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Participating broadcaster from France, France 2, has revealed at today's press-conference more details about Destination Eurovision, the planned French national selection final.

From the 1500 songs received, 18 were chosen for the live shows. Among chosen entries are the ones written by such established professionals like Zazie, Maître Gims, Grand Corps Malade, Vitaa and Dany Synthé. The competing acts will be revealed in a form of teasers just days before each of the two semifinals, which are planned for January.

Destination Eurovision will be made of two semi-finals with 9 songs each and a grand final. All shows will be hosted by singer Garou. In each semifinal professional jury made of three Francophone (Amir, Christophe Willem (who already has a juror experience from X-Factor) and Isabelle Boulay (who had been coach in La Voix, the Quebec version of The Voice) and three international jury members (Christer Björkman (Sweden), Nicola Caligiore (Italy) and Olga Salamakha (Belarus)) will select 4 qualifiers for the final.

In the final, the result will be decided by a jury of 10 international members (Sweden, Italy, Belarus, Bulgaria, Armenia, Switzerland, Russia, Israel, Finland and Iceland) and televoting on 50/50 base.

France page:

ESCKAZ - Eurovision 2018 - France / Франция

ESCKAZ - Eurovision 2018 - France / Франция

ESCKAZ.com - узнайте первыми новости о Конкурсе Песни Евровидение 2018: Международный финал, Евронеделя, промо-вечеринки, национальные отборы. ESCKAZ.com - Delivering Eurovision Song Contest 201...

It’s the Big Five country that’s turned around its flagging fortunes at Eurovision. Now French broadcaster France 2 has revealed details of France‘s new national final Destination Eurovision. And there’s plenty of proof that they are really making an effort.

France 2 held a press conference today where they introduced the three French jury members who will help to select the acts.

In the semi-finals, the acts will be chosen by a panel of six jurors. Three will be French, while the other three will be international. The French jury consists of France’s 2016 star Amir, French-Canadian chanteuse Isabelle Boulay and French Pop Idol winner Christophe Willem. The international half will be made up of Christer Björkman (HoD Sweden), Nicola Caligiore (HoD Italy) and Olga Salamakha (HoD Belarus). The three French jurors were at the press conference and ready to share their enthusiasm for their new roles. Amir told the press conference, “I am very honoured.” #eurovision2018 #eurovision #destinationeurovision

Giovanni Montalbano (Italy) has topped online voting for the second wildcard in San Marino with 388633 on the deadline at 23:59 London time. It is worth noting, that practically all of his votes were gained during the last day of the competition. In the last 1.5 hours of the voting, Montalbano had added 155,000 votes narrowly beating his compatriot GLORIA ZACCARIA, who finished with 382237, also more than doubling her vote in the last 24 hours, and counting on par with the winner during last hour of the vote.

1in360 organizers have confirmed Giovanni's victory officially.

32 singers have reached mark of 1000, 22 - of 2000, 17 of 5000, 15 of 10000, 9 of 25000, 6 of 50000, 5 of 100000, 3 of 200000 and 2 of 300000.

1. Giovanni Montalbano (Italy) 388633
2. GLORIA ZACCARIA (Italy) 382237
3. Julian Lesiński (Poland) 203579
4. Miguel Vicente (Spain) 190879
5. Tom Hartis (France) 112313
6. Marcus Reischmann (Germany) 50045
7. Yana Gloushak Яна Глушак (Russia) 33649
8. Dario Mifsud Bonnici (Malta) 33127
9. Stavros Pilichos (Greece) 28208
10. Mac Zavadsky (Poland) 23448
11. Camilla Dentale (Italy) 18219
12. Jessika (Malta) 17921
13. HIlary Smile (Italy) 15169
14. Sofya Angel Barocco (Russia) 15115
15. Benjamin Coveliers (Belgium) 10388
16. Sebastian Calleja (Malta) 6494
17. Panagiotis Mademlis (Greece) 6232
18. Maika Barbero (Spain) 4853
19. Raylan Arbizu (Spain) 4446
20. William and Deban (United Kingdom) 3423
21. Elena Petresca (Macedonia) 2714
22. René Reith-Schäfer (Germany) 2027
23. Bjorn Rosier (Belgium) 1939
24. Oyku Dogan (Turkey) 1896
25. Ones Antoine (Haiti) 1739
26. Elisa "ELYSA" Kolk (Estonia) 1494
27. Eduard Alexogiannopoulos (Greece) 1403
27. Dario & Grecia Bezzina (Malta) 1403
29. Andi Taranik (Belarus) 1330
30. Dionisis Kostis (Greece) 1269
31. Camilla North (Norway) 1206
32. Marco Antonio Gaitano (Spain) 1030

Interestingly, 4 of top 10 singers, including both Montalbano and ZACCARIA, have failed to gain 100 votes in the first stage of the competition.

