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The 53rd song in our Ralph Siegel series is the song that gave us the German group Dschinghis khan - they sang a song with the same name which became the Eurovision entry for Germany in 1979 and did extremely well.

Dschinghis Khan - Dschinghis Khan (ZDF Starparade, 12.06.1979) Die besten Schlager des Jahrtausends (DVD2 - Track24)

Coming up this week: Eurovision selections from 16 to 22 February

Coming up this week: Eurovision selections from 16 to 22 February

This is what is happening in the world of Eurovision in the next couple of days! Find the entire national selection calendar here: https://eurovision.tv/national-selection-calendar


We got the following press release from Sebastian's manager Konrad.

Sebastian Calleja winning video of the year with ‘Escape’

Sebastian Calleja, 19 year old singer from Qormi, in the summer 2017 released his new single ‘Escape’ with an original music video produced in various locations in Malta. The video was launched at the OGAE Eurovision Weekend in Berlin, Germany, where he was a guest singer after winning the event in 2016.

Early 2018 Sebastian’s video was nominated together with many others for video of the year on Toni Sant’s popular program ‘Muzika Mod Iehor’. There were 6 different categories, ‘Escape’ being in the category of Best Music Video [Non-Maltese Languange] which had most nominations.

Listeners Pick Poll was launched on www.tonisant.com and after an online voting period of 3 weeks, ‘Escape’ won the award with the highest number of votes individually received. This was
broadcasted on the program aired on the 4th February

Youtube link video official results: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8lNbqXyYsbM

Site link of official results: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8lNbqXyYsbM

Escape video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8lNbqXyYsbM

Sebastian Calleja facebook page -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8lNbqXyYsbM



Toni Sant's Blog: Subscribe | Read Weekly Podcast: Subscribe | ListenMużika Mod Ieħor podcast by Toni Sant is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. All other content © 2018 by ToniSant.com


We got the following to share with Eurovision fans

Dear Eurovision lovers!

We want to present you a unique opportunity and innovation:

This year, ESC fans can become co-owners of a Eurovision Song 2018!
Starting Friday 16th of February at 10 p.m. CET until the 3rd of March, fans get the opportunity to become shareholders of San Marino's ESC entry 2018 on www.globalrockstar.com

Please find all details in the attached press release.

We'd be very happy if you could spread these news in your channels :)

This was San Marino's 1in360 preselection Show 1:

Watch San Marino's 1in360 Show 2 live, tomorrow Fr. 16.2 at 8 p.m. CET:

all the best
Christof Straub


Here is the press release

Fans become shareholders of a Eurovision-Song 2018!

As from this Friday, 16th February 2018, 10pm (CET), fans can become part of a Eurovision song by purchasing shares of the track representing San Marino at the Eurovision Song Contest 2018. Investors will then receive royalties from every stream and download of that track for the next 70 years. This unique opportunity is available on www.globalrockstar.com.

This year, Global Rockstar was engaged by 1in360 as the artistic director to assist in the selection for San Marino's ESC 2018 candidate. To choose the best candidate and song, 11 international artists (from Zimbabwe, Israel, Norway, Germany, San Marino, Italy, Malta, Finland, Austria) are performing their songs in a three-part TV-show on San Marino RTV, produced by 1in360.

The first show, in which the 11 candidates performed their first song, was broadcasted last Friday.

On Friday, the 16th of February, 8 p.m, show 2 will be broadcasted.

(livestream on https://youtu.be/ZSXINkIICFE

In show 2, all 11 artists will perform a second song. At the end of this show, 1in360 will select the best song for each of the 11 candidates under a system that considers both jury and public voting. In the final TV-show (3rd of March) the artist and song that will represent San Marino at the ESC will be selected out of all 11 candidates and songs presented.

From the end of show 2 until the final TV-show (from 16.2 -3.3), all ESC enthusiasts and music fans will be able to invest in their favorite artist and song on www.globalrockstar.com. All fans who invest are supporting the production of the 11 songs to a high-end track with the best producers, musicians and engineers.

In return, the fans become shareholders of that track and earn money by receiving royalties from the revenues generated by all streams and downloads for the next 70 years.

ESC songs in the past reached up to 120 mio streams on Spotify, which equals a revenue of approximately 960,000.- EUR. Owners of shares from the right track can make a great benefit.

But not only the ESC song investors will have a return: All supporters will receive royalties for 70 years from the track in which they invested: All 11 resulting productions will be published and marketed worldwide.

