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Helena Paparizou 🇬🇷 watch her live performance at the Romanian selection for Choir of the Year

Helena Paparizou 🇬🇷 watch her live performance at the Romanian selection for Choir of the Year

ROMANIA - Ruslana, the 2004 Eurovision winner has posted materials from her performance at the national selection of the country for the 2018 Eurovision Choir of the Year. The singer who undertook an eye surgery a day before her arrival in Bucharest decided to sing without a cover to her eye and enjoy every moment of it. Helena Paparizou is supposed to be there as well but no materials have been published yet. [ 27 more words ]

Ruslana 🇺🇦 watch her live performance at Romania’s selection for Eurovision Choir of the Year

Ruslana 🇺🇦 watch her live performance at Romania’s selection for Eurovision Choir of the Year

ROMANIA – Ruslana, the 2004 Eurovision winner has posted materials from her performance at the national selection of the country for the 2018 Eurovision Choir of the Year. The singer who unde…

🇺🇦 Ruslana's eye operation doesn't stop her from flying to Bucharest and attend the national Choir of the Year selection in Romania today along with Helena Papaprizou from Greece - more at www.oikotimes.com - #eurovision #oikotimes #allaboard #melfest #umk

ROMANIA - Romania decides today which choir will represent the country in the 2nd Eurovision Choir of the Year. Today at 13:45 CET TVR2 will air the show in which two Eurovision stars will attend: Helena Paparizou (Greece 2001, 2005 Eurovision winner) from Greece and Ruslana (2004 Eurovision winner) from Ukraine. The ten choirs battling for the ticket to Eurovision Choir of the Year are: Unison, Ciprian Porumbescu, Angeli Unior, Orfeu, Simbol, Fantasia, Bravissimo, Soli Deo Gloria, Meloritm, Sfânta Elisabeta. [ 60 more words ]

Helena Paparizou 🇬🇷 and Ruslana 🇺🇦 today in Romania’s Eurovision Choir of the Year selection

Helena Paparizou 🇬🇷 and Ruslana 🇺🇦 today in Romania’s Eurovision Choir of the Year selection

ROMANIA – Romania decides today which choir will represent the country in the 2nd Eurovision Choir of the Year. Today at 13:45 CET TVR2 will air the show in which two Eurovision stars will at…

#Romania's two-time #Eurovision representative, Paula Seling, has released the music video for her song "Departe de Soare" 🇷🇴️

Romania: Paula Seling releases new video for Departe de Soare - ESCToday.com

Romania: Paula Seling releases new video for Departe de Soare - ESCToday.com

Eurovision news 2018: Paula Seling, who has represented Romania twice in the Eurovision Song Contest has released a new video for her latest song, Departe de soare. Paula Seling

Two years after she released her Christmas album “Povesti de iarna” (Winter Stories), #Romania‘s @paulaseling has dropped the video for the dreamy track “Departe de Soare” (Far Away From The Sun).
Our @stingovision tells us more in his post on wiwibloggs.com.
#selectanationala #paulaseling #eurovision #eurovisionsongcontest

Lidia Isac participated in the second live show of The Voice Romania. Despite giving a spectacular performance she was not able to progress further into the competition.

We would like to say well done to Lidia for getting this far and we look forward to hearing new music from you.

Lidia Isac eliminated from

Lidia Isac eliminated from

The second live shows of 'The Voice Romania' saw the participation of Moldova's 2016 participant Lidia Isac. However, her participation in the live shows was short-lived after she did not receive enough votes from the

The Go 2018


Eurovision 2018 is less than six months away. The

the who, the how and the when of each countries contribution beginning to be announced and revealed. Some have been more forthcoming than others. Some are known to be secretive others are an open book.

Here is what I know:


AZERBAIJAN: AISEL [history of revealing artist early; song to be announced late.

BELGIUM: LAURA GROESENEKEN [First to release their artist. No news since]

FINLAND: SAARA AALTO [Usually use UMK to select their entrant. YLE unhappy with submitted songs, rejected all of them and placed their fate with Saara. National final of 3 songs on March 3rd]

THE NETHERLANDS: WAYLON [Male part of Common Linnets. Returning for second bite of cherry. No other news]



Festivali i Këngës is the first of the national finals. Unless someone else comes through with a song reveal in December, this will be the first entry of Eurovision 2018.