ESCCovers has been following daily progress of the acts, and standings for every of 10 days of the voting can be found in the archives.
9days https://www.facebook.com/EurovisionCoverage/posts/10155175370496305
8days https://www.facebook.com/EurovisionCoverage/posts/10155175370496305
7days https://www.facebook.com/EurovisionCoverage/posts/10155175370496305
6days https://www.facebook.com/EurovisionCoverage/posts/10155175370496305
5days https://www.facebook.com/EurovisionCoverage/posts/10155175370496305
4days https://www.facebook.com/EurovisionCoverage/posts/10155175370496305
3days https://www.facebook.com/EurovisionCoverage/posts/10155175370496305
2days https://www.facebook.com/EurovisionCoverage/posts/10155175370496305
1day https://www.facebook.com/EurovisionCoverage/posts/10155175370496305

Additional info on ESCKAZ San-Marino page: https://www.facebook.com/EurovisionCoverage/posts/10155175370496305

www.1in360.com - Searching for the "internet candidate" and San Marino's official representative for Eurovision 2018


It is the last day for the artists to get likes for their videos in the San Marino second wild card. Here are the current top 10. Voting will close at midnight tonight and tomorrow this time we will look at the final totals. In brackets their totals the previous day.

02 - Gloria Zaccaria (Italy) 153606 (115324)
03 - Miguel Vicente (Spain) 142391 (101225)
04 - Julian Lesinski (Poland) 133777 (99356)
05 - Tom Hartis (France) 102882 (85067)
06 - Marcus Reischmann (Germany) 45075 (32384)
07 - Dario Mifsud Bonnici (Malta) 33038 (31892)
08 - Yana Gloushak (Russia) 30512 (26065)
09 - Stavros Pilichos (Greece) 25870 (24435)
10 - Mac Zavadsky (Poland) 22813 (22039)

We were clearly wrong when we said yesterday the race for the wildcard can only be between the top 3 with probably each of them ADDING a further 30 000 to 40 000 likes in the last 2 days. Out of nowhere someone came and jumped to position 1 - this video gained over 100 000 likes in ONE SINGLE DAY.

01 - Giovanni Montalbano (Italy) 169 008


It is the second last day for the artists to get likes for their videos in the San Marino second wild card. Here are the current top 10. In brackets their totals the previous two days.

01 - Gloria Zaccaria (Italy) 115324 (64725 - 54605)
02 - Miguel Vicente (Spain) 101225 (73545 - 50825)
03 - Julian Lesinski (Poland) 99356 (61680 - 39403)
04 - Tom Hartis (France) 85067 (58682 - 39241)
05 - Marcus Reischmann (Germany) 32384 (16900)
06 - Dario Mifsud Bonnici (Malta) 31892 (30496 - 22238)
07 - Yana Gloushak (Russia) 26065 (20957 - 15666)
08 - Stavros Pilichos (Greece) 24435 (23598 - 19709)
09 - Mac Zavadsky (Poland) 22039 (20403 -18114)
10 - Camilla Dentale (Italy) 15324 (back in the top 10)

Clearly now the race for the wildcard can only be between the top 3 with probably each of them ADDING a further 30 000 to 40 000 likes in the last 2 days.

The last time we checked in Gloria Zaccaria from Italy led with 28,571 votes, while Miguel Vincente from Spain had 26,191 and Julian Lesinski from Poland had 10,294. But by Friday at 13:30 GMT the three acts had drawn to a veritable deadlock, with each claiming more than 74,000 votes a piece. Every vote counts and you can still make the difference.