About Global Rockstar:

Global Rockstar was founded by the Austrian songwriter and producer Christof Straub (Papermoon, ZOË) and has conducted the world's largest online music contest during the past years.

In December 2017 Global Rockstar launched the first royalty-based crowdfunding-platform for music: Fans who invest in music productions become shareholders of the resulting track, and earn money by receiving royalties from the revenues generated by all streams and downloads of the track for the term of copyright.

„We are proud to give artists, fans and investors a new opportunity to take part in the music business with this innovation ", said Global Rockstar founder Christof Straub. „A global smash hit can generate 100,000 EUR a day on streaming platforms. Now fans and artists can equally profit from this new model."


Become a part of a Eurovision Song 2018:


Global Rockstar Website:


San Marino TV livestream https://youtu.be/ZSXINkIICFE



Show 1 on Youtube:


Global Rockstar - Believe in Music

Global Rockstar - Believe in Music

We believe that fans should be able to support artists directly, and get rewarded. We believe that every new artist deserves a global stage to earn money. We believe in music.


The 50th song in our series of 100 songs by Ralph Siegel is JOHNNY BLUE by Lena Valaitis who represented Germany in the Eurovision song contest in 1981 and came second - losing by 4 points.

Lena Valaitis performing the absolutt stunning "Johnny Blue" at Eurovision Song Contest 1981 in Ireland. After a hard competition she came 2nd,only 4(!) poin...

GERMANY - German national broadcaster revealed the song titles for Unser Lied für Lisbon, the show through which Germany will decide its participation in the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest. The songs will be presented in audio form on February 20th. Three of the songs composed at the songwriting camp where the singers met with the composers. The songs are: Xavier Darcy – Jonah (Xavier Darcy, Loren Nine Geerts, Axel Ehnström, Thomas Stengaard) [ 69 more words ]

Germany 2018 🇩🇪 song titles and authors revealed for Unser Lied für Lisbon

Germany 2018 🇩🇪 song titles and authors revealed for Unser Lied für Lisbon

GERMANY – German national broadcaster revealed the song titles for Unser Lied für Lisbon, the show through which Germany will decide its participation in the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest. The…

Paradise Oskar co-composer of one of the six songs in Germany https://t.co/YAlXZHu8Nw https://t.co/YAlXZHu8Nw

With the song "You Let Me Walk Alone", Michael Schulte will participate in Germany's national final for Eurovision 2018 on 22 February. The 27-year-old singer-songwriter dropped by at ESC Radio studio in Berlin to introduce himself to the international fans and followers of the Contest, speak about his entry for the German final... and perform some Eurovision music! Michael brings a goodie for the fans of Eurovision and especially the listeners in Denmark will most probably like it ;) The interview will air tomorrow Wednesday, 14 February, at 11.30 CET, and be repeated at 19.30 CET
Eurovision Song Contest Deutschland Eurovision Song Contest
Michael Schulte Voxxclub Xavier Darcy Natia Todua Page Ryk Ivy Quainoo OGAE Germany e.V. Eurovision Club Germany e.V. Prinz Eurovision Song Contest Blog MelodiGrandPrixFans.dk Eurovision Denmark DR1 Audrius Petrauskas - Gebrasy Audrius Petrauskas Eurodiena.lt - Eurovizijos konkursų dienoraštis

Photos from ESC Radio's post

Germany has revealed the titles of the 6 songs in its #eurovision final. You won't be able to hear them until 20 Fe… https://t.co/P47L0SQae4

Germany: Final song titles and composers revealed

Germany: Final song titles and composers revealed

Germany: Final song titles and composers revealed

NDR has revealed the song titles and composers of the six songs that will compete in the German final on 22nd February. The tracks will be premiered two days before the show, on 20th February. After the announcement of finalists, a three-day Song Writing Camp was held in Berlin during which up to

List of songs which will be competing in German national preselection "Unser Lied für Lissabon" has been released. The music spectrum ranges from pop song to piano ballad to "New Folk Music". Three of the titles were written in the dedicated Songwriting Camp , where the acts met with national and international composers and producers in January. All entries will be released to public on 20 February, two days before the final show.

