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В преддверии съёмок и подготовки к Евровидению 2018 привожу в порядок свою кожу 😊 усталость всегда заметно отражается на лице, поэтому важно помогать себе процедурами. Я выбрала профессионалов из студии @skrasotaru 💆
А вы радует свое личико процедурами?) #skrasotaru #ЮлияСамойлова #евровидение2017 #евровидение2018 #juliasamoylova #Eurovision2018 #красота #уход #процедура

Playlist of dress-rehearsal footage and short interviews (in Russian) with all finalists of the national preselection of Belarus for the Eurovision 2018 (being updated).

Singer Alekseev is the only act who rejected offer for an interview after the dress-rehearsal.

Belarus page: http://esckaz.com/2018/blr.htm

Eurovision Belarus 2018 dress-rehearsal - YouTube

"Так вкусно пахнуло едой")) смотрите полный выпуск по ссылке в профиле 👆
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France selects its song for Lisbon


The international juries and the French voting public
have spoken. Please welcome the second confirmed song of Eurovision 2018, “Mercy” by Madame Monsieur.


Madame Monsieur was formed in 2013 by vocalist Émilie
Satt and producer Jean-Karl Lucas. They have a production credit on “Smile”, a
2015 song recorded by French rapper Youssoupha, and in 2016 they released their
debut album Tandem. Their Eurovision
entry is based on the story of a child born aboard a SOS Méditerranée
vessel, a rescue ship helping refugees escaping from the horrors of war
plaguing their homeland. At the final of Destination
, they proved to be the clear choice of the voters at home.
Finishing third in the jury vote 22 points shy of Lisandro Cuxi, they ended up
overcoming him by a convincing 24 points after the public votes were tallied.

“Mercy” is a song that catches your attention right
from its opening lyrics, painting a vivid image of a child taking its first
breath between country lines, in the middle of the sea. From there on out, it
carefully tells the story, approaching it with a level of respect and
compassion that would not be possible were Madame Monsieur not excellent
lyricists. This song will prove a controversial choice for France, make no mistake.
The issue of refugees in Europe is still very much a thorny one, with backwards
views and policies equally likely to come from your run-of-the-mill bigot and
far-right leaders of nations. But this is precisely why it needed to be sent to
Eurovision. The contest is ready for an entry like this now, and there are
several reasons why it deserves your attention. 

This is a song with a difficult subject matter that
gets the tone perfectly right, and this in itself is no small feat. Jamala’s “1944”,
which won in 2016, was on paper about the singer’s family, but the contextual
information available from its title and its use of Crimean Tatar made it very
specifically about the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, and war in general.
“Mercy” doesn’t judge, doesn’t condemn and doesn’t take sides. It presents you
with a picture and allows you to interpret it as you see fit. But, crucially,
it doesn’t pull back any punches. “We had nothing to lose but life.” “We knew the price.” “I am
all those children who were taken by the sea.” It hits hard without being
overblown and unnecessarily dramatic or preachy, a balance that is not easy to

“Mercy” is, also, not actually about a war, or who is
fighting who, or what they’re fighting about. It’s about a child who owes their
life to a long string of sacrifices and fortunate occurrences, their voice speaking
for all the others who were lost attempting the very same trip. It eloquently and
poetically relays a tale that is touching, powerful and resonant. Add to it, it ends
it in a hopeful light, having the child herself speak out to us, possibly
several years later, telling us that she is alive and well. Hearing her from
the other side of the abyss, after overcoming thousands of perilous miles, is
bound to tug at least a few heartstrings. 

And yet, the song achieves all of this while still
being, you know, a song. It can be
listened to and enjoyed on its musical merits. The production is expertly
handled, sophisticated and knowingly restrained, with some chilly electronic
touches evoking the deep blue of the sea. Émilie’s yearning vocal guides it
through the beautiful, sad melody that won’t be forgotten easily. The song
breathes maturity in every aspect, benefiting from a smart, economical
arrangement that isn’t overstuffed and invites the listener. 

Above all else, “Mercy” is topical and, like all good
art, addresses the state of the moment. Decriers who feel that it has no place
at Eurovision would be wise to remember that the contest has always reflected
on current matters, bending to the whim of the times. Arabic countries have
steered clear after Israel’s debut. A song about European
unification won in 1990. Yugoslavia was banned as part of sanctions for their
role in the Yugoslav wars. And, of course, there’s “1944.” “Mercy” speaks about
where we are now as a species and confronts us with a tragedy that is unfolding
before our very eyes and that should not be overlooked. It’s socially
conscious, to be sure – but we live in very socially conscious, uneasy times.
It was bound to spill over into Eurovision sooner or later, and it’s important
that it did. France could’ve sent a number of songs instead of this one, but in
doing so, they would’ve swept the issue under the rug. The public obviously
responded to it and felt that it needed to be heard. At Eurovision, there’s no
question it will also elicit some very strong reactions.