Please note: The votes are changing quickly and constantly, so the numbers will, no doubt, be slightly off by the time you read the list, which is available on wiwibloggs.com #1in360talent #eurovision2018 #eurovision @1in360talent

As @1in360talent enters the final weekend of voting, Italy's Gloria , Spain's Miguel and Poland's Julian ea… https://t.co/arEQsZmv9j

Anonymous asked:

I hope 2018 has hot guys. 2017 was a total disappointment with Imri being the only guy I would say is good looking. Although more importantly, I hope 2018 has great songs, which was also really disappointing in 2017 (Denmark, Hungary, and maybe Italy were the only ones that wowed me. Iceland and Bulgaria were pretty good too though)


I partially agree with you: Imri was probably the only hot guy in the most traditional way, that’s fair and true. But there were a bunch of nice guys, enjoyable from many of us: Bengtsson, Navarro, Trent, Murray… but also Naber, Gabbani, Hovig, Florea. I mean, I get that there weren’t many HUNKS but I’m usually more into average, cool guys.

Speaking of songs… I’ve already written about it months ago and, without getting boring or repetitive, I’ll just say that ballads were generally better than other songs :)

#eurovision #esc #esc2017 #esc2018 #imriziv #robinbengtsson #manelnavarro #nathantrent #brendanmurray #omarnaber #francescogabbani #hovig #alexflorea


In Tbilisi at the Junior Eurovision song contest a great program book was handed out looking very much like those at ADULT Eurovision. Roy of ESC Covers had each of the 16 acts sign the book and for the next days we will post it. Today we can highlight the sixth one – it is Italy who ended with 86 points –ESC Covers find the song extremely catchy.


It is a day later and time for the latest on artists to get likes for their videos in the San Marino second wild card. Here are the current top 10. In brackets their totals the previous day.

01 - Miguel Vicente (Spain) 73545 (50825)
02 - Gloria Zaccaria (Italy) 64725 (54605)
03 - Julian Lesinski (Poland) 61680 (39403)
04 - Tom Hartis (France) 58682 (39241)
05 - Dario Mifsud Bonnici (Malta) 30496 (22238)
06 - Stavros Pilichos (Greece) 23598 (19709)
07 - Yana Gloushak (Russia) 20957 (15666)
08 - Mac Zavadsky (Poland) 20403 (18114)
09 - Marcus Reischmann (Germany) 16900 (new in top 10)
10 - Hllary Smile (Italy) 14806 (13235)

Some small changes in to top 10 but it is clear that the top 4 will fight it out for the wildcard.
Besides the top 10, 19 other videos have more than 1000 likes.

The "Come neve" video is out now! Check out Marco Mengoni's latest single alongside Giorgia 🇮🇹️ #Eurovision #Italy

Italy: Marco Mengoni and Giorgia release music video for latest single - ESCToday.com

Italy: Marco Mengoni and Giorgia release music video for latest single - ESCToday.com

Eurovision news 2018: Italy's 2013 representative Marco Mengoni has released his latest single. Come neve is a collaboration with Giorgia, the winner of Sanremo 1995. The duet i


Time for the latest on artists to get likes for their videos in the San Marino second wild card. Here are the current top 10. In brackets their totals the previous three days.

01 - Gloria Zaccaria (Italy) 54605 (38045 - 30093 - 27118)
02 - Miguel Vicente (Spain) 50825 (40442 - 30575 - 20815)
03 - Julian Lesinski (Poland) 39403 (24411 - 14901 - 5818)
04 - Tom Hartis (France) 39241 (26282 - 9699)
05 - Dario Mifsud Bonnici (Malta) 22238 (14878 - 9645- 8156)
06 - Stavros Pilichos (Greece) 19709 (15854 - 11198 - 7796)
07 - Mac Zavadsky (Poland) 18114 (15512 - 10463 - 6009)
08 - Yana Gloushak (Russia) 15666 (12125 - 9441 - 6293)
09 - Hllary Smile (Italy) 13235 (12545 - 11124 - 7504)
10 - Camilla Dentale (Italy) 10717

Some small changes in to top 10 but it is clear that the top 4 will fight it out for the wildcard.

Besides the top 10, 16 other videos have more than 1000 likes.