Xavier Darcy: "Jonah" (Xavier Darcy, Loren Nine Geerts, Axel Ehnström, Thomas Stengaard)
Ivy Quainoo: "House On Fire" (Jörgen Elofsson, Ali Tamposi)
Ryk: "You and I" (Rick Jurthe)
Michael Schulte: "You Let Me Walk Alone" (Michael Schulte, Thomas Stengaard, Nisse Ingwersen, Nina Müller)
Natia Todua: "My Own Way" (Loren Nine Geerts, Ricardo Bettiol, Martin Gallop, Jaro Omar)
voXXclub: "I mog Di so" (Merty Bert, Mike Busse, Philipp Klemz, Lennard Oestmann - Joe Walter, Philipp Klemz, Martin Simma, Merty Bert, Mike Busse)

Germany page:

ESCKAZ - Eurovision 2018 - Germany / Германия

ESCKAZ - Eurovision 2018 - Germany / Германия

ESCKAZ.com - узнайте первыми новости о Конкурсе Песни Евровидение 2018: Международный финал, Евронеделя, промо-вечеринки, национальные отборы. ESCKAZ.com - Delivering Eurovision Song Contest 201...

Germany - NDR released the song titles and writing credits for all participants in the German National Final "Unser Lied für Lissabon" today.

The full songs will be available for listening on February 20th.

Xavier Darcy: "Jonah"
Music and lyrics: Xavier Darcy, Loren Nine Geerts, Axel Ehnström, Thomas Stengaard

Ivy Quainoo: "House On Fire"
Music and lyrics: Jörgen Elofsson und Ali Tamposi

Ryk: "You and I"
Music and lyrics: Rick Jurthe

Michael Schulte: "You Let Me Walk Alone"
Music and lyrics: Michael Schulte, Thomas Stengaard, Nisse Ingwersen, Nina Müller

Natia Todua: "My Own Way"
Music and lyrics: Loren Nine Geerts, Ricardo Bettiol, Martin Gallop, Jaro Omar

voXXclub: "I mog Di so"
Music: Merty Bert, Mike Busse, Philipp Klemz, Lennard Oestmann
Lyrics: Joe Walter, Philipp Klemz, Martin Simma, Merty Bert, Mike Busse

Read more about Germany at Eurovision: http://esckaz.com/2018/ger.htm

We’re back with a new #GTM for you! This week we’re going to rank the last place qualifiers in the 2002 to 2006 Eurovision Grand Final shows. How would you rank them from 1 to 5?

- Tell Me Who You Are, Denmark
- Cry Baby, UK
- High, Norway
- Run and Hide, Germany
- I Do, Malta

Germany's national final for Eurovision 2018 will be held on 22 February, and 25-year old singer Ivy Quainoo is one of the six acts battling to represent the country in Lisbon, Portugal, on 12 May. Ivy dropped by at ESC Radio studio in Berlin to introduce herself to the international fans and followers of the Contest and speak about the selection of her song and the preparations for the show on 22 February. The interview will air tomorrow Tuesday, 13 February, at 11.30 CET, and be repeated at 19.30 CET http://www.escradio.com/2018/02/national-selections-eurovision-2018-ivy-quainoo-german-final-visits-esc-radio-studio-listen-to-our-interview-tomorrow-tuesday-13-feb-at-11-30-and-19-30-cet/
Eurovision Song Contest Deutschland Eurovision Song Contest
Ivy Quainoo Voxxclub Xavier Darcy Natia Todua Page Michael Schulte Ryk OGAE Germany e.V. Eurovision Club Germany e.V. Prinz Eurovision Song Contest Blog

Photos from ESC Radio's post

#Germany: Mike Singer will perform at Unser Star für Lissabon #Eurovision

Germany: Mike Singer will perform at Unser Star für Lissabon - ESCToday.com

Germany: Mike Singer will perform at Unser Star für Lissabon - ESCToday.com

Eurovision news 2018: Popular German singer Mike Singer will be a special guest at the German national final, Unser Star für Lissabon. The 18-year-old will perform his single De

ESCKAZ publishes another video interview with English subtitles with the semifinalist of the national selection of Ukraine for Eurovision 2018.

03. LAUD - Waiting

LAUD is a stage name of the Ukrainian singer and composer Vlad Karaschuk, under which he began performing in the spring of 2017 after signing a contract with manager of Jamala | Джамала Igor Tarnopolskiy Игорь Тарнопольский and the label Enjoy Records.

Vlad Karaschuk was born in Kyiv on October 14, 1997 in a family of professional musicians. Vlad began to learn music at the age of four, attended private lessons, and then entered the music school for guitar. Already then he began to take part in guitar competitions. After graduation from the school, Vlad entered the Kyiv Gliere Institute of Music at the department of pop vocal. In parallel with his studies in Kyiv, he studied at the American Music Academy. From the age of 9 Karaschuk took part in children's vocal competitions, among which are "Krok do zirok", "Black Sea Games", "Slavic Bazaar", "Junior Eurovision" and "Kids New Wave" preselections. Practically in all of them he became a diploma winner or a laureate.