GREECE, SAN MARINO and SLOVENIA: San Marino has 1in360, Slovenia has EMA, while the Greeks have a yet to be named national final. They are all taking place in February, but a date has not been announced so far.

MALTA: Song for Europe will be held February 3.


Entscheidungsshow is taking place in Zurich on February 4th.

UNITED KINGDOM: Eurovision: You decide is returning again after the success from last year. It will held in Brighton on February 7th and in ESC 1998 tradition, hosted by an English person and a Swede.

ITALY: Traditional selection program for Italy is the San Remo Festival for Italian Music which takes place between February 6 and 10. Have gone internal and via jury selection in the past. 

MGP in Denmark is taking place on February 10th 


Montevizija 2018 is the national final for Montenegro which is being held on February 17th. Last national final for Montenegro was 2008.

HUNGARY: A Dal is being held from January and the final is February 24th.

MOLDOVA: Moldova has a semi final on February 22nd, before the final on the 24th

UKRAINE: Another country with 2 semi final and a final; Semis 10th and 17th February; final one week later on the 24th.

ROMANIA: Romania are using a Swedish method of selecting their song having a five semi final and final process . The final is on February 25th

BELARUS: Live auditions in January; up to 15 entrants; final no later than March 1st

ESTONIA: Eesti Laul 2018 is a three show national final. Semi 1 and 2 are February 10th and 17; final March 3.


Söngvakeppnin 2018, the Icelandic selection will also have two semi finals and a final, on exactly the same days Estonia are having theirs.

PORTUGAL: The home team are having their annual song contest, Festival da cancao. This year it has been extended to two semi finals (February 18th and 25th) and the final on March 4th.

NORWAY: MGP to be held 10th March.

SWEDEN: Melodifestivalen is the traditional national final from Sweden. The  four semi finals begin February 3 , the Andra chansen will be on March 3 and the final on the 10th.


CROATIA: Expect the return of the DORA contest.

CYPRUS: National final; date unknown

FRANCE: Rumour of a national final this year.


Supernova will be their selection method again. 30 entries, dates not known yet.

ISRAEL: Holding their Next star contest at the moment to select their entrant. Song will come in March

LITHUANIA: Usually hold an exhaustive national final; no news though.

SPAIN: Operation Triunfo is going to be selection for Spain. How exactly is yet to be announced.

GERMANY: National final; but no details as yet.

The rest: Austria, Armenia, Australia, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Georgia, Ireland, Poland, and Russia are unknown at this time. Most of these will announce an internal selection. 

#doesn'tArmeniauseDepiEvratesilastheirnationalselection? #Eurovision #2018


Some of the team have been hard at work to check from which countries each of thre artists are that have entered the SAN MARINO race. Here is the final totals

Italy 67 (no surprise as Italy shares the same language)

Spain 50 (did not expect so many from Spain)

Germany 43 (expected them to be 3rd most)

United Kingdom 37 (also expected them to be around 4th most)

United States 24 (this is a surprise but Eurovision is starting to get known in the USA)

Russia 22 (a surprise)

Sweden 20

Malta 19 (expected more)

Poland 14

Austria 13

Australia 11
Greece 11
Portugal 11
South Africa 11

Canada 10

France 9
Netherlands 9
Turkey 9
Ukraine 9

Israel 7
Philippines 7
San Marino 7 (so one of these 7 will get the 3rd wildcard)

Armenia 6
Belarus 6
Belgium 6
Serbia 6
Switzerland 6

Argentina 5
Ireland 5
Norway 5

Azerbaijan 4
Bosnia and Herzegovina 4
Colombia 4
Croatia 4
Estonia 4
Lithuania 4
Romania 4

Denmark 3
Haiti 3
Thailand 3

Bulgaria 2
Finland 2
Guatemala 2
Iran 2
Luxembourg 2
Mexico 2
Moldova 2
Singapore 2
Slovenia 2