Anonymous asked:

Vitaly (or whatever his name is) looks more Arab than Ukrainian


It’s just a generalization……this should be clear, am I wrong? Com’on

Again, don’t think that I like EVERYTHING I share: I post beautiful guys, but I love just some of them :)

#eurovision #esc


Nisay sent this for us

For Information, the top 10 of the French vote (7 VOTES RECEIVED):

12 pts: Olivier Kaye (Belgium)
10 pts: Emma Sandström (Finland)
08 pts: Ending Sequence (Spain)
07 pts: Vell Baria (Philippines)
06 pts: Aurora Lecis - (Italy)
05 pts: Mahan Moin (Sweden)
04 pts: Syuzanna Melqonyan (Armenia)
03 pts: Judah Gavra (Israel)
02 pts: Justinas Stanislovaitis (Lithuania)
01 pts: Rick Jurthe (Germany)


We are a little earlier today with our update on artists to get likes for their videos in the San Marino second wild card. Here are the current top 10. In brackets their totals the previous two days.

01 - Miguel Vicente (Spain) 40442 (30575 - 20815)
02 - Gloria Zaccaria (Italy) 38045 (30093 - 27118)
03 - Tom Hartis (France) 26282 (9699) - changed his name
04 - Julian Lesinski (Poland) 24411 (14901 - 5818)
05 - Stavros Pilichos (Greece) 15854 (11198 - 7796)
06 - Mac Zavadsky (Poland) 15512 (10463 - 6009)
07 - Dario Mifsud Bonnici (Malta) 14878 (9645 - 8156)
08 - Hllary Smile (Italy) 12545 (11124 - 7504)
09 - Yana Gloushak (Russia) 12125 (9441 - 6293)
10 - Sofya Angel-Barokko (Russia) 9013 (8235 - 7116)

On 11th position is Camilla Dentale (Italy) which is just 7 likes behind the 10th position

Organisers behind 1 in 360 — San Marino’s search for an Internet candidate for Eurovision 2018 — have crowned Emma the winner of the first wildcard. As we pause to celebrate, we thought it’d be a good time to check where things stand with Wildcard #2.

Of the roughly 557 entries currently listed on the 1in360 candidates page, a total of 69 have managed to earn more than 100 votes. Of these, just 16 have managed to secure more than 2,000 votes. And while technically any of them are still contenders, in reality this appears to be a two-voice race.

Gloria Zaccaria from Italy currently counts 28,571 votes, while Miguel Vincentre from Spain has 26,191. The next highest act — Julian Lesinski from Poland — has 10,294. #1in360 #eurovision2018 #eurovision @1in360talent


We are halfway in the period allowed for artists to get likes for their videos in the San Marino second wild card. Here are the current top 10. In brackets their totals yesterday at this time.

01 - Miguel Vicente (Spain) 30575 (20815)
02 - Gloria Zaccaria (Italy) 30093 (27118)
03 - Julian Lesinski (Poland) 14901 (5818)
04 - Stavros Pilichos (Greece) 11198 (7796)
05 - HIlary Smile (Italy) 11124 (7504)
06 - Mac Zavadsky (Poland) 10463 (6009)
07 - Tom Leo Tabguy Wiart (France) 9699 (not in the top 10 yesterday)
08 - Dario Mifsud Bonnici (Malta) 9645 (8156)
09 - Yana Gloushak (Russia) 9441 (6293)
10 - Sofya Angel-Barokko (Russia) 8235 (7116)

Here is the top 13 of the Fan Clubs voting for the 1st wildcard in San-Marino preselection 1in360:

1. Emma Official Sandström (Finland) 51
2. Franklin Calleja (Malta) 49
3. Sada Vidoo (Denmark) 36
4. Tiago Braga (Portugal) 35
5. Яна Глушак Yana Gloushak (Russia) 31
6. DEREK - Domenico Caringella (Italy) 29
7. Colé van dais (South Africa) 24
7. Judah Gavra (Israel) 24
7. Justinas Stanislovaitis (Lithuania) 24
10. Mahan Moin (Sweden) 20
11. Rick Jurthe (Germany) 20
12. Tinashe Makura (Zimbabwe) 19
13. Dario Mifsud Bonnici (Malta) 16

Thus, first wilcard winner is Emma from Finland. Votes have been received from fan clubs of Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Italy, Greece, Hungary, Malta, Belgium, Rest of the World and combined vote of the ESC Press.