Producers of the contest "New Wave" noticed a talented guy and began to invite him to their concerts, where he was invited to perform duets with the already recognized pop stars, such as Ivan Dorn or Dima Bilan. Also as a cover-band soloist, Vlad performed at the Kaunas Jazz Festival in Lithuania and drove through the cities of Germany. Millions of viewers remember his performances of hits "Seven Days", "Running", "Killing Me Softly" and "Happy", which revealed his performing talent and unique manner.

Then the performer was offered to collaborate with the manager of Jamala Igor Tarnopolsky. This is how the new stage of Vlad Karaschuk's career started under the name LAUD. The official start is considered to be his debut on May 12, 2017 on the stage of the Kyiv Palace of Sports as a warm-up act at the solo concert of Jamala, during which he presented the eight thousandth audience three new selfwritten songs. Two weeks later, all of the leading radio stations in Ukraine launched his debut single, and in the middle of summer, on July 19, premiered the first music video, "U tsiu nich." At the moment, the video was seen over 200 thousand times.

The next single "Ne zalyshai" was released on December 12, 2017 at the same time as the music video and by the end of the week topped the chart of the Ukrainian iTunes Store. Currently LAUD is working on the new material and is preparing for his first solo concert, which will be held on March 21, 2018 in the Kyiv club Bel étage.

"Song Waiting is about human imperfection, different ways of dealing with this imperfection, ways to find your own individual version of how comfortable it is for you to live, and how to cope with all the difficulties in life. I wrote the song with the sound producer Morphom, and the lyrics were written by Katya Rogovaya.

The stage performance will be very bright. With me on stage will be five backing vocalists, the song is very deep, and it needs a large number of vocals. And these guys will be involved also creating characters in the stage presentation. The performance will be unusual, interesting, connected with the concept of the song itself. The stage director is Konstantin Tomilchenko who also worked on Jamala's Eurovision staging"

Listen to Waiting: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aQD6Ol8DHF8

Ukraine page: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aQD6Ol8DHF8

http://esckaz.com/ Team of ESCKAZ.com reporting live from the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 in Kyiv, Ukraine. Команда ESCKAZ.com ведет репортажи с конкурса Ев...

O.Torvald will perform in the first semifinal of the Ukrainian national selection for the "Eurovision-2018"

The first semi-final of the Ukrainian National selection for the Eurovision-2018 is coming soon. Already this Saturday, February 10, live on the STB and UA:Pershiy channels spectators will see the first nine participants ready to represent Ukraine in Lisbon: СONSTANTINE, Sergey Babkin, LAUD, KAZKA, The VYO, KOZAK SYSTEM, VILNA, PUR: PUR and The Erised.

According to the established tradition, in every live broadcast of the National Selection there will also be a guest star. In the first semifinal this will be the last year's winners O.Torvald. The guys will sing the song "Lichtari" from their new album "Bisaidy", which is called a dedication to all fans of the band in Ukraine and abroad.

- I like that this year, as in the last two, there are a lot of young interesting musicians among the participants in the selection. Their music will be broadcast live throughout the country and will certainly find new listeners. But the most important thing is for them to understand what this competition is for, what they can bring to it and what it can give them in terms of creative development, "said O.Torvald frontman Zhenya Galich. - As for us, on February 14 we will present a video for the track "Likhtari", after which O.Torvald will go on concerts in Poland, Germany, the Czech Republic and Austria.

Ukraine page:

ESCKAZ - Eurovision 2018 - Ukraine / Украина

ESCKAZ - Eurovision 2018 - Ukraine / Украина

ESCKAZ.com - узнайте первыми новости о Конкурсе Песни Евровидение 2018: Международный финал, Евронеделя, промо-вечеринки, национальные отборы. ESCKAZ.com - Delivering Eurovision Song Contest 201...