And then 30 countries with 1 each
Afghanistan 1
Bangladesh 1
Brazil 1
Cameroon 1
Chile 1
China 1
Cyprus 1
Czech Republic 1
Dominica 1
Georgia 1
Ghana 1
Hungary 1
India 1
Indonesia 1
Kazakhstan 1
Kenya 1
Latvia 1
Lebanon 1
Macedonia 1
Montenegro 1
Morocco 1
Namibia 1
Nigeria 1
Sierra Leone 1
Slovakia 1
South Korea 1
Saint Lucia 1
Swaziland 1
Tajikistan 1
Zimbabwe 1

This makes it 79 countries which is really good

Moldovan broadcaster TRM has launched national selection process for the Eurovision Song Contest 2018. Entrants to participate in the national selection can submit their participation dossiers by January 15, 2018, 17:00. Entries are accepted online via e-mail eurovision@trm.md or at TV Moldova 1 address Hânceşti str, 64.

Entries submitted should follow basic Eurovision rules. Performers should be citizen of Republic of Moldova, however, collaborations with foreigners are allowed provided that not less than 50% of the vocalists still are Moldovan citizen. Participants in the Contest in the Republic of Moldova can not be registered in other national preselections of other countries competing in the Eurovision 2018. Each entrant should submit: filled application form, guarantee of copyright of the song signed by songwriters, song lyrics and translation to Romanian, mp3 file, biography and photos of the competing acts and optionally video of the performance of the song (working version). Necessary documents to fill in can be downloaded at http://trm.md/ro/eurovision-2018/cererea-de-inregistrare-la-concursul-de-preselectie-pentru-reprezentarea-republicii-moldova-la-concursul-international-eurovision-song-contest-2018-lisabona-portugalia/

Representative of Moldova will be chosen in four stages: internal hearings, live auditions, national semifinal on 22 February and national final on 24 February.

At the first stage jury will listen to the submitted entries and will determine not more than 35 songs to qualify to the next stage. Then all chosen acts will be invited to the live auditions. At this stage backing vocals can be prerecorded, costumes or the choreographic concept are not required, and the base criterion for selection will be live vocal performance and the song itself (melodic line and originality). The jury will select of up to 16 entries for the participation in the semifinal. 10 entries will compete in the final of the contest. In both live stages winners will be decided on 50/50 scheme between jury and the televoters. In the event of tie jury vote will prevail.

For the national final jury TRM may invite songwriters, composers, lyricists from Moldova and/or from abroad, as well as other public persons of various specialities, who will need to confirm in writing that they have no relation or collaboration with the participants or songwriters of the contest. Line-up of the national jury will only be revealed on the day of the national final and will include odd number of 5-11 persons.

In the event of the contestant withdrawing (at any stage) without the plausible motives, performer may be banned from the national competition for the next two years. Contestants should take part in the set program (rehearsals, concerts, photo shoots, press conferences, etc.), and in case they miss these events organizers reserve the right to exclude them from the contest. All expenses for preparation and participation in the national and international stages are assume by the participant.

ESCKAZ - Eurovision 2018 - Moldova / Молдова


Sergiu Bolota releases new single Every Little Thing

Romanian singer-songwriter Sergiu Bolota released on Tuesday, 28 November 2017, his single Every Little Thing. After collaborating on his previous single We Were Young with Eurovision star Stig Rästa, this time he chose to do it all by himself. Sergiu composed & wrote the song and Catalin Ivascu produced it.

“I know it’s almost a year gap between We Were Young and Every Little Thing, but I preferred to take some time to release new music. I really wanted to do it all by myself: lyrics & music. I composed a lot of songs since last January (around 20) but I picked only 3, this song and other 2 in Romanian, that I’ll release in the upcoming months” says Sergiu.

About Sergiu
Sergiu Bolota is a singer/songwriter who was born in Sibiu, Romania. He started singing since he was a little child in various school events but also in churches. He was born in a large family of 7 children. Between 2009-2011 he was involved in a worship band called Zao Thusia. They released their first rock praise and worship album in november, 2010: 11 powerful songs, some rock ballads, some happy songs and they have put a lot of passion and effort into that project, which, to his opinion, was a successful one. Between 2008 and 2013 he worked at a skate shop, skate world being his second love after music. After 5 years he quit his job to focus on his musical career and started singing at various events. In March 2016 he released his first EP "Lumini" (Lights) containing 5 songs and in 2017 he released the single "We Were Young" composed by the famous Estonian Stig Rästa.