This brings me to the main obstacle that “Mercy” has
in its path. On a purely subjective note, I had a very intense emotional
reaction to this song, something that doesn’t happen often. I’m not ashamed to
admit that it made me cry. But it did so only after I looked up its lyric
translation. As I saw it during the second semi-final of Destination Eurovision, it struck me as a lovely, catchy,
bittersweet pop song, and I was unaware of its weight. Going into Eurovision,
the main challenge for Madame Monsieur will be how to stage and present it in a way that’s going to convey its message to swaths of people who may
not speak a word of French. Last night they tried this with images of people
forming a globe, and it felt very anticlimactic and half-assed, in stark
contrast to the nature of the song. Basically, they have to overcome the language
barrier. With some songs this is not an issue, as the mood manages to carry
over via music and vocals, but the lyrics of “Mercy” are absolutely essential
to its worth as a song and need to really be taken in. I hope the French use
the time they have to think hard about what they’re going to do on the Lisbon
stage. Because the other option – translating all or part of the lyrics – is a
high risk strategy that could very well undo all the effort that went into the
songwriting process. 

Nevertheless, my hopes are high. “Mercy” continues a
string of French entries at Eurovision that have all been good-to-great. If
Madame Monsieur iron out the creases in their presentation, they will prove to
be formidable contenders when May comes around. A very good finish may be in
the cards if they continue to tread carefully. 

Lastly, a big round of applause for the other finalists
and Destination Eurovision itself. Allow
me to echo what Jon Ola Sand said last night: this needs to become a tradition.
France has put together an entertaining, high quality national selection show
that was bursting with talent and gave us some of the most interesting songs of
the Eurovision season so far. Whatever happens in Lisbon this year, I hope that
France continues down the path they laid out.

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Новый выпуск "Будни на колесах" уже на Youtube! Смотрим;)

Наш Новый год выдался настолько ярким и веселым, что это лучше увидеть!
Смотри полный выпуск по ссылке в профиле 👆
Осторожно: присутствует черный юмор 😁😁😁
"ЛЁША, ЛУЧШЕ БЫ ТЫ БЛ*ТЬ МАЗАЛ БУТЕРБРОДЫ!" Пишите ваши впечатления от выпуска в комментариях, хочу знать, понравилось ли вам?)
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During the first semifinal of the Ukrainian selection, we talked with the participant, who takes part in the second semifinal - Illaria. Interview is available with English and Russian subtitles.

08. Illaria - Syla

Illaria Ethno - is an Ukrainian singer, composer and poet. Contemporaries appreciate her works as a new breath of Ukrainian ethnic music. On the domestic stage ILLARIA is distinguished by her mystical image, original repertoire and sensual strong voice. For the love of Ukrainian lyrics and folk songs, the actress is often called the "soul of the country." She received professional music education in KIM named after R.M. Glier where she currently teaches vocals. During the 10 years of solo work ILLARIA has recorded four studio albums, performed at the best festivals in Ukraine, went on tour in Canada, and also many countries of Europe and Asia.

ILLARIA was already a finalist of the National Eurovision preselections in 2014 and 2017, and was also a part of the national jury of the contest. This year ILLARIA will fight for the right to represent the country with her song "Syla", which will be performed in two languages.

"I wrote it myself, wrote it in two languages, I put in it not only a musical idea, but a certain message, and now this song is the soundtrack of my life, it's absolutely honest and it coincides with what I feel now. There is a Ukrainian flavor, ancient, ethnic ... I want to imagine this kind of Ukraine: strong, powerful and ethnic.

This song I got in a dream. I woke up at night and wrote it from the beginning to the end. This is a kind of channel that opens to you, you are sent a song, you record it and realize it physically here on the Earth. I am very happy that it is about the Ukrainian land. But it is very important for Ukrainians and Europeans to convey the idea of ​​the song to other people, because the vocalist is not only a singing head, it is also a thinking head. And I want my thoughts too to be understood "

Ukraine page: http://esckaz.com/2018/ukr.htm

http://esckaz.com/ Team of ESCKAZ.com reporting live from the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 in Kyiv, Ukraine. Команда ESCKAZ.com ведет репортажи с конкурса Ев...


Position 7 in our top 50 is quite interesting. It is the 3rd entry from 2004 to make the top 10 and it is only the only song title that make the top 50 twice - on position 10 is a song with the same title from Russia. There are also several covers of the song in Afrikaans.

Powered by: http://www.eurovision.tv Eurovision.tv goes back in time. We start in 2004. Ivan Mikulic represented Croatia at the 2004 Eurovision Song Contest ...

