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Some have been worried how Iriao from Georgia needs to ditch one of their band members since only six persons are allowed on stage. I just wanted to point out that Sanja Ilić & Balkanika from Serbia has originally nine members, and what’s more, they look like a cool cast of a fantasy film.

#squadgoals #thegrey-beardedflautistismyfavourite #serbia #eurovision #2018

GEORGIA - On the eve of the second semi final of the national selection for Eurovision Song Contest 2018 Georgian singer and actress Sofia Nizharadze posted in her Instagram a video with the wishes for Tayanna, who on February 17 will present the Ukrainian-language song "Lelya" on the National selection stage. In her message, Sofia admitted that it's always difficult to perform with author's song: "Enjoy that you tell your story," Sofia advised. [ 147 more words ]

Sofia Nizharadze  names her favourite Ukrainian finalist

Sofia Nizharadze names her favourite Ukrainian finalist

GEORGIA – On the eve of the second semi final of the national selection for Eurovision Song Contest 2018 Georgian singer and actress Sofia Nizharadze posted in her Instagram a video with the …

@xogeorgiamarie Wait, I have no idea where the BBC came from...
But you get my gist

@xogeorgiamarie YOU are gonna slay in may and let me say I can't wait for that day when we slay our way and sing he… https://t.co/5vaIrxDFhD

One more song title unveiled for #Eurovision 2018! IRIAO will sing Sheni Gulistvis for #Georgia!

Eurovision Georgia: Iriao to sing Sheni Gulistvis in Lisbon! - ESCToday.com

Eurovision Georgia: Iriao to sing Sheni Gulistvis in Lisbon! - ESCToday.com

Eurovision news 2018: It was the 2018's dawn when the Georgian national broadcaster GPB announced that the group Iriao has been internally selected to represent the nation of Ca

#ევროვიზია2018 "შენი გულისთვის" - ასე ჰქვია ევროვიზიის საკონკურსო სიმღერას, რომელზეც ჯგუფი "ირიაო" ორი დღე მუშაობდა

#Georgia: Iriao have confirmed their song title and are recording their entry today! #ESC #Eurovision #Lisbon #AllAboard

Georgia: Iriao to sing

Georgia: Iriao to sing "Sheni Gulistvis"

The Georgian national broadcaster GPB has confirmed today that the Georgian entry for Lisbon is being recorded, and we have a title for the bilingual entry - "Sheni Gulistvis"! Roughly translat

ჯგუფი „ირიაო” ევროვიზიის საკონკურსო სიმღერას დღეს ჩაწერს - 1TV

ჯგუფი „ირიაო” ევროვიზიის საკონკურსო სიმღერას დღეს ჩაწერს - 1TV

ევროვიზია 2018-ზე საქართველოს წარმომადგენელი ჯგუფი „ირიაო” ევროვიზიის საკონკურსო სიმღერას დღეს ჩაწერს. სიმღერის ...

ჯგუფი „ირიაო” ევროვიზიის საკონკურსო სიმღერას დღეს ჩაწერს - 1TV

ჯგუფი „ირიაო” ევროვიზიის საკონკურსო სიმღერას დღეს ჩაწერს - 1TV

ევროვიზია 2018-ზე საქართველოს წარმომადგენელი ჯგუფი „ირიაო” ევროვიზიის საკონკურსო სიმღერას დღეს ჩაწერს. სიმღერის ...

Georgia: Iriao film their Eurovision postcard in Lisbon - ESCToday.com

Georgia: Iriao film their Eurovision postcard in Lisbon - ESCToday.com

Eurovision news 2018: The 2018 Georgian Eurovision hopefuls Iraio have flown to Portugal in order to film their Eurovision postcard. The band visited Lisbon where they partook i


Iriao (Georgia) shooting the Eurovision postcard in Lisbon, Portugal. They took part in the celebrations of the Chinese New Year, organized every year by the Chinese community in Lisbon

#Ireallylikethepostcardideassofar #andthattheyarefilmingthemalready #Georgia #Portugal #Eurovision #2018





how are georgia gonna enter a seven-person band into a contest which only allows six people on stage

have one member stand on another member’s shoulders and wear a large trenchcoat 

alternatively: bring a hologram screen and have one of them backstage on live camera

They obviously have to kill one of their band members beforehand.

