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Song 56 in our list of 100 Ralph Siegel songs bring us to THIS NIGHT SHOULD NEVER END from Petra Frey who was an entry in the Austrian selection one year. Tobi Jooste of South Africa covered it in Afrikaans.

Petra Frey was 2nd in the Austrian final in 2003 with this song. Austria was represented at Eurovision that year by Alf Poier. Petra had previously represent...


There is a group called DE STRANGERS from Antwerp Belgium who has done tons of covers of Eurovision songs. It is hard to work out just how many they have covered but as of now, we have discovered 27 among the more than 700 songs they have recorded. The 27 covers are
01 - Austria 1966
02 - Ireland 1970
03 - UK 1971
04 - Belgium 1971
05 - France 1976
06 - UK 1976
07 - Belgium 1977
08 - France 1977
09 - Israel 1978
10 - Israel 1979
11 - UK 1981
12 - Belgium 1983
13 - Luxembourg 1983
14 - Yugoslavia 1983
15 - Sweden 1984
16 - Belgium 1984
17 - Belgium 1985
18 - Norway 1985
19 - Belgium 1986
20 - Belgium 1987
21 - Belgium 1989
22 - Yugoslavia 1989
23 - Italy 1990
24 - UK 1997
25 - Israel 1998
26 - Denmark 2000
27 - Estonia 2001

Photos from ESCKAZ.com / ESCCovers.com / Euroforum / Eurovision South Africa's post


We got the following to share with Eurovision fans

Dear Eurovision lovers!

We want to present you a unique opportunity and innovation:

This year, ESC fans can become co-owners of a Eurovision Song 2018!
Starting Friday 16th of February at 10 p.m. CET until the 3rd of March, fans get the opportunity to become shareholders of San Marino's ESC entry 2018 on www.globalrockstar.com

Please find all details in the attached press release.

We'd be very happy if you could spread these news in your channels :)

This was San Marino's 1in360 preselection Show 1:

Watch San Marino's 1in360 Show 2 live, tomorrow Fr. 16.2 at 8 p.m. CET:

all the best
Christof Straub


Here is the press release

Fans become shareholders of a Eurovision-Song 2018!

As from this Friday, 16th February 2018, 10pm (CET), fans can become part of a Eurovision song by purchasing shares of the track representing San Marino at the Eurovision Song Contest 2018. Investors will then receive royalties from every stream and download of that track for the next 70 years. This unique opportunity is available on www.globalrockstar.com.

This year, Global Rockstar was engaged by 1in360 as the artistic director to assist in the selection for San Marino's ESC 2018 candidate. To choose the best candidate and song, 11 international artists (from Zimbabwe, Israel, Norway, Germany, San Marino, Italy, Malta, Finland, Austria) are performing their songs in a three-part TV-show on San Marino RTV, produced by 1in360.

The first show, in which the 11 candidates performed their first song, was broadcasted last Friday.

On Friday, the 16th of February, 8 p.m, show 2 will be broadcasted.

(livestream on https://youtu.be/ZSXINkIICFE

In show 2, all 11 artists will perform a second song. At the end of this show, 1in360 will select the best song for each of the 11 candidates under a system that considers both jury and public voting. In the final TV-show (3rd of March) the artist and song that will represent San Marino at the ESC will be selected out of all 11 candidates and songs presented.

From the end of show 2 until the final TV-show (from 16.2 -3.3), all ESC enthusiasts and music fans will be able to invest in their favorite artist and song on www.globalrockstar.com. All fans who invest are supporting the production of the 11 songs to a high-end track with the best producers, musicians and engineers.

In return, the fans become shareholders of that track and earn money by receiving royalties from the revenues generated by all streams and downloads for the next 70 years.

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But not only the ESC song investors will have a return: All supporters will receive royalties for 70 years from the track in which they invested: All 11 resulting productions will be published and marketed worldwide.

About Global Rockstar:

Global Rockstar was founded by the Austrian songwriter and producer Christof Straub (Papermoon, ZOË) and has conducted the world's largest online music contest during the past years.

In December 2017 Global Rockstar launched the first royalty-based crowdfunding-platform for music: Fans who invest in music productions become shareholders of the resulting track, and earn money by receiving royalties from the revenues generated by all streams and downloads of the track for the term of copyright.

„We are proud to give artists, fans and investors a new opportunity to take part in the music business with this innovation ", said Global Rockstar founder Christof Straub. „A global smash hit can generate 100,000 EUR a day on streaming platforms. Now fans and artists can equally profit from this new model."


Become a part of a Eurovision Song 2018:


Global Rockstar Website:


San Marino TV livestream https://youtu.be/ZSXINkIICFE



Show 1 on Youtube:


Global Rockstar - Believe in Music

Global Rockstar - Believe in Music

We believe that fans should be able to support artists directly, and get rewarded. We believe that every new artist deserves a global stage to earn money. We believe in music.

RT @LDNEurovision: We are delighted to announce Austria's @CesarSampson_ as the fourth confirmed act for #LEP2018! #Eurovision https://t.co…

London Eurovision Party

London Eurovision Party

We are delighted to announce Austria's Cesár Sampson as the fourth confirmed act for #LEP2018!

#Repost @eurovisionsc_turkey with @get_repost
We have conducted an interview with the Eurovision 2018 Austria representative Cesar Sampson.
That's the interview!
#esc #eurovision #esc2018 #eurovision2018 #2018 #portugal #portekiz #lisbon #lizbon #cesarsampson #austria #avusturya


Discovered today a singer from Belgium called GARRY HAGGER who had done several Euro covers in Flemish - as of now we have identified 7 of them

AUSTRIA 1966 - Merci cherie
LUXEMBOURG 1972 - Zonder jou
SPAIN 1973 - Zo ben jij
IRELAND 1980 - Was jij nu naar huis
SWITZERLAND 1981 - Het is nog niet verby
IRELAND 1987 - Hou me vast
SWEDEN 1999 - Breng me naar je hemel

There are probably more but this amount of covers already lifts Garry into the bracket of artists who have done the most covers in their careers.

