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So, great to be back rehearsing with these amazing singers and musicians. We’re hitting the road soon with the show “Time of my Life” celebrating the best tunes of the eighties 🤘🏼💯
Who doesn’t love to rock out on stage with songs of Journey, Bon Jovi, Whitesnake and Queen among sooo many other greats of the eighties?💪🏼
@rlillevang @lucashoangmusic #lenenørrelykke #jacobprüser
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Selected entries so far (Updated 21 February 2018) - Eurovision Song Contest 2018

Selected entries so far (Updated 21 February 2018) - Eurovision Song Contest 2018

Thirteen countries have selected their songs for the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest in Lisbon. This is an overview of the selected songs so far. Countries who have selected their entries are Albania, Belarus, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Greece, Italy, Malta, Montenegro, Serbia, Spain, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. If you want to know more about the Eurovision Song Contest, visit https://eurovision.tv

Find out the percentages that each superfinalist has received at #DMGP 2018! #Denmark #Eurovision

Eurovision Denmark: DR reveals full voting breakdown of DMGP - ESCToday.com

Eurovision Denmark: DR reveals full voting breakdown of DMGP - ESCToday.com

Eurovision news 2018: It is the singer Rasmussen who will represent Denmark at Eurovision 2018, as decided by the country's established national selection Dansk Melodi Grand Pri


01. Italy
02. Denmark
03. Montenegro
04. Greece
05. Czech Republic
06. Albania
07. Franc…

RT @tchuqo: My current top 10 #eurovision
1. Greece
2. Malta
3. Belarus
4. Czech Republic
5. Denmark
6. Montenegro
7. Spa…

RT @eli_byrne: top 11 so far
1. Italy
2. Albania
3. Denmark
4. Belarus
5. Czech Republic
6. Greece
7. Switzerland
8. S…

RT @Maikeeel: gAnd we have a top 10!

01. Italy
02. Denmark
03. Greece
04. Czech Republic
05. Albania
06. France
07. Switzerl…

The EBU are trying to get Denmark back into the Junior Eurovision Song Contest...... https://t.co/7CLL7aXdOi

RT @PecheMelba113: My Top 12 #Eurovision 2018 so far :

01 Czechia
02 Belarus
03 Denmark

04 Greece
05 Switzerland

06 UK
07 Spain
08 Ita…

RT @Ianemoje: Top 12 Eurovision 2018:

RT @piiunpaaun: #eurovision top 5 so far:

-. Greece
-. Italy
3. Denmark
4. France
5. Switzerland

They're all good. I can't decide between…


There is a group called DE STRANGERS from Antwerp Belgium who has done tons of covers of Eurovision songs. It is hard to work out just how many they have covered but as of now, we have discovered 27 among the more than 700 songs they have recorded. The 27 covers are
01 - Austria 1966
02 - Ireland 1970
03 - UK 1971
04 - Belgium 1971
05 - France 1976
06 - UK 1976
07 - Belgium 1977
08 - France 1977
09 - Israel 1978
10 - Israel 1979
11 - UK 1981
12 - Belgium 1983
13 - Luxembourg 1983
14 - Yugoslavia 1983
15 - Sweden 1984
16 - Belgium 1984
17 - Belgium 1985
18 - Norway 1985
19 - Belgium 1986
20 - Belgium 1987
21 - Belgium 1989
22 - Yugoslavia 1989
23 - Italy 1990
24 - UK 1997
25 - Israel 1998
26 - Denmark 2000
27 - Estonia 2001

Photos from ESCKAZ.com / ESCCovers.com / Euroforum / Eurovision South Africa's post

Back in the outfit once again for the past two days at the childrens Melodi Grand Prix, MGP. What a pleasure, and what a bunch of talented young kids, wow!
This time I took my beautiful daughter with me, and she had a BLAST 😃
Morten and Nikolaj, my fellow vikings this time, thank you for the company, you guys rock 🤘🏼🙏🏻
#dmgp2018 #mgp2018 #talentedkids #rasmussen #higherground #viking #gameofthrones #fashion #somuchfun #backtoreality #ineedabeer #yessir #esc #lisbon

The ancient and modern Viking inspiration behind Rasmussen's #Eurovision entry! #Denmark #AllAboard

Denmark: The ancient and modern Viking inspiration behind Rasmussen's Higher Ground - ESCToday.com

Denmark: The ancient and modern Viking inspiration behind Rasmussen's Higher Ground - ESCToday.com

Eurovision news 2018: Denmark's Eurovision entry Higher Ground by Rasmussen encompasses ancient roots and modern imagination. Ancient sagas and modern themes Following his victo


Once Ermal Meta and Fabrizio Moro accepted the invitation to represent Italy at Eurovision 2018 in the early morning hours of Feb. 11 after winning the Sanremo Music Festival, an interesting thing resulted. We now have three Albanian-born lead singers at this year's Eurovision.

Meta was born in Fier, a city of 85,000 that is located 70 miles south of the nation's capital, Tirana. He lived there until he was 13 when he and his family crossed the Adriatic Sea and settled in Bari, Italy. The singer, as part of the group La Fame, participated in the Sanremo 2010 Newcomers' section. After leaving that band and going solo, he returned to the Sanremo Newcomers' section in 2016. His debut in the Big Artists section came a year later, and he finishing third before he and Moro teamed up for their Sanremo win in 2018. They will sing, "Non mi avete fatto niente," in Lisbon.

The second Albanian-born singer at Eurovision 2018, Eleni Foureira, was internally selected by Cyprus on Feb. 1. Like Meta, she was born in Fier. Foureira and her family, however, headed in a different direction, south to Athens, Greece, a move that occurred when she was 9 or 10 due to the breakout of the Albanian Civil War in 1997. After unsuccessfully attempting to represent Greece at Eurovision a number of times, she will fly the flag of Cyprus in Lisbon, singing, "Fuego," there.

The first Eurovision 2018 performer from Albania was that country's representative: Eugent Bushpepa. He was born in Rrëshen, which is a town of 9,000 situated 45 miles north of Tirana. Although he spent some time in Italy, he returned to his native country after a few years and started becoming a force on the music scene in Albania. He previously sang at Festivali i Kenges in 2008, performing with Rovena Dilo and placing 12th, before making a spectacular return in 2018, winning with his entry, "Mall."

This interesting confluence of Albanian-born artists at Eurovision 2018 brings up an interesting question. Have three countries been represented at the same Eurovision in the past? When? Who?

It's relatively easy to come up with countries who were represented by a pair of acts. Two examples that quickly pop into mind from Eurovision 2017 were Australia (Australia's Isaiah and Denmark's Anja) and Romania (Romania's Ilinca and Alex Florea and Switzerland's Miruna Mănescu and Emanuel Daniel Andriescu). But thinking of a country that was represented by three acts at a single Eurovision is considerably harder to recall.

Ermal Meta and Eugent Bushpepa photos courtesy of Eurovision.tv.

Photos from ESCKAZ.com / ESCCovers.com / Euroforum / Eurovision South Africa's post

Poll will run for 30 minutes and will be extended in case of a tie until it is broken.
Vote with Facebook likes for your preferable entry of 6 selected songs that will be competing in the Eurovision Song Contest 2018.
Song with the least number of votes is relegated, and replaced in the next round by new entry.
Round 1: Winner: France, Relegated: Switzerland
Round 2: Winner France, Relegated Czech Republic
New entry today is Denmark

RT @wiwibloggs: Denmark's Eurovision 2018 entry Higher Ground is a #Melfest reject https://t.co/9zRJezuYQV via @JustPadraig

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