Will a girl from Georgia represent Germany at Eurovision 2018? The German final will be held on 22 February, and one of the six competing acts is 21-year old Natia Todua. Natia visited ESC Radio studio in Berlin to introduce herself to the international fans and followers of the Contest and speak about her Eurovision adventure. Tune in tomorrow Tuesday 6 February at 11.30 CET and check it out! The interview will be repeated in the evening at 19.30 CET.
Eurovision Song Contest Eurovision Song Contest Deutschland
Natia Todua Page OGAE Germany e.V. Eurovision Club Germany e.V. Prinz Eurovision Song Contest Blog Eurovision Georgia

Photos from ESC Radio's post

Switzerland has just picked their entry! ESCKAZ.com correspondent Desirée has seen the show in full. Here are her thoughts:

Today Switzerland selected their candidate for Lisbon out of six acts, after a selection process that started in September with a submission period for songs and artists and that culminated in today’s Entscheidungsshow (Decision Show). All six competing songs were written at a songwriting camp held especially for Eurovision.

The show started a bit old fashioned, but in a good way, as it featured Te Deum in a Swiss flavour with many copper instruments. Also Apollo, Timebelle’s entry from last year got this treatment. Not much later it was time to start with the six acts. With the usual green room breaks and a talk with the host of the show since a long time – Sven Epiney who seems to speak every language spoken in Switzerland, the show kept going and had a nice tempo.

The voting was 50-50 with an international jury consisting of Christoph Pellander (Germany), Eduardo Grassi (France), David Tserunyan (Armenia), Klert Duraj (Albania), Nicole Caligiore (Italy), Gisli M Baldursson (Iceland) and Tal Barnea (Israel). While initially it seemed Alejandro Reyes would win the jury vote with a land slide, things changed half way as ZIBBZ caught up and won the jury voting by four points.

The other 50% was televoting and also this was won by ZIBBZ – with a margin as well, as runner up Alejandro Reyes got 48p from the televote where ZIBBZ got 77 points. ZIBBZ was the first to perform and brought us some triangular props, in red and blue and a drum.

The song Stones is a midtempo pop rock theme with a country vibe. Vocally the lead singer was ok but there’s room for improvement, which also goes for the song as a whole that sounds pleasant but would have some trouble to stand out.
Overall a nice show to watch and a deserved winner in Switzerland! Looking forward to how this song will develop and how it'll work out in Lisbon, good luck!

Switzerland page:

ESCKAZ - Eurovision 2018 - Switzerland / Швейцария

RT @wiwibloggs: "Compass" gets 12 points from Germany's International jury! #eurovision #srfesc https://t.co/RXTNr34MTd

"Compass" gets 12 points from Germany's International jury! #eurovision #srfesc https://t.co/RXTNr34MTd

Mazal tov, Dana International, happy birthday! Israel’s 1998 Eurovision Song Contest winner celebrates her 46th birthday today, 2 February. Dana International first competed in Israel's national selection Kdam in 1995 when she finished second with the song "Layla Tov Eropa (Good Night Europe)". In 1998 she gained international recognition with her ESC winning song “Diva”, and seven years ago Dana returned to Eurovision with “Ding Dong”, representing Israel at the 2011 Contest in Düsseldorf, Germany. In 2015 she performed her 1998 winning song at the 60th anniversary of the Eurovision Song Contest party in London. You can watch the performance here…
all the best, Dana!
Dana International - דנה אינטרנשיונל Dana International Fansite
Eurovision Song Contest

The Eurovision Song Contest is celebrating it's 60th birthday this year. The BBC hosted a celebration show to honour the 60th anniversary of the Eurovision S...

The audience together with the international jury from Albania, Armenia, Germany, France, Iceland, Israel and Italy (50/50) will choose the winner of Swiss selection final ESC 2018 – Entscheidungsshow which will be aired on Sunday, February 4, 2018 live from SRF Studio 1 in Zurich, at 20:05 CET on SRF Zwei, RTS Deux, RSI La 2 - rerun on SRF Zwei at 04:15.

Wer wird's? Die Woche der Entscheidung! Das Publikum sowie eine internationale Fachjury wählen den Gewinner zu je 50 Prozent. In der internatiolen Jury sind dabei: Albanien🇦🇱, Armenien🇦🇲, Deutschland🇩🇪, Frankreich🇫🇷, Island🇮🇸, Israel🇮🇱 und Italien🇮🇹.


ESC Covers started on 5 JANUARY to publish the youtube links to as many Eurovision covers as possible. The plan was to do 100 by end of JANUARY but things are going so well, we stand currently at 395 and may end the month doing the last 5 get to 400.

We search on YOUTUBE and this morning we discovered something - in 1983 the old YUGOSLAVIA brought out an LP with 14 EURO COVERS, all from 1983.


There were 20 Eurovision entries in 1983 but unfortunately there are just covers of 14 - they cover their own entry plus 13 of the other 19. it is done by various singers from the old YUGOSLAVIA.

