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RT @escbelgium:  Griekenland kiest toch intern: Yianna Terzi gaat met "Oneiro Mou".
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Laura Groeseneken from Belgium is the first confirmed artist for Eurovision 2018!


Where is Blanche heading to? ️🇧🇪 ️Find out her news here #Eurovision #Belgium

Eurovision Belgium: Blanche to debut at festival Les Francofolies de Spa 2018 - ESCToday.com

Eurovision Belgium: Blanche to debut at festival Les Francofolies de Spa 2018 - ESCToday.com

Eurovision news 2018: Belgian Eurostar Blanche will take to the stage at the 25th anniversary edition of the Francofolies de Spa festival in Spa. Festival Les Francofolies in Sp

She’s the Eurovision 2017 singer who brought Belgium its third consecutive top ten finish. And late last month, Blanche emerged as one of the big winners on the Belgian music scene, snagging gongs in both Wallonia and Flanders. She also performed a re-worked version of City Lights. Read more on wiwibloggs.com #Eurovision #eurovision2018 #eurovisionsongcontest #esc2018 #allaboard #europop #nowplaying



France, Eurovision and diversity

This year France is organizing some kind of competition to decide who’s going to represent the country for Eurovision. 18 people/bands were selectionned, each one wrote a song and now they’re competing against each other. But it really made me proud that the team that selectionned the candidates chose diverse people.

Out of the 23 people there are : 11 non-white, 8 women, 1 disabled. There are young people (the youngest is 16 years old!), people with tattoos, dyed hair, some are pros and some relative outsiders.

I’m really happy that they understood the importance of diversity, and we still don’t know who’s going to represent France (the finale vote - by the viewers of the France 2 channel - is on January 27th) but at least we can be enjoy the amazing selection.

Btw the duo who was selected (Madame Monsieur) won with a song (“Mercy”) about the birth of a baby refugee in the middle of the sea. Don’t know if it can win at all but I’m so proud to be represented with a song - which won the popular vote - that advocates for humanity and refugees. Let’s hope it inspires french/european politicians!

Every year I promise myself that I won’t spoil Eurovision before the semis (yeah, having an active tumblr about Eurovision probably isn’t the best way to go about it 😂), but I never miss France and Belgium.

Mainly because it’s impossible…

And also because I loved what France did. You had so many good performers, but this song… damn, it’s gorgeous. It has the worth that French songs have and that you don’t send to Eurovision often enough, and it’s pop songs with a very poetic meaning. Pop songs that are musically well-crafred and lyrically very smart.

That’s something that makes French music amazing.

And I’m so glad that you’re offering such a song to the rest of Europe this year ❤

#eurovision2018 #madamemonsieur #mercy #refugees #eurovisionfrance #escfrance #france2018



People who’s starting to listen to Måns after last night though 😍😍😍😭

I’m just thrilled that his presence was actually enjoyed by non-hardcore ESC fans in the UK

I’m always happy when I see Eurovision artists making it in other countries :D

Måns was super big in France and Belgium with “should’ve gone home” ^^

Especially France where I swear I heard him ten times a day xD I like the guy, but damn, I got sick of that song xD

#månszelmerlöw #should'vegonehome #eurovisionartists


We bring you another article by Matt MacDonald from the United States of America. It is about Songs Being Performed Consecutively at Eurovision. It used to be Rare, but now seems Common.

The first time that the same Eurovision entry had been performed back-to-back occurred in 2016. The feat was then repeated just one year later.

At the Eurovision Song Contest 2016, Belgium's Laura Tesoro closed out the second semi-final with a high-energy performance of "What's the Pressure." She then had to wait until the final moments of the show to find out if she would be performing it again on the Eurovision stage.

Petra Mede: "And, finally, the last finalist. Tonight's 10th winner is ..."

A camera shows a very nervous Laura amongst others awaiting the next word.

Finally, it comes. "Belgium!"

That word sparked wild celebrations from her as she jumped up and down on the couch in the Belgian section of the green room.

Laura didn't have long to celebrate, however, as she and her team went back to work the following morning, shortly after she discovered that she would be opening the final. That meant that "What's the Pressure" would be performed back-to-back, making it the first song in Eurovision history to earn that distinction.

It turned out that the tension surrounding the order in which the finalists were announced was, in the end, unnecessary as her entry ended up finishing third in that semi-final and was in no danger of missing out on the final. Of course, nobody knew that at the time. "What's the Pressure" then came in 10th in the final.

The uniqueness of having a song be performed back-to-back, however, did not remain unique for long.