There should be a support group for performers left behind because of the six person limit. Whoever gets ditched from Iriao could join that, along with the bass player from Koza Mostra and those extra grannies from Buranovskiye Babushki.


„ირიაო“ ევროვიზიის მასპინძელ ქვეყანაში, პროტუგალიაში ჩავიდა - 1TV

„ირიაო“ ევროვიზიის მასპინძელ ქვეყანაში, პროტუგალიაში ჩავიდა - 1TV

ჯგუფი „ირიაო“, რომელიც ევროვიზიის სიმღერის კონკურსზე საქართველოს წარადგენს, წლევანდელი ევროვიზიის მასპინძელ .....

ირიაო მოუთმენლად ელოდება სალვადორთან შეხვედრას :)

ევროვიზიის გამარჯვებული სალვადორ სობრალი ევროფესტივალში ჯგუფ „ირიაოს“ მონაწილეობას მიესა

ევროვიზიის გამარჯვებული სალვადორ სობრალი ევროფესტივალში ჯგუფ „ირიაოს“ მონაწილეობას მიესა

ევროვიზია 2017 წლის გამარჯვებული სალვადორ სობრალი საქართველოს სახელით მუსიკალურ კონკურსში ჯგუფ „ირიაოს“ მონაწი.....

„ირიაო“ ევროვიზიაზე - 1TV მოამბე

„ირიაო“ ევროვიზიაზე - 1TV მოამბე

ევროვიზიის ქართველი მონაწილეები პორტუგალიაში გასამგზავრებლად ემზადებიან. ლისაბონში კონკურსანტები პირველად .....

Will a girl from Georgia represent Germany at Eurovision 2018? The German final will be held on 22 February, and one of the six competing acts is 21-year old Natia Todua. Natia visited ESC Radio studio in Berlin to introduce herself to the international fans and followers of the Contest and speak about her Eurovision adventure. Tune in tomorrow Tuesday 6 February at 11.30 CET and check it out! The interview will be repeated in the evening at 19.30 CET.
Eurovision Song Contest Eurovision Song Contest Deutschland
Natia Todua Page OGAE Germany e.V. Eurovision Club Germany e.V. Prinz Eurovision Song Contest Blog Eurovision Georgia

Photos from ESC Radio's post

"ირიაო" "ევროვიზიაზე" 10 მაისს, მეორე ნახევარფინალზე გამოვა | Radio Fortuna - ოფიციალური ვებგვერდი

"პირველი არხის" ცნობით, 2018 წლის "ევროვიზიის" სიმღერის კონკურსში საქართველოს წარმომადგენელი ჯგუფი "ირიაო" მეორე ნახ...


Matt MacDonald from the United States of America sent us this article about A Look at How Eurovision Hosts and Defending Champions Have Fared

As Grigol Kipshidze bounded out onto the Tbilisi stage on Nov. 26 in the first few moments of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2017, the crowd roared. During the show's final moments, those cheers only escalated in volume when Georgia kept receiving more and more points as the tallies were revealed. He ended up coming within three points of claiming the title and making Georgia the first-ever repeat winner of the show.

That experience brings to mind what it would be like if a hosting Eurovision Song Contest country was able to once again be right in the running or even win and spark celebrations amongst a considerable portion of those in the crowd. Unfortunately, it's been a while since a hosting Eurovision country was able to come as close to winning as Kipshidze did at the most recent Junior Contest.

However, there have been a number of top-10 placements by hosts and defending champions in the past couple of decades. Most recently, the young Frans powered Sweden to fifth place at Eurovision 2016 in Stockholm. Two years before that, Denmark's Basim finished ninth in Copenhagen. In 2012, Sabina Babayeva pleased many of those at Azerbaijan's newly built Baku Crystal Hall when she came in fourth.