San Marino page: http://esckaz.com/2018/smr.htm

The Go 2018


Eurovision 2018 is less than six months away. The

the who, the how and the when of each countries contribution beginning to be announced and revealed. Some have been more forthcoming than others. Some are known to be secretive others are an open book.

Here is what I know:


AZERBAIJAN: AISEL [history of revealing artist early; song to be announced late.

BELGIUM: LAURA GROESENEKEN [First to release their artist. No news since]

FINLAND: SAARA AALTO [Usually use UMK to select their entrant. YLE unhappy with submitted songs, rejected all of them and placed their fate with Saara. National final of 3 songs on March 3rd]

THE NETHERLANDS: WAYLON [Male part of Common Linnets. Returning for second bite of cherry. No other news]



Festivali i Këngës is the first of the national finals. Unless someone else comes through with a song reveal in December, this will be the first entry of Eurovision 2018.

GREECE, SAN MARINO and SLOVENIA: San Marino has 1in360, Slovenia has EMA, while the Greeks have a yet to be named national final. They are all taking place in February, but a date has not been announced so far.

MALTA: Song for Europe will be held February 3.


Entscheidungsshow is taking place in Zurich on February 4th.

UNITED KINGDOM: Eurovision: You decide is returning again after the success from last year. It will held in Brighton on February 7th and in ESC 1998 tradition, hosted by an English person and a Swede.

ITALY: Traditional selection program for Italy is the San Remo Festival for Italian Music which takes place between February 6 and 10. Have gone internal and via jury selection in the past. 

MGP in Denmark is taking place on February 10th 


Montevizija 2018 is the national final for Montenegro which is being held on February 17th. Last national final for Montenegro was 2008.

HUNGARY: A Dal is being held from January and the final is February 24th.

MOLDOVA: Moldova has a semi final on February 22nd, before the final on the 24th

UKRAINE: Another country with 2 semi final and a final; Semis 10th and 17th February; final one week later on the 24th.

ROMANIA: Romania are using a Swedish method of selecting their song having a five semi final and final process . The final is on February 25th

BELARUS: Live auditions in January; up to 15 entrants; final no later than March 1st

ESTONIA: Eesti Laul 2018 is a three show national final. Semi 1 and 2 are February 10th and 17; final March 3.


Söngvakeppnin 2018, the Icelandic selection will also have two semi finals and a final, on exactly the same days Estonia are having theirs.

PORTUGAL: The home team are having their annual song contest, Festival da cancao. This year it has been extended to two semi finals (February 18th and 25th) and the final on March 4th.

NORWAY: MGP to be held 10th March.

SWEDEN: Melodifestivalen is the traditional national final from Sweden. The  four semi finals begin February 3 , the Andra chansen will be on March 3 and the final on the 10th.


CROATIA: Expect the return of the DORA contest.

CYPRUS: National final; date unknown

FRANCE: Rumour of a national final this year.


Supernova will be their selection method again. 30 entries, dates not known yet.

ISRAEL: Holding their Next star contest at the moment to select their entrant. Song will come in March

LITHUANIA: Usually hold an exhaustive national final; no news though.

SPAIN: Operation Triunfo is going to be selection for Spain. How exactly is yet to be announced.

GERMANY: National final; but no details as yet.

The rest: Austria, Armenia, Australia, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Georgia, Ireland, Poland, and Russia are unknown at this time. Most of these will announce an internal selection. 

#doesn'tArmeniauseDepiEvratesilastheirnationalselection? #Eurovision #2018


Time for our daily update on the top 10 artists in the second Wildcard for the 2018 San Marino selection.

14 artists have over 2000 likes, 21 artists have over 1000 likes. Luckily those with no likes have also drastically reduced with only a round 25 or so to still get one like.

01 - GLORIA ZACCARIA (Italy) 27118

02 - Miguel Vicente (Spain) 20815

03 - Dario Mifsud Bonnici (Malta) 8156

04 - Stavros Pilichos (Greece) 7796

05 - HIlary Smile (Italy) 7504

06 - Sofya Angel-Barokko (Russia) 7116

07 - Yana Gloushak (Russia) 6293

08 - Mac Zavadsky (Poland) 6009

09 - Julian Lesinski (Poland) 5818

10 - Camilla Dentale (Italy) 4612

Sebastian Calleja dropped out of top 10, 11th now with 4314 likes

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