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So apparently the theme for the europal selfie Saturday today is love, so here’s an old picture of me eating a waffle

It’s the same as love, right?

I looked for this picture because I remember this moment, and I remember that I went for this waffle purely out of love, as a replacement for love; since my actual then-relationship was being strained, so I decided that if there’s no love somewhere, I shouldn’t waste my time and energy, and instead I shall go where Love always dwells - as in a crepes and waffles place, for one :D

So this picture is actually a true stand-in for love 😂😂😂😂

#selfie #me #europalselfiesaturday #love

…and I’m back just in time for the Europal selfie Saturday!

And the topic is “pastel” as I’ve seen :D

This one doesn’t date from today (since it’s not exactly sleeveless shirt and ice cream weather right now xD), but I love the colours in it and it fit so well with the theme that I’m putting it up here :D

Have a nice end of a Saturday everyone ^^

#europalselfiesaturday #europals #selfie #europalselfiesaturday #me #zampy #zampystuff

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