But we have to go back 12 more years to find another top-five finish for the home supporters. At Eurovision 2004, Athena received applause in Istanbul for taking Turkey to a fourth-place showing. Meanwhile, two years earlier was the most recent top-three finish by a host and defending champion. Estonia's Sahlene sang, "Runaway," in Tallinn and was rewarded with 111 points, good enough for a third-place tie.

Those results came at the end of an impressive run of hosts and defending champions coming very close to winning again but falling just short: Denmark (2001 – second), Israel (1999 - fifth), United Kingdom (1998 – second), Ireland (1997 – second) and Norway (1996 – second). The U.K. came especially close to prevailing in Birmingham in 1998, but the country's 166 points were just outmatched by Israel's 172.

That's when we finally get to our most recent host and defending champion to win, and this country accomplished this impressive feat in back-to-back years.

The Irish duo of Paul Harrington and Charlie McGettigan won Eurovision 1994 in Dublin after singing, "Rock 'n' Roll Kids." The year before, Niamh Kavanagh's "In Your Eyes" was strong enough to claim an Irish victory in Millstreet.

Ireland was able to get the chance to start this run after Linda Martin's "Why Me?" won in Malmö, Sweden, in 1992. The win streak of three, still the record, finally came to an end when Ireland's 1995 entry finished 14th in Dublin.

A trip down memory lane to 1979 is necessary to go back to the next country to win at home and defend a title. That year, Israel's Gali Atari and Milk and Honey sang, "Hallelujah," in Jerusalem and were rewarded for their outstanding performance with the Eurovision title.

However, Israel did not attempt to repeat in 1980 as the nation turned down the hosting nod and did not attend the contest in The Hague, Netherlands, because it conflicted with the country's Day of Remembrance.

In 1973, Luxembourg, who last participated in Eurovision in 1993, was successful when Anne-Marie David's French song, "Tu te reconnaîtras," earned 129 points and the first-place nod in Luxembourg City. That and its preceding win in 1972 were Luxembourg's third and fourth titles. (The small country also won in 1961, 1965 and 1983.)

The first defending champion to win again in the following year was Spain although the Spaniards had to share their second crown with three other countries. That's because Eurovision 1969, held in Madrid, resulted in four countries – the other three being the United Kingdom, Netherlands and France – all receiving 18 points while no tiebreaker measures had been put in place prior to the show.

The last winner that we'll look at is the first. Switzerland's Lys Assia won Eurovision 1956, which was held in Lugano, with her song, "Refrain." Of course, since it was the first contest, there was no defending champion that year.

How will Portugal do at Eurovision 2018? Is a return trip to this beautiful country in the offing for 2019?

Eurovision Song Contest - Monthly Update - January 2018

Eurovision Song Contest - Monthly Update - January 2018

Welcome to your monthly update where you can get updated on everything that happened in the world of the Eurovision Song Contest in January. Today it's all about the allocation draw, the hosts, the selections (Madame Monsieur for France, Alfred and Amaia for Spain, Mikolas Josef for Czech Republic), the artist announcements (Yulia Samoylova for Russia, Iriao for Georgia) and France Gall. If you want to know more about the Eurovision Song Contest, visit https://eurovision.tv

Eurovision INFE Georgia

Eurovision INFE Georgia

Georgia and group IRIAO will perform 2nd half of second semi final <3

The Go 2018 - Updated again.


Eurovision 2018 is 100 or so days away (or at least semi final 1). What we know so far is there are many national finals this year. My suggestion is that you don’t make plans for February specifically the late part, and March 3rd.

Here is what I know:



ALBANIA:  Mall - Eugent Bushpepa
(Winner of 

Festivali i Këngës. )

AUSTRIA:   Nobody but you - Cesar Sampson (internal)

CYPRUS: Fuego - Eleni Foureira (intenal)

FRANCE: Mercy - Madam Monsieur
(winner of Destination Eurovision)

CZECH REPUBLIC: Lie to me - Mikolas Josef


AUSTRALIA: JESSICA MAUBOY [No news since the announcement]

AZERBAIJAN: AISEL [Azerbaijan have a history of revealing artist early; song to be announced late.]