In 2017, Israel's IMRI closed out the second semi-final with his own high-energy entry: "I Feel Alive." Like "What's the Pressure," his song also finished third in its semi. But, fortunately for him, he didn't have to wait as long to find out that he would be moving on to the final.

Oleksandr Skichko: "Our sixth finalist is ... Israel!"

Still, wild scenes in the Israeli section of the green room followed as IMRI celebrated with his Israeli flag.

Then he discovered that he would also be opening the final. Unfortunately, "I Feel Alive" was not received nearly as well as "What's the Pressure" had been by the juries and televoters as it finished in 23rd place.

Although the sample size is exceptionally small, it doesn't appear that performing last in the second semi-final and then first in the final has much of an affect on that entry's result in the final. Regardless, it is has got to be an interesting experience to go from closing out one show to opening the next.

“Can’t sing”????? O.o

You can like or dislike her stage presence all you want, but to think that she can’t sing you need to be legitimately deaf o.O and I’m not even joking.

#blanche #eurovision2017 #eurovisionbelgium #escbelgium


Discovered today a singer from Belgium called GARRY HAGGER who had done several Euro covers in Flemish - as of now we have identified 7 of them

AUSTRIA 1966 - Merci cherie
LUXEMBOURG 1972 - Zonder jou
SPAIN 1973 - Zo ben jij
IRELAND 1980 - Was jij nu naar huis
SWITZERLAND 1981 - Het is nog niet verby
IRELAND 1987 - Hou me vast
SWEDEN 1999 - Breng me naar je hemel

There are probably more but this amount of covers already lifts Garry into the bracket of artists who have done the most covers in their careers.

Portugal continues to accept the artists of the Eurovision Song Contest 2018 for the recording of the postcards and the singer Sennek (Laura Grueseneken), Belgian representative in the contest, came to Lisbon to shoot her postcard.

With the river Tagus as a backdrop, the scenery for this postcard is the docks of Lisbon. These warehouses of the Port of Lisbon were recovered during the 1990s and have become a popular place of the city, offering a fantastic view. Here, the singer was received by a captain and boarded a sailboat, strolling along the river. All this with the city of Lisbon as a backdrop, while we see some of the capital's most iconic symbols, such as the 25 de Abril bridge.

After landing, the singer spoke about this experience: "What a fantastic day! Sailing is so relaxing and thankfully I already had some experience. Navigating the Tagus River was a wish I had and now I have realized it! Despite the cold inside the boat, the sun was shining. "

Belgium page: http://esckaz.com/2018/bel.htm

Photos from ESCKAZ.com / ESCCovers.com / Euroforum / Eurovision South Africa's post
Belgium: SENNEK films her postcard in Lisbon - ESCToday.com

Belgium: SENNEK films her postcard in Lisbon - ESCToday.com

Eurovision news 2018: Following the 2018 Austrian hopeful Cesar Sampson, the next Eurovision 2018 act to travel to Portugal in order to record her postcard is Belgium's SENNEK.

SuRie is to represent the United Kingdom at the 63rd Eurovision Song Contest, which will take place this May in Lisbon, Portugal. Watch the first press-conference of the winning artist.

SuRie took to the stage alongside five other hopefuls who all battled it out for the honour of representing the United Kingdom at Eurovision 2018 in a live 90-minute musical extravaganza on BBC Two presented by Mel Giedroyc and Måns Zelmerlöw.
SuRie will be performing Storm, which was written by Nicole Blair, Gil Lewis & Sean Hargreaves.

With classical roots in piano, voice and oboe, SuRie's musical career started as a child soloist, performing for the likes of HRH Prince Charles in iconic British venues such as The Royal Albert Hall and St. Paul's Cathedral and at venues all around the world, such as St. Mark's Basilica in Venice. A graduate of The Royal Academy of Music, she started writing songs when she was just 12 years old. SuRie has held residencies in jazz lounges throughout London and performed backing vocals for artists like Chris Martin and Will Young.

She has prior Eurovision experience as she was a backing vocalist and dancer for Loic Nottet at Eurovision 2015 in Vienna, Austria, representing Belgium with Rhythm Inside. She returned two years later as Musical Director for Blanche’s City Lights in Kyiv, Ukraine last year. Both entries came fourth in their respective finals. Real name Susanna, SuRie is a combination of forenames Susanna Marie.

Eurovision: You Decide was broadcast live on BBC Two from The Brighton Dome, Brighton on Wednesday 7th February, featuring performances by six competing acts.

The winner of Eurovision: You Decide 2018 was decided by a combination of viewer and expert jury votes.

