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Following on from October’s “’71 Charger” and “Hate the Way I Love You”, the rest of Ride takes a similar route, journeying through nine atmospheric and edgy tracks, plus an additional strings bonus track of “’71 Charger”. Although much of the album keeps the moody undertones of many of the tracks on her debut LP Heal, Ride takes it in a much more indie/rock direction. Indeed, iTunes’ labelling of the album as just ‘pop’ is rather deceptive: there are many more emotions and layers within these songs than the ‘fast-food’ pop so often heard on the radio.

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On 10 February @liamoolapreach will square off against Polish singing sensation @margaret_official in the second semi-final of #Melodifestivalen2018 in Gothenburg.

But, as fans of Swedish Idol know, #Liamoo is already acquainted with the blonde bombshell’s pop music oeuvre.
Our @williamleeadams tells us a lot more about this in his recent article on wiwibloggs.com
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#Melodifestivalen — Europe’s favourite national final — is gearing up for its 58th edition. And Christer Björkman thinks there’s a Eurovision winner in there. That winner might come from the list of returnees and big names, including Mariette — the bookies’ favourite to win, who placed fourth last year and third in 2015. Benjamin Ingrosso is also riding high from his fifth place finish last year. We also have Samir & Viktor (two-time finalists) and Méndez (a former runner-up) competing for the third time. Then there are former Mello winners Jessica Andersson and Kikki Danielsson who will make their seventh and tenth appearances respectively. Together they will have clocked 17 appearances by the spring!

But some exciting new faces (and voices) will give those veterans a run for their money. Norwegian DJ Kamferdrops and Sweden’s 2016 Idol Liamoo are making waves with the bookies. Mariette faces stiff competition from Dotter, the songwriter behind Mariette’s earlier entry “A Million Years”. And of course Polish star Margaret is hoping to show that nothing can cool down her cabana. #melfest #melfest2018 #mello

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About last night: Our @kevoswedo celebrated the #melfest2018 artists’ reveal with a night out...and bumped into fan favorites Dinah Nah 🇸🇪 and Greta Zazza 🇱🇹 Talent is always out and about in #Stockholm #melodifestivalen #eurovision #melfest

Since he became supervisor of Melodifestivalen in 2002, Sweden has secured nine Top 5 finishes and two wins.

And on Tuesday Christer Björkman suggested that a third victory could be in the pipeline when he spoke to wiwiblogger Kevin at the Melodifestivalen 2018 Artists Reveal press conference. “I’m very happy,” he says of this year’s line-up. “It’s playful, it makes me happy, it makes me laugh even. There are so many expressions, different types of genres — it’s a variety of everything and we have some extraordinary hits actually.” #melodifestivalen #melfest #melfest2018

The list of Melodifestivalen 2018 artists has only been out for a day, but the bookmakers at UNIBET have already drafted their first set of odds to win — and they’ve got two returnees at the top of the pile.

As of 16:00 GMT on 28 November, two-time participant Mariette is the favourite to win with her song “For You”, which she described to us as a “groovy mid-uptempo song”. She’s currently the front-runner with odds of 4.00.

Within the Melfest fandom she’s perhaps the most high-profile returnee, having finished third on her debut in 2015 and fourth last year. She’s also got lots of support from within Eurovision circles, as she won the OGAE Second Chance Contest earlier this year, having initially been put forth by the members of OGAE Sweden. Will they show up to vote for her this spring? #melfest #melodifestivalen #melfest2018

Tonight on the #wiwibloggs #YouTube channel: #melfest boss Christer Björkman tells us he selected @margaret_official because she has already made a name for herself in Sweden with “Cool Me Down” 🇸🇪🇵🇱 #melodifestivalen #melfest2018 #eurovision #eurovision2018

Polish #melodifestivalen contestant Margaret tells our @kevoswedo a out her love of Sweden and her #melfest song “In My Cabana” 🇸🇪🇵🇱 Head to wiwi.tv to watch 😍 #mello #melfest2018 #margaret

Full list of Melodifestivalen 2018 entries


Renaida - “All The Feels”
Benjamin Ingrosso - “Dance You Off”
Edward Blom - “Livet På En Pinne”
John Lundvik - “My Turn”
Kicki Danielsson - “Osby Tennessee”
Sigrid Bernson - “Patrick Swayze”
Kamferdrops - “Solen Lever Kvar Hos Dig”

Ida Redig - “Allting Som Vi Sa”
Jonas Gardell - “Det Finns En Väg”
Margaret* - “In My Cabana”
Liamoo - “Last Breath”
Samir and Viktor - “Shuffla”
Mimi Werner - “Song Burning”
Stiko Per Larsson - “Titta Vi Flyger”

Martin Almgren - “A Bitter Lullaby”
Dotter - “Cry”
Moncho - “Cuba Libre”
Mendez - “Everyday”
Kalle Moraeus och Orsa Spelmän - “Min Dröm”
Jessica Andersson - “Party Voice”
Babi Escobar - Stark"

Felicia Ohlsson - “Break That Chain”
Felix Sandman - “Every Single Day”
Mariette - “For You”
Rolandz - “Fuldans”
Emmi Christensson - “Icarus”
Elias Abbas - “Mitt Paradis”
Olivia - “Never Learn”


*yes, it’s cool me down Margaret

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For weeks the Melfest rumour mill has been churning out suspected artists for Melodifestivalen 2018. But now Sweden’s SVT has finally separated fact from fiction by confirming the 28 acts who have made it to Europe’s glitziest and sexiest national selection. The line-up includes some of Sweden’s hottest artists, Melfest legends, as well as newcomers. Let’s take a look.

SVT revealed the artists and their song titles in a press conference today. We won’t hear the songs until the rehearsal week of each semi-final in February.
Schlagermaster general Christer Björkman has promised a mix of styles, from humour to edgy tracks to big pop hits. #melodifestivalen #melfest #melfest2018 #eurovision

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