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We have reached song 59 in our series of 100 songs composed by Ralph Siegel. It is LIEBE FRAGT NICHT NACH MILLIONEN by Daisy Door.


Onto position 58 of the 100 Ralph Siegel songs and we get to PEDRO by PETER ALEXANDER. He had a lot of success with several Ralph songs. This song was covered in South Africa by Ge Korsten as HUIS TOE (Coming home) and it was a huge hit in the times White males in South Africa did army duty at South African boarders and usually after a year they would return home. This song really was special for this group of people.


Song 57 is again a song that was an entry in Eurovision - Germany 1980. It is THEATER by Katja Ebstein.

actuacion de alemania en 1980 qedando 2


Song 56 in our list of 100 Ralph Siegel songs bring us to THIS NIGHT SHOULD NEVER END from Petra Frey who was an entry in the Austrian selection one year. Tobi Jooste of South Africa covered it in Afrikaans.

Petra Frey was 2nd in the Austrian final in 2003 with this song. Austria was represented at Eurovision that year by Alf Poier. Petra had previously represent...


The latest voting updates took place last night and there are some very interesting results so far.

We are not happy with the voting in South Africa, there is no big voting taking place with the front runner having only 4409 votes.

In contract with this, the front runner in Nigeria stands on a staggering 66 024 votes.

Some of South Africa's smaller neighbours are actively voting with the front runner in Zimbabwe with 26 753 votes and the front runner in Swaziland with 17 517 votes.

In two countries the voting is extremely intense
CAMEROON - the top three have the following votes
35 589 - 47 049 - 47 516
DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF THE CONGO - the top four have the following votes
20 195 - 21 630 - 21 875 - 22 849

There are still 9 days of voting as it closes only on the 28th of February, so hopefully we will still see some frantic voting.

We publish one of the videos from Swaziland.

Country: Swaziland Artist: Symphony Song Title: Sengikhona Voting Code: 0093


Song 55 in our series is a relatively unknown song - UNDER THE SUN WE ARE ONE by Laura Pinski.

Music video by Laura Pinski performing Under the Sun We Are One. (C) 2016 Jupiter Records under exclusive license to Sony Music Entertainment Germany GmbH ht...


AND FINALLY after 50 days, we reach the number one spot in our top 50 millennium songs and no surprise - it is LATVIA 2008 - WOLVES OF THE SEA by PIRATES OF THE SEA.


There is a group called DE STRANGERS from Antwerp Belgium who has done tons of covers of Eurovision songs. It is hard to work out just how many they have covered but as of now, we have discovered 27 among the more than 700 songs they have recorded. The 27 covers are
01 - Austria 1966
02 - Ireland 1970
03 - UK 1971
04 - Belgium 1971
05 - France 1976
06 - UK 1976
07 - Belgium 1977
08 - France 1977
09 - Israel 1978
10 - Israel 1979
11 - UK 1981
12 - Belgium 1983
13 - Luxembourg 1983
14 - Yugoslavia 1983
15 - Sweden 1984
16 - Belgium 1984
17 - Belgium 1985
18 - Norway 1985
19 - Belgium 1986
20 - Belgium 1987
21 - Belgium 1989
22 - Yugoslavia 1989
23 - Italy 1990
24 - UK 1997
25 - Israel 1998
26 - Denmark 2000
27 - Estonia 2001

Photos from ESCKAZ.com / ESCCovers.com / Euroforum / Eurovision South Africa's post


Read somewhere this morning that the final in Hungary's Eurovision selection for 2018 will be just male acts. Has it happened before that after semi finals all acts in the final were of just one gender?


Song 54 in our series bring us to HAPPY BIRTHDAY PARTY by Lou and her band which was in the 2001 German selection.

Lou & Band - Happy Birthday Party Preselections Eurovision Germany 2001


We bring you another interview dome by Sebastian Mnich from Destination Eurovision in Poland.

Camilla North: „I want to spread a lot of love and happiness on stage” – Destination Eurovision ●

Camilla North: „I want to spread a lot of love and happiness on stage” – Destination Eurovision ●

San Marino preselection format bring amazing artists from all around the world. Next one which we want introduce you closer is Camilla North! Photo used on headline was done by Marius Pettersen. Our conversation took place before the official airing of both recorded 1in360 semifinals. You can find m...


We publish this from Sveinn Runar Sigurdsson composer from Iceland.

For roughly 20 years I've been composing, arranging and playing music professionally in many genres. For the past couple of years I've reached a status at which I'm able to work with and write for established internationally acclaimed artists, songwriters and producers. I'm proud of the tracks that we've produced & written in the past year and excited about those in the pipelines. Writing music has never been as much fun and I owe it to the super talents that fill every role of the complex production process of making a track.