Wetranfer link for more photos:

Youtube link:

Sergiu Bolota Online:
Instagram: www.instagram.com/sergiubolota
Facebook: www.facebook.com/sergiubolota
Youtube: youtube.com/sergiubolota
Soundcloud: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=1KDYTmmrJ18

Feel free to contact:

ELT.jpeg and 5 more files

ELT.jpeg and 5 more files

220 KB of files sent via WeTransfer, the simplest way to send your files around the world

Romania’s TVR have announced that their #Eurovision national final will take place on Sunday February 25 https://t.co/LX3IqcIh7o

The ESCXTRA team would like to wish Lidia Isac Good Luck on The Voice Romania tonight! Fingers crossed you make it through tonight.

Lidia Isac advances to the live shows of The Voice Romania - ESCXTRA.com

Lidia Isac advances to the live shows of The Voice Romania - ESCXTRA.com

Lidia Isac is going from strength to strength, a couple of months ago we found out that she has auditioned for The Voice Romania. Second time's a charm? Earlier this year Lidia Isac also auditioned for the


Talented Marli le Grange has entered into the San Marino selection race - her song is the Afrikaans cover of Romania 2017 YODEL IT. Hope she can go to the next round but she needs 20 or so more likes

Marli Le Grange | 1 in 360 | Eurovision 2018 | San Marino | London

Now that we’ve crossed M I H A I from the list, let’s see who else should be in the mix. The ten names are based on their track record in previous years and/or new fan favourites. In the past, we already mentioned established names like Inna, Alexandra Stan, Delia, Antonia, Irina Rimes, but since these successful artists seem to have no desire to throw their hat in the Eurovision ring, they’re unlikely to do it next year. But let’s see who is! #romania #eurovisionsongcontest #eurovision #eurovision2018 #selectianationala

Romania calls for songs for 2018 'Selecţia Naţională' #eurovision #esc2018

Romania calls for songs for 2018 ‘Selecţia Naţională’

Romania calls for songs for 2018 ‘Selecţia Naţională’

TVR has open public song submissions for their annual show 'Selecţia Naţională'. Romania will go big...

Submissions are now open for #Romania's national selection for #Eurovision 2018! Who would you like to see in Lisbon? 🇷🇴️

Eurovision Romania: Submissions open for Selecţia Naţională 2018 - ESCToday.com

Eurovision Romania: Submissions open for Selecţia Naţională 2018 - ESCToday.com

Eurovision news 2018: Another country is now searching for their 2018 entry for the Eurovision Song Contest: Romania’s national broadcaster, TVR, has today opened submissions fo

Romanian national broadcaster Televiziunea Română (TVR) has revamped national Eurovision preselection (Selecţia Naţională), which for the first time will consist 5 semi-finals held in different cities of the country and the Grand Final. The show will be held under the slogan Eurovision uneşte România! (Eurovision unites Romania!) and will form part of celebrations of the 100th anniversary of the Great Union Day, the national holiday of Romania.

Submission period for the participation in preselection will run from 15 November to 15 December. The songs can be sent by post or submitted directly (Monday to Friday from 9am to 8pm) to the Registratura TVR (Calea Dorobanţilor nr. 191, sector 1, Bucureşti) marked "Pentru Selecţia Naţională Eurovision 2018" on the envelope, or can be sent electronically at eurovision.romania@tvr.ro. There are no nationality restrictions for both songwriters or performers.

The artists will then perform the songs in the TVR studios on 18-20 December and professional jury will determine the list of the 60 semifinalists which will be announced publicly on 22 December. Auditions will be filmed with audience and subsequently broadcast. Jury will be evaluating entries giving them points from 1 to 10, based on the following criteria: a) the musical form of the entry, development of the melodic theme, rhythmic-melodic composition; b) realization of the orchestral arrangement of the entry; c) the inventiveness and originality of musical themes; d) the stylistic diversity of the songs in the contest; e) sound quality and vocal interpretation. Only one song by an artist can be selected. Any withdrawals are only possible within 24 hours of the announcement of the finalists. Any further withdrawals not made in the case of force majeure, will result in 100,000 Euro fine.