Eurovision Time Capsule: 2018


*60 years ago: France gets its first win, while Italy’s entry “Nel Blu Dipinto di Blu” becomes an international hit.  Meanwhile, 1957 winner Corry Brokeen becomes the first victim of the phenomenon known as “The Curse of Number Two”

*55 years ago: Denmark gets its first win with “Dansevise”, beating Switzerland into second place

*50 years ago: The first contest broadcast in color sees Cliff Richard of the United Kingdom lose to Spain by one vote

*45 years ago: Israel makes its debut and Luxembourg wins on home ground with “Tu Te Reconnaîtras”.  It remains the highest-scoring song of all time among all scoring systems, taking almost 81% of the total vote

*40 years ago: Israel wins for the first time, sending Middle Eastern broadcasters into an uproar.  Jahn Teigen of Norway becomes the most famous “nul pointer” of all time while Irish representative Colm Wilkinson goes on to become a renowned musical theatre star

*35 years ago: Corinne Hermès gives Luxembourg its fifth (and, at present, final) win.  Carola makes the first of three appearances in the contest for Sweden, and Australia broadcasts the contest for the first time becoming one of its most dedicated fan followings

*30 years ago: In one of the most thrilling voting sequences in contest history, Celine Dion wins for Switzerland, beating the United Kingdom by one point.  She would later go on to international superstardom

*25 years ago: Millstreet becomes the smallest town or city to host Eurovision as Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Slovenia make their debuts.  In another thrilling voting battle, Niamh Kavanagh gives Ireland its second consecutive win and 5th overall

*20 years ago: Dana International makes history as the first transsexual artist to win the contest.  At the same time, the United Kingdom registers its 15th second-place finish

*15 years ago: Ukraine makes its debut.  Three points separate first from third as Turkey scores its first win.  While at the other end of the spectrum, the United Kingdom finishes last with the ever-dreaded “nul points”

*10 years ago: A second semifinal is added to the contest in Belgrade and Azerbaijan and San Marino make their debuts as Russia gets its first victory, albeit with some controversy over voting.  Longtime UK commentator Terry Wogan resigns from his position as a result, and it is announced that juries would return

*5 years ago: On the 50th anniversary of Denmark’s first win, Emmelie de Forest gives the country its third win

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The latest news on last year's spat between Ukraine and Russia. Is it fair? #Eurovision

EBU reduce fine for Ukraine's banning of Yulia Samoylova - ESCXTRA

EBU reduce fine for Ukraine's banning of Yulia Samoylova - ESCXTRA

Ukrainian broadcaster, UA:PBC, has had its fine reduced by the European Broadcasting Union for its banning of Yulia Samoylova at Kyiv 2017. The Reduced Fine The Executive Committee of the EBU met in January to discuss the issue and decided to reduce the fine. UA:PBC will now have to pay €150,000, ...

Russia: Julia Samoylova confirmed for Eurovision 2018 (Reaction): https://t.co/FbJhxkPoZh via @YouTube

Дорогая Лариса Васильевна @slv.media ,я с большой радостью поздравляю Вас с Днём рождения! Счастлива знать такого доброго и отзывчивого человека, как Вы. Желаю крепкого здоровья, счастья, душевного спокойствия и много искренних и светлых людей вокруг! Спасибо за то, что помогли мне в трудную минуту 💕
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We have now reached the top 10 of our ultinamate top 50 millennium Eurovision songs and it is Russia 2016 in position 10 - YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE by Sergey Lazarev.

Add or Download the song to your own playlist: https://ESC2016.lnk.to/Eurovision2016QV Download the karaoke version here: https://KaraokeEurovisionSongContes...

RT @willyleeadams: Russia's #Eurovision 2018 singer Julia Samoylova would like you to know that a flame is burning (at the #OpeningCeremony

Yulia Samoylova will perform at the Eurovision Song Contest 2018 mid-tempo song in English, the singer told in a radio interview. She noted that she is currently working hard with coachs, including on the English pronunciation.

When asked if the new song or the last year's one is better, the singer replied: "For me it's better, it's closer to what I'd like to do myself."

The singer only confirmed that her stage presentation is being directed by Алексей Голубев / Alexey K. Golubev, noting that she was chided by the broadcaster because she had posted this information to the social network before she got the permission.

Singer noted that considering her song and upcoming stage act she aims for the Top 5 finish in Lisbon.

The premiere of the contest song will be held in March, closer to the date of ​​the HoDs meeting.

Speaking about Eurovision 2017, Samoylova noted that she liked the performance of the winner Salvador Sobral.

In the upcoming plans prior to the Eurovision for Yulia is to release her autobiography book.

Russia page:

ESCKAZ - ESC 2018 - Yulia Samoylova (Russia) / Юлия Самойлова (Россия)

#Eurovision #Russia @jsvok says that considering her song and act she aimes for the #Top5 finish in Lisbon.

#Eurovision midtempo entry in English for @jsvok #Russia - she says she likes the song more than her last year's en… https://t.co/u6CanQrmL1

#Eurovision @jsvok #Russia to sing at #ESC2018 in English, singer just stated at the radio interview. She is practi… https://t.co/hi3ftAbaQI

RT @Bjorneo: Meanwhile in #Sanremo2018, a game of Russian Roulette... with drills. https://t.co/PIIPRDB3yT

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