Our newest product will be brought to live tonight on TV. "Gold Digger", that we did with my good friends of the Swedish powerhouse duet HYMNER (Check their incredible music out) featuring my boy Aron that we have worked with since his career took off last year. Gold Digger is our 4th track together and there's more to come.

My urge to continuously create can be a heavy burden to bear, I often wish that I didn't have music continuously on my mind, but whenever I touch a soul or two with my creations it all feels so right and worth the efforts.

I hope you'll have a chance to watch my boys tonight bring some sunshine into the dark Icelandic winter.

To my incredibly talented friends and co-writers that took on the journey with me, I thank you.


The 53rd song in our Ralph Siegel series is the song that gave us the German group Dschinghis khan - they sang a song with the same name which became the Eurovision entry for Germany in 1979 and did extremely well.

Dschinghis Khan - Dschinghis Khan (ZDF Starparade, 12.06.1979) Die besten Schlager des Jahrtausends (DVD2 - Track24)


In position 3 we find Ireland 2006 EVERY SONG IS A CRY FOR LOVE by Brian Kennedy - what a song - really the last time Ireland was at its best.

Powered by http://www.eurovision.tv Ireland: Brian Kennedy - Every Song Is A Cry For Love live at the Eurovision Song Contest 2006 Final


We got the following press release from Sebastian's manager Konrad.

Sebastian Calleja winning video of the year with ‘Escape’

Sebastian Calleja, 19 year old singer from Qormi, in the summer 2017 released his new single ‘Escape’ with an original music video produced in various locations in Malta. The video was launched at the OGAE Eurovision Weekend in Berlin, Germany, where he was a guest singer after winning the event in 2016.

Early 2018 Sebastian’s video was nominated together with many others for video of the year on Toni Sant’s popular program ‘Muzika Mod Iehor’. There were 6 different categories, ‘Escape’ being in the category of Best Music Video [Non-Maltese Languange] which had most nominations.

Listeners Pick Poll was launched on www.tonisant.com and after an online voting period of 3 weeks, ‘Escape’ won the award with the highest number of votes individually received. This was
broadcasted on the program aired on the 4th February

Youtube link video official results: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8lNbqXyYsbM

Site link of official results: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8lNbqXyYsbM

Escape video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8lNbqXyYsbM

Sebastian Calleja facebook page -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8lNbqXyYsbM



Toni Sant's Blog: Subscribe | Read Weekly Podcast: Subscribe | ListenMużika Mod Ieħor podcast by Toni Sant is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. All other content © 2018 by ToniSant.com


Song 52 is again a song Ralph Siegel composed for the 2005 Maltese selection - SUNSHINE IN YOUR EYES by Keith Camilleri. Keith was also a member of the Eurovision group SIX4ONE that represented Switzerland at rhe 2006 Eurovision with a Ralph Siegel song.

Malta Song 2005 - Keith Camilleri - Sunshine in Your Eyes - Copyright TVM.


In position 4 is the 3rd song from 2010 in the top 10 (a REALLY fantastic year). It is the entry from Netherlands IK BEN VERLIEFD (SHA LA LIE) by Sieneke.

Powered by http://www.eurovision.tv. Sieneke will represent The Netherlands with the song Ik Ben Verliefd (Sha-la-lie) at the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest in...


Christos Triantafillou shared this video with the news that this could be the 2018 entry for Greece.

Oneiro Mou

Oneiro Mou

This is "Oneiro Mou" by Eurovision on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.


We got the following to share with Eurovision fans

Dear Eurovision lovers!

We want to present you a unique opportunity and innovation:

This year, ESC fans can become co-owners of a Eurovision Song 2018!
Starting Friday 16th of February at 10 p.m. CET until the 3rd of March, fans get the opportunity to become shareholders of San Marino's ESC entry 2018 on www.globalrockstar.com

Please find all details in the attached press release.

We'd be very happy if you could spread these news in your channels :)

This was San Marino's 1in360 preselection Show 1:

Watch San Marino's 1in360 Show 2 live, tomorrow Fr. 16.2 at 8 p.m. CET:

all the best
Christof Straub


Here is the press release

Fans become shareholders of a Eurovision-Song 2018!

As from this Friday, 16th February 2018, 10pm (CET), fans can become part of a Eurovision song by purchasing shares of the track representing San Marino at the Eurovision Song Contest 2018. Investors will then receive royalties from every stream and download of that track for the next 70 years. This unique opportunity is available on www.globalrockstar.com.

This year, Global Rockstar was engaged by 1in360 as the artistic director to assist in the selection for San Marino's ESC 2018 candidate. To choose the best candidate and song, 11 international artists (from Zimbabwe, Israel, Norway, Germany, San Marino, Italy, Malta, Finland, Austria) are performing their songs in a three-part TV-show on San Marino RTV, produced by 1in360.

