance by the Ukrainian group Chervona Kalina.

Eladio Jareño, meanwhile, thanked the ambassador for the Ukrainian hospitality with which the Spanish delegation has been received: "We are very excited about Kyiv. With Manel , who has a very good pop song and as person has been very involved in his promotion campaign. And in this final stretch, we will continue to push for our goals. "

Manel Navarro himself thanked the warm welcome in the embassy remembering his fantastic visit a couple of months ago to Kyiv and did a special interpretation of 'Do it for your lover' in acoustic version.

Also on his Instagram page the singer has revealed his new tattoo saying "Music" in Ukrainian. "Now Eurovision & Ukraine will be part of me forever" he wrote.

Spain page: http://esckaz.com/2017/spa.htm

Photos from ESCKAZ.com / ESCCovers / OGAE Rest of the World / Eurovision South Africa's post

#FBLivePoll Final - Part 4 of 5. Poll will run for 30 minutes and will be extended in case of a tie until it is broken.
Vote with Facebook likes for your preferable entry of 3 selected songs that will be competing in the Eurovision Song Contest 2017.
The entry finishing last will be dropped until only one winner remains.

Round 1 winner: Tako Gachechiladze (Georgia)
Round 2 winner: Norma John (Finland), relegated: Lindita (Albania)
Round 3 winner: Alma (France), relegated: Timebelle (Switzerland)
Round 4 winner: Alma (France), relegated: Levina (Germany)
Round 5 winner: Alma (France), relegated Manel Navarro (Spain)
Round 6 winner: Francesco Gabbani (Italy), relegated Tako Gachechiladze (Georgia)
Round 7 winner: Francesco Gabbani (Italy, relegated Norma John (Finland)
Second Chance Round 1 winner: Norma John (Finland)
Round 8 winners: Francesco Gabbani (Italy), Kasia Mos (Poland), relegated Lucie Jones (UK)
Round 9 winner: Francesco Gabbani (Italy), relegated Claudia Faniello (Malta)
Round 10 winner: Francesco Gabbani (Italy), Kasia Mos (Poland), relegated NAVIBAND (Belarus)
Round 11 winner: Francesco Gabbani (Italy), Alma (France), relegated Omar Naber (Slovenia)
Round 12 winner: Francesco Gabbani (Italy), relegated SunStroke Project (Moldova)
Round 13 winner: Alma (France), relegated Anja (Denmark)
Second Chance Round 2 winner: NAVIBAND (Belarus)
Round 14 winner: Francesco Gabbani (Italy), relegated O.Torvald (Ukraine)
Round 15 winner: Francesco Gabbani (Italy), relegated Nathan Trent (Austria)
Round 16 winner: Francesco Gabbani (Italy), relegated Hovig (Cyprus)
Round 17 winner: Francesco Gabbani (Italy), relegated Jacques Houdek (Croatia)
Round 18 winner: Francesco Gabbani (Italy), relegated Triana Park (Latvia)
Round 19 winner: Kasia Mos (Poland), relegated Joci Papai (Hungary)
Second Chance Round 3 winner: Nathan Trent (Austria)
Round 20 winner: Kasia Mos (Poland), relegated Ilinca feat. Alex Florea (Romania)
Round 21 winner: Francesco Gabbani (Italy), relegated Koit Toome and Laura (Estonia)
Round 22 winner: Francesco Gabbani (Italy), relegated Demy (Greece)
Round 23 winner: Alma, O'G3NE, Salvador Sobral, relegated Martina Barta (Czech Republic)
Round 24 winner: Salvador Sobral (Portugal), relegated O'G3NE (The Netherlands)
Round 25 winner: Francesco Gabbani (Italy), relegated Alma (France)
Second Chance Round 4 winners: Koit Toome & Laura (Estonia), Alma (France)
Round 26 winner: Salvador Sobral (Portugal), relegated Kasia Mos (Poland)
Round 27 winner: Salvador Sobral (Portugal), relegated Brendan Murray (Ireland)
Round 28 winner: IMRI (Israel), relegated Jana Burcheska (Macedonia)
Round 29 winner: Salvador Sobral (Portugal), relegated Tijana Bogicevic (Serbia)
Round 30 winner: Salvador Sobral (Portugal), relegated IMRI (Israel)
Round 31 winner: Salvador Sobral (Portugal), relegated Fusedmarc (Lithuania)
Second Chance Round 5 winner: Brendan Murray (Ireland)
Round 32 winner: Salvador Sobral (Portugal), relegated JOWST (Norway)
Round 33 winner: Salvador Sobral (Portugal), relegated Blanche (Belgium)
Round 34 winner: Salvador Sobral (Portugal), relegated Valentina Monetta & Jimmie Wilson (San Marino)
Round 35 winner: Salvador Sobral (Portugal), relegated Slavko Kalezic (Montenegro)
Round 36 winner: Salvador Sobral (Portugal), relegated Svala (Iceland)
Round 37 winner: Salvador Sobral (Portugal), relegated Isaiah (Australia)
Second Chance Round 6 winner: Blanche (Belgium)
Round 38 winner: Salvador Sobral (Portugal), relegated Kristian Kostov (Bulgaria)
Round 39 winner: Salvador Sobral (Portugal), relegated Yulia Samoylova (Russia)
Second Chance Round 7 winner: Alma (France)
Second Chance Final winner: Alma (France)
Final Part 1: Winner: Salvador Sobral (Portugal), relegated Alma (France)
Final Part 2: Winner: Francesco Gabbani (Italy), relegated Dihaj (Azerbaijan)
Final Part 3: Winner: Salvador Sobral (Portugal), relegated Artsvik (Armenia)

Now @eurovision & Ukraine will be a part of me forever.

Тепер Україна буде частиною мене назавжди https://t.co/7dJprXYoYz

Hoy 5.pm estaré en el programa de TV "Agora Nos Afternoon" de @rtppt

9.30am en CMTV
8.00pm "Para Mea Noite" con Salvador Sobral

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