The expert panel comprising of Rylan Clark-Neal, Rochelle Humes and Tom Fletcher were also on hand to offer advice.
As well as the acts battling it out for the public’s votes, the jam-packed 90-minute live show featured performances from 2017 Eurovision Song Contest UK delegate, Lucie Jones and 2015 Eurovison Song Contest winner, Måns Zelmerlöw.

On how she feels to be representing the United Kingdom at Eurovision 2018, SuRie said: “I can't believe this is happening, it's absolutely amazing. It's such an honour to have the opportunity to represent a country I'm very, very proud of and that I know I can do good things for in Lisbon, so thank you to everyone who voted and supported me. This is amazing!"

Helen Riddell, Head of Delegation for the UK said: “This has been a stand-out year for Eurovision: You Decide with some amazing songs and performances tonight by some incredible artists – well done to everyone! We are delighted for SuRie and are proud to take Storm to the Eurovision Song Contest Final in May.”

UK page: http://esckaz.com/2018/uk.htm

http://esckaz.com/ Team of ESCKAZ.com reporting live from the Eurovision: You Decide - Live Show in Brighton

Shooting day is almost finished 🖤

Video shoot for the eurovision postcard 🖤

As reported by the Sunday Herald this morning, a Scottish member of European Parliament has revealed his proposal for the United Kingdom to following a "Belgium-style" rotational system to select its #Eurovision entries.

This would mean England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland would each get to select an entry under the UK flag once every four years.

Scotland proposes

Scotland proposes "Belgium-style" rotational system to decide UK Eurovision entries - ESCXTRA

On Wednesday, the United Kingdom will select its entry for the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest. For the third year in a row, Eurovision: You Decide will see the public and a professional jury choose the best entry amongst six contenders. However, as the Sunday Herald reveals this morning, a Scottish me...


Jasper van Bieser from Belgium sent us the results from a voting they had to find the best Eurovision song from Belgium.

De volledige top 15 (The full top 15)

1 Loïc Nottet Rhythm Inside 2015

2 Blanche City Lights 2017

3 Sandra Kim J'aime la vie 1986

4 Tom Dice Me and My Guitar 2010

5 Urban Trad Sanomi 2003

6 Xandee 1 Life 2004

7 Kate Ryan Je t'adore 2006

8 Stella Si tu aimes ma musique 1982

9 Mélanie Cohl Dis oui 1998

10 Liliane Saint-Pierre Soldiers of Love 1987

11 Ann Christy Gelukkig zijn 1975

12 Jean Vallée L'amour ça fait chanter la vie 1978

13 Louis Neefs Jennifer Jennings 1969

14 Emly Starr Samson 1981

15 Pierre Rapsat Judy et Cie 1976

Link: De volledige top 60 op Songfestival.be

Meer informatie en vragen:
Jasper Van Biesen – jasper@songfestival.be / 0472.85.22.64

#Belgium: Laura Groeseneken will perform under her stage name Sennek in #Lisbon! #Eurovision #ESC #AllAboard

Belgium: Laura Groeseneken to perform as Sennek in Lisbon

Belgium: Laura Groeseneken to perform as Sennek in Lisbon

While news on the Belgian entry has been relatively quiet since the introduction of Laura Groeseneken as the Belgian artist for Lisbon, one more bit of information has been revealed - Laura will p

@escbelgium2017 @CalmAfterTheTim Out of these, we'd rather have the "problems" of Russia. For the Azeri case, we wo… https://t.co/FiaDgDlxep

RT @wiwibloggs: Call her SENNEK! Belgium's @LauraGroes shares some teasers about her song and plans for Lisbon https://t.co/EonFGS7st7 via…


ESC Covers started on 5 JANUARY to publish the youtube links to as many Eurovision covers as possible. The plan was to do 100 by end of JANUARY but things are going so well, we stand currently at 395 and may end the month doing the last 5 get to 400.

We search on YOUTUBE and this morning we discovered something - in 1983 the old YUGOSLAVIA brought out an LP with 14 EURO COVERS, all from 1983.


There were 20 Eurovision entries in 1983 but unfortunately there are just covers of 14 - they cover their own entry plus 13 of the other 19. it is done by various singers from the old YUGOSLAVIA.

The 14 covers are the entries from the following countries:















The 6 countries they did not cover are







She became the first confirmed singer for Eurovision 2018 in September. In the months since Laura Groeseneken was unveiled as Belgium’s representative, she’s been keeping a relatively low profile. Until now. In recent days, she’s given a slew of interviews revealing teasers about her song, stage name, and outfit for Lisbon. #eurovision #eurovision2018 #allaboard

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