BELGIUM: LAURA GROESENEKEN(Sennek) [First to release their artist. No news since]

FINLAND: SAARA AALTO [Songs to be released from Feb 9; National final of 4 songs on March 3rd]


were announced on December 31st. No news otherwise




MALTA: Song for Europe will be held February 3.


Entscheidungsshow is taking place in Zurich on February 4th.

SPAIN: Operation Triunfo is going to be selection for Spain. National final Jan 29; announcement is Feb 5; Six singers; 9 songs which are a mix of solo, duets and a group performance.

UNITED KINGDOM: Eurovision: You decide is returning again after the success from last year. It will held in Brighton on February 7th and in ESC 1998 tradition, hosted by an English person and a Swede.

ITALY: Traditional selection program for Italy is the San Remo Festival for Italian Music which takes place between February 6 and 10. Have gone internal and via jury selection in the past. 

MGP in Denmark is taking place on February 10th 

ISRAEL: Holding their Next star contest at the moment to select their entrant. They have said there are 3 weeks left in the contest. Expect the person known by around mid Feb. Song will come in March

BELARUS: Live auditions in January; up to 15 entrants. Final is Feb 16.

GREECE: Three song national final on Feb 16.


Montevizija 2018 is the national final for Montenegro which is being held on February 17th. Last national final for Montenegro was 2008.

SERBIA: National final Feb 20

GERMANY: February 22nd final 

Unser Lied für Lissabon; six artist revealed.

HUNGARY: A Dal is being held from January and the final is February 24th.

MOLDOVA: Moldova has canceled the February 22nd semi final, so it will be a 16 song final on the 24th.

UKRAINE: Another country with 2 semi final and a final; Semis 10th and 17th February; final one week later on the 24th.

LATVIA:  Supernova will be their selection method again. 30 entries, Final is Feb 24

ARMENIA:  Depi Evratesil begins Feb 3; 20 songs revealed. Final 24th Feb.

SLOVENIA: EMA contest will take place Feb 24; there may be a semi final.

ROMANIA: Romania are using a Swedish method of selecting their song having a five semi final and final process . The final is on February 25th

LATVIA: It’s Supernova again for Latvia. 21 artists and their songs have been revealed. Semi finals Feb 3, 10 and 17. Final Feb 24.

LITHUANIA: Lithuania Nacionalinę Eurovizijos atranką 2018 begins on January 7. Conclusion in expected in March 

ESTONIA: Eesti Laul 2018 is a three show national final. Semi 1 and 2 are February 10th and 17; final March 3.

SAN MARINO: 1in360: the first ever national selection has taken the finalists to Vienna and Bratislava. Two pre-recorded shows on Feb 9 and 16th. Final: March 3.

POLAND: National final March 3.


Söngvakeppnin 2018, the Icelandic selection will also have two semi finals and a final, on exactly the same days Estonia are having theirs.

PORTUGAL: The home team are having their annual song contest, Festival da cancao. This year it has been extended to two semi finals (February 18th and 25th) and the final on March 4th.

NORWAY: MGP to be held 10th March.

SWEDEN: Melodifestivalen is the traditional national final from Sweden. The  four semi finals begin February 3, the Andra chansen will be on March 3 and the final on the 10th.


BULGARIA: The song won’t be known till 12th March. 

CROATIA: Confirmed internal selection.

FYR MACEDONIA: Internal selection.

** … AND THEN **

There is currently radio silence from Ireland. Expect internal selections. Maybe a surprise.


Results of the draw:

First semifinal:

First half:
Belarus, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Albania, Czech Republic, Belgium, Iceland, Azerbaijan, Israel, Estonia

Second half:
Switzerland, Finland, Austria, Ireland, Armenia, Cyprus, Croatia, Greece, Macedonia

Second semifinal:

First half:
Russia, Serbia, Denmark, Romania, Australia, Norway, Moldova, San Marino, Netherlands

Second half:
Montenegro, Sweden, Hungary, Malta, Latvia, Georgia, Poland, Slovenia, Ukraine

Broadcast and vote:
First semifinal: United Kingdom, Spain, Portugal
Second semi-final: Italy, France, Germany

Denmark will perform in the first half of the second semi-final, Georgia will perform in the second half.… https://t.co/OcokAk0v0F

Georgia will perform in the second half of the second semi final #Eurovision #AllAboard

🇬🇪️ IRIAO will represent Georgia at Eurovision 2018. One of the band members has now revealed some details about their song! Check it out here:

IRIAO to perform ''melodic, easy song'' in Georgian - ESCXTRA

IRIAO to perform ''melodic, easy song'' in Georgian - ESCXTRA

Georgian band IRIAO will perform a 'melodic, easy song' in Georgian at Eurovision. Are you looking forward to their effort?