Viewing the footage

SuRie is to represent the United Kingdom at the 63rd Eurovision Song Contest, which will take place this May in Lisbon, Portugal. Watch the first press-conference of the winning artist.

SuRie took to the stage alongside five other hopefuls who all battled it out for the honour of representing the United Kingdom at Eurovision 2018 in a live 90-minute musical extravaganza on BBC Two presented by Mel Giedroyc and Måns Zelmerlöw.
SuRie will be performing Storm, which was written by Nicole Blair, Gil Lewis & Sean Hargreaves.

With classical roots in piano, voice and oboe, SuRie's musical career started as a child soloist, performing for the likes of HRH Prince Charles in iconic British venues such as The Royal Albert Hall and St. Paul's Cathedral and at venues all around the world, such as St. Mark's Basilica in Venice. A graduate of The Royal Academy of Music, she started writing songs when she was just 12 years old. SuRie has held residencies in jazz lounges throughout London and performed backing vocals for artists like Chris Martin and Will Young.

She has prior Eurovision experience as she was a backing vocalist and dancer for Loic Nottet at Eurovision 2015 in Vienna, Austria, representing Belgium with Rhythm Inside. She returned two years later as Musical Director for Blanche’s City Lights in Kyiv, Ukraine last year. Both entries came fourth in their respective finals. Real name Susanna, SuRie is a combination of forenames Susanna Marie.

Eurovision: You Decide was broadcast live on BBC Two from The Brighton Dome, Brighton on Wednesday 7th February, featuring performances by six competing acts.

The winner of Eurovision: You Decide 2018 was decided by a combination of viewer and expert jury votes.

The expert panel comprising of Rylan Clark-Neal, Rochelle Humes and Tom Fletcher were also on hand to offer advice.
As well as the acts battling it out for the public’s votes, the jam-packed 90-minute live show featured performances from 2017 Eurovision Song Contest UK delegate, Lucie Jones and 2015 Eurovison Song Contest winner, Måns Zelmerlöw.

On how she feels to be representing the United Kingdom at Eurovision 2018, SuRie said: “I can't believe this is happening, it's absolutely amazing. It's such an honour to have the opportunity to represent a country I'm very, very proud of and that I know I can do good things for in Lisbon, so thank you to everyone who voted and supported me. This is amazing!"

Helen Riddell, Head of Delegation for the UK said: “This has been a stand-out year for Eurovision: You Decide with some amazing songs and performances tonight by some incredible artists – well done to everyone! We are delighted for SuRie and are proud to take Storm to the Eurovision Song Contest Final in May.”

UK page: http://esckaz.com/2018/uk.htm

http://esckaz.com/ Team of ESCKAZ.com reporting live from the Eurovision: You Decide - Live Show in Brighton

#Austria: Cesár Sampson films his #Eurovision postcard in Portugal #Eurovisao #AllAboard

Austria: Cesar Sampson films his Eurovision postcard in Portugal - ESCToday.com

Austria: Cesar Sampson films his Eurovision postcard in Portugal - ESCToday.com

Eurovision news 2018: Welcome to Portugal, will the theme and concept for the presentation postcards that will precede each performance at the forthcoming 2018 Eurovision Song

Eurovision Song Contest - Weekly Update 6 February 2018

Eurovision Song Contest - Weekly Update 6 February 2018

Every Tuesday at 17:00 we update you on everything that happened in the world of Eurovision during the past seven days. Malta and Switzerland chose their songs this weekend, and Ireland and Cyprus announced their artists. Cesár Sampson from Austria travelled to Portugal to record his postcard. Read more on https://eurovision.tv

Filming the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest postcard! #Eurovision #Austria

Postcard filming gets under way with Austria's Cesár Sampson

Postcard filming gets under way with Austria's Cesár Sampson

We go behind the scenes of the Austrian postcard shoot for the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest.

O.Torvald will perform in the first semifinal of the Ukrainian national selection for the "Eurovision-2018"

The first semi-final of the Ukrainian National selection for the Eurovision-2018 is coming soon. Already this Saturday, February 10, live on the STB and UA:Pershiy channels spectators will see the first nine participants ready to represent Ukraine in Lisbon: СONSTANTINE, Sergey Babkin, LAUD, KAZKA, The VYO, KOZAK SYSTEM, VILNA, PUR: PUR and The Erised.

According to the established tradition, in every live broadcast of the National Selection there will also be a guest star. In the first semifinal this will be the last year's winners O.Torvald. The guys will sing the song "Lichtari" from their new album "Bisaidy", which is called a dedication to all fans of the band in Ukraine and abroad.

- I like that this year, as in the last two, there are a lot of young interesting musicians among the participants in the selection. Their music will be broadcast live throughout the country and will certainly find new listeners. But the most important thing is for them to understand what this competition is for, what they can bring to it and what it can give them in terms of creative development, "said O.Torvald frontman Zhenya Galich. - As for us, on February 14 we will present a video for the track "Likhtari", after which O.Torvald will go on concerts in Poland, Germany, the Czech Republic and Austria.

Ukraine page:

ESCKAZ - Eurovision 2018 - Ukraine / Украина

ESCKAZ - Eurovision 2018 - Ukraine / Украина

ESCKAZ.com - узнайте первыми новости о Конкурсе Песни Евровидение 2018: Международный финал, Евронеделя, промо-вечеринки, национальные отборы. ESCKAZ.com - Delivering Eurovision Song Contest 201...

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