The 14 covers are the entries from the following countries:















The 6 countries they did not cover are








For song 35 we move back to a song that was an entry in Eurovision - in 2003 this song represented Germany - LOU and LET'S GET HAPPY.

The Go 2018 - Updated again.


Eurovision 2018 is 100 or so days away (or at least semi final 1). What we know so far is there are many national finals this year. My suggestion is that you don’t make plans for February specifically the late part, and March 3rd.

Here is what I know:



ALBANIA:  Mall - Eugent Bushpepa
(Winner of 

Festivali i Këngës. )

AUSTRIA:   Nobody but you - Cesar Sampson (internal)

CYPRUS: Fuego - Eleni Foureira (intenal)

FRANCE: Mercy - Madam Monsieur
(winner of Destination Eurovision)

CZECH REPUBLIC: Lie to me - Mikolas Josef


AUSTRALIA: JESSICA MAUBOY [No news since the announcement]

AZERBAIJAN: AISEL [Azerbaijan have a history of revealing artist early; song to be announced late.]

BELGIUM: LAURA GROESENEKEN(Sennek) [First to release their artist. No news since]

FINLAND: SAARA AALTO [Songs to be released from Feb 9; National final of 4 songs on March 3rd]


were announced on December 31st. No news otherwise




MALTA: Song for Europe will be held February 3.


Entscheidungsshow is taking place in Zurich on February 4th.

SPAIN: Operation Triunfo is going to be selection for Spain. National final Jan 29; announcement is Feb 5; Six singers; 9 songs which are a mix of solo, duets and a group performance.

UNITED KINGDOM: Eurovision: You decide is returning again after the success from last year. It will held in Brighton on February 7th and in ESC 1998 tradition, hosted by an English person and a Swede.

ITALY: Traditional selection program for Italy is the San Remo Festival for Italian Music which takes place between February 6 and 10. Have gone internal and via jury selection in the past. 

MGP in Denmark is taking place on February 10th 

ISRAEL: Holding their Next star contest at the moment to select their entrant. They have said there are 3 weeks left in the contest. Expect the person known by around mid Feb. Song will come in March

BELARUS: Live auditions in January; up to 15 entrants. Final is Feb 16.

GREECE: Three song national final on Feb 16.


Montevizija 2018 is the national final for Montenegro which is being held on February 17th. Last national final for Montenegro was 2008.

SERBIA: National final Feb 20

GERMANY: February 22nd final 

Unser Lied für Lissabon; six artist revealed.

HUNGARY: A Dal is being held from January and the final is February 24th.

MOLDOVA: Moldova has canceled the February 22nd semi final, so it will be a 16 song final on the 24th.

UKRAINE: Another country with 2 semi final and a final; Semis 10th and 17th February; final one week later on the 24th.

LATVIA:  Supernova will be their selection method again. 30 entries, Final is Feb 24

ARMENIA:  Depi Evratesil begins Feb 3; 20 songs revealed. Final 24th Feb.

SLOVENIA: EMA contest will take place Feb 24; there may be a semi final.

ROMANIA: Romania are using a Swedish method of selecting their song having a five semi final and final process . The final is on February 25th

LATVIA: It’s Supernova again for Latvia. 21 artists and their songs have been revealed. Semi finals Feb 3, 10 and 17. Final Feb 24.

LITHUANIA: Lithuania Nacionalinę Eurovizijos atranką 2018 begins on January 7. Conclusion in expected in March 

ESTONIA: Eesti Laul 2018 is a three show national final. Semi 1 and 2 are February 10th and 17; final March 3.

SAN MARINO: 1in360: the first ever national selection has taken the finalists to Vienna and Bratislava. Two pre-recorded shows on Feb 9 and 16th. Final: March 3.

POLAND: National final March 3.


Söngvakeppnin 2018, the Icelandic selection will also have two semi finals and a final, on exactly the same days Estonia are having theirs.

PORTUGAL: The home team are having their annual song contest, Festival da cancao. This year it has been extended to two semi finals (February 18th and 25th) and the final on March 4th.

NORWAY: MGP to be held 10th March.

SWEDEN: Melodifestivalen is the traditional national final from Sweden. The  four semi finals begin February 3, the Andra chansen will be on March 3 and the final on the 10th.


BULGARIA: The song won’t be known till 12th March. 

CROATIA: Confirmed internal selection.

FYR MACEDONIA: Internal selection.

** … AND THEN **

There is currently radio silence from Ireland. Expect internal selections. Maybe a surprise.


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