Borneo Jazz |  Iriao

Borneo Jazz | Iriao

BJ2014 Iriao, jazz band founded in Tbilisi, Georgia.

Bulgarian BNT has released the line-up of the international experts that were consulted for the evaluation of the entries of the national preselection:

Gavin Lambert - Betting Analyst at the Eurovision Market;
Gordon Bonello - TV producer and director of the Junior Eurovision 2014-2017;
JOWST - singer, music producer, representative of Norway at Eurovision 2017;
Jan Feddersen - journalist, music critic, ARD Germany;
Theofilos Pouzbouri - singer, composer, part of Freaky Fortune - Greece 2014;
Ronnie Larsson - Swedish Lifestyle Journalist, SVT;
Olga Salamakha - TV producer. Head of the Belarusian delegation of Eurovision;
Paul Clark - TV producer - Blink TV and SBS Australia;
William Lee Adams - Editor-in-Chief, wiwibloggs.com;
Ole Töpholm - radio host, music editor, Eurovision commentator for DR, Denmark;
Giga Kukhianidze - Georgian composer, music producer of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2017;
Mart Normet - TV producer, head of Eesti Laul;
Ewan Spence - radio announcer, Forbes columnist, etc.
Aminata Savadogo - singer and songwriter, represented Latvia at Eurovision 2015;
Konstantin Hudov - Ukrainian TV producer, produces Azerbaijan's participation in Eurovision;
Mads Grimstad - project manager of Universal Music Denmark;
Tali Eshkoli - Producer of the Israeli delegation of Eurovision;
Crister Bjorkman - Producer of Swedish Melodifestivalen, Eurovision 2013, 2016, 2017;
Nicola Caligiore - Head of the Italian Eurovision Delegation, RAI Italy;
Vicente Rico - journalist, editor at eurovision-spain.com, organizational team ESPre-Party, Madrid;

"We are very grateful to all the producers who have submitted a project and have invested their creative energy in their participation. First of all, we want to emphasize that whatever estimates the different projects have received, they are in the context of their possible participation in Eurovision. Outside this, there are no right and wrong answers in the music and there are fans of each style. All the songs that participated in our selection were very good and we would love to see them released , "said the producer of the Bulgarian participation in the Eurovision Joanna Levieva - Sawyer.

It is now up to the BNT to decide who will be the one chosen between the shortlisted proposals. In this respect, the Bulgarian Head of Delegation says that the process of final choice will include many factors. "There are a few songs that ranked very close to each other, and we've received pretty good reviews and high scores for them, especially since we're talking about a project that is still in the works. Over the years, we have come to understand that Eurovision is a complex undertaking and we need to consider many factors to choose a song that will actually work well on the big stage. This year, our choice will be particularly difficult because all the shortlisted projects have strong sides. "

To make the selection even more complex and multi-layered, each song is in a different style, pace, and embodies a different type of emotion. The performers are also very diverse in their experience, creative path and achievements. There is also international participation in some of the projects. The only thing that can be said for sure is that the next Bulgarian Eurovision entry will be again entirely in English.

The analysis of the results of the different focus groups clearly shows a trend - a song is sought with a contemporary arrangement that can also achieve commercial success, especially among the biggest music consumers - the youth audience. Although there is no longer a style that we can define as a typical "Eurovision", songs have to be adequate to the trends to have a higher chance of success. At the same time, a distinctive message is sought that will take the product out of the typical mass. Finding the right balance between commerciality and uniqueness is at the core of the selection.

Bulgaria page:

ESCKAZ - Eurovision 2018 - Bulgaria / Болгария
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