Semifinals (with 12 participants each) and final of the project will be held during January and February. During the semifinals national jury will vote on usual 1-12 scale, selecting 3 qualifiers. In the case of tie, winners will be those getting more 12 points from the jury. 15 entries will compete in the national final on 25 February with 100% televoting selecting the winner. Viewers will be able to vote only once for each song from one phone. The voting will start from the beginning of the show and will run for 60 more minutes after the end of all performances.

The Interim General Manager of TVR Doina Gradea says: "We want to bring Eurovision shows closer to viewers from all corners of the country, in a special year for Romanians everywhere. We also propose that the event be one of a series of ample actions that public television will produce and disseminate in 2018"

More info:

ESCKAZ - Eurovision 2018 - Romania / Румыния


ESCCovers have again looked at the videos on 1in360 Youtube channel and have made a top 20 - all of them having more than 1 800 views.

20th Jennifer Ellstrom - Sweden 1 800 views
19th Mateusz Plawski - Poland 1 900 views
18th William & Deban - UK 2 200 views
17th Panagiotis Mademlis - Greece 2 300 views
16th Carlos Nsbrega - Portugal 2 500 views
14th Gloria Zaccaria - Italy 2 800 views
14th Diorisis Kostis – Greece 2 800 views
12th Ardi Taranik – Belarus 2 900 views
12th Josema San Dez – Spain 2 900 views
11th Marco Antario Gaitano – Spain 3 000 views
10th Lewis Sheriden - UK - 4 900 views
9th Dario & Grecia Bezzine – Malta 5 500 views
8th Greco Iulia - Romania 5 800 views
7th LeNuAria band - Italy 7 000 views
6th David Vardarov – Armenia 7 400 views
5th Justin Utley - USA 10 000 views
4th One Antione – Haiti 11 000 views
3rd Ivan Martin – Spain 14 000 views
2nd Pierre Hondemarck - France 21 000 views
1st Julian Lesinski – Poland 25 000 views

We will look tomorrow if views also brought most likes and who is the top 20 in terms of likes

RT @stingovision: As song submissions open in Romania today, behold @wiwibloggs’ wishlist for Selectia Nationala 2018. #eurovision https://…

Romania’s @ilivanily and @alexfloreaofficial hit it off with the audience in their neighbouring country of Moldova when they performed their #eurovision hit “Yodel it!” in Chisinau tonight.

WATCH: Lidia Isac battles her way to The Voice of Romania live shows


Congrats to #eurovision alum @LidiaIsac who is still alive in The Voice of Romania! https://t.co/TWTnVfGrwk via @stingovision


A few of the staff of this facebook page have spend some days now analyzing the videos uploaded so far in connection with finding an artist for San Marino to represent them at the 2018 Eurovision song contest in Lisbon.

On their Youtube channel, we found 318 videos and there are artists from 63 countries

one each from the following countries
San Marino
Czech republic
Slovak republic
Sierre Leone

two each from

three each from

four each from
Bosnia & Herzegovina

five each from

six each from

seven each from
South Africa

nine each from

Countries with more than ten
Russia - 11
Sweden & Malta - 13
United States - 16
United Kingdom - 23
Germany - 26
Italy - 27
Spain - 35

Countries so far not having an artist

Looking at the videos on their Youtube channel 29 of the 318 have had more than 1000 views with 13 of these having more than 2000 views

So the top 13 are
13th Diorisis Kostis - Greece 2 400 views
12th Ardi Taranik - Belarus 2 600 views
11th Josema San Dez - Spain 2 800 views
10th Marco Antario Gaitano - Spain 2 900 views
9th Dario & Grecia Bezzine - Malta 4 500 views
8th Justin Utley - USA 4 700 views
7th Lewis Sheriden - UK 4 900 views
6th Margaret - Poland 5 400 views
5th David Vardarov - Armenia 7 000 views
4th One Antene - Haiti 9 900 views
3rd Ivan Martin - Spain 12 000 views
2nd Julian Lesinski - Poland 17 000 views
1st Pierre Hondemarck - France 21 000 views

From 14th to 29th are videos from 1000 to 1 700 views and among them are Sergey Sysuev (Ukraine), Sara de Blue (Austria) an Olivier Kaye (Belgium)

Of course the picture can drastically changed over the next two weeks until the final day on 30 November

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