The first show, in which the 11 candidates performed their first song, was broadcasted last Friday.

On Friday, the 16th of February, 8 p.m, show 2 will be broadcasted.

(livestream on https://youtu.be/ZSXINkIICFE

In show 2, all 11 artists will perform a second song. At the end of this show, 1in360 will select the best song for each of the 11 candidates under a system that considers both jury and public voting. In the final TV-show (3rd of March) the artist and song that will represent San Marino at the ESC will be selected out of all 11 candidates and songs presented.

From the end of show 2 until the final TV-show (from 16.2 -3.3), all ESC enthusiasts and music fans will be able to invest in their favorite artist and song on www.globalrockstar.com. All fans who invest are supporting the production of the 11 songs to a high-end track with the best producers, musicians and engineers.

In return, the fans become shareholders of that track and earn money by receiving royalties from the revenues generated by all streams and downloads for the next 70 years.

ESC songs in the past reached up to 120 mio streams on Spotify, which equals a revenue of approximately 960,000.- EUR. Owners of shares from the right track can make a great benefit.

But not only the ESC song investors will have a return: All supporters will receive royalties for 70 years from the track in which they invested: All 11 resulting productions will be published and marketed worldwide.

About Global Rockstar:

Global Rockstar was founded by the Austrian songwriter and producer Christof Straub (Papermoon, ZOË) and has conducted the world's largest online music contest during the past years.

In December 2017 Global Rockstar launched the first royalty-based crowdfunding-platform for music: Fans who invest in music productions become shareholders of the resulting track, and earn money by receiving royalties from the revenues generated by all streams and downloads of the track for the term of copyright.

„We are proud to give artists, fans and investors a new opportunity to take part in the music business with this innovation ", said Global Rockstar founder Christof Straub. „A global smash hit can generate 100,000 EUR a day on streaming platforms. Now fans and artists can equally profit from this new model."


Become a part of a Eurovision Song 2018:


Global Rockstar Website:


San Marino TV livestream https://youtu.be/ZSXINkIICFE



Show 1 on Youtube:


Global Rockstar - Believe in Music

Global Rockstar - Believe in Music

We believe that fans should be able to support artists directly, and get rewarded. We believe that every new artist deserves a global stage to earn money. We believe in music.


Once Ermal Meta and Fabrizio Moro accepted the invitation to represent Italy at Eurovision 2018 in the early morning hours of Feb. 11 after winning the Sanremo Music Festival, an interesting thing resulted. We now have three Albanian-born lead singers at this year's Eurovision.

Meta was born in Fier, a city of 85,000 that is located 70 miles south of the nation's capital, Tirana. He lived there until he was 13 when he and his family crossed the Adriatic Sea and settled in Bari, Italy. The singer, as part of the group La Fame, participated in the Sanremo 2010 Newcomers' section. After leaving that band and going solo, he returned to the Sanremo Newcomers' section in 2016. His debut in the Big Artists section came a year later, and he finishing third before he and Moro teamed up for their Sanremo win in 2018. They will sing, "Non mi avete fatto niente," in Lisbon.

The second Albanian-born singer at Eurovision 2018, Eleni Foureira, was internally selected by Cyprus on Feb. 1. Like Meta, she was born in Fier. Foureira and her family, however, headed in a different direction, south to Athens, Greece, a move that occurred when she was 9 or 10 due to the breakout of the Albanian Civil War in 1997. After unsuccessfully attempting to represent Greece at Eurovision a number of times, she will fly the flag of Cyprus in Lisbon, singing, "Fuego," there.

The first Eurovision 2018 performer from Albania was that country's representative: Eugent Bushpepa. He was born in Rrëshen, which is a town of 9,000 situated 45 miles north of Tirana. Although he spent some time in Italy, he returned to his native country after a few years and started becoming a force on the music scene in Albania. He previously sang at Festivali i Kenges in 2008, performing with Rovena Dilo and placing 12th, before making a spectacular return in 2018, winning with his entry, "Mall."

This interesting confluence of Albanian-born artists at Eurovision 2018 brings up an interesting question. Have three countries been represented at the same Eurovision in the past? When? Who?

It's relatively easy to come up with countries who were represented by a pair of acts. Two examples that quickly pop into mind from Eurovision 2017 were Australia (Australia's Isaiah and Denmark's Anja) and Romania (Romania's Ilinca and Alex Florea and Switzerland's Miruna Mănescu and Emanuel Daniel Andriescu). But thinking of a country that was represented by three acts at a single Eurovision is considerably harder to recall.

Ermal Meta and Eugent Bushpepa photos courtesy of Eurovision.tv.

Photos from ESCKAZ.com / ESCCovers.com / Euroforum / Eurovision South Africa's post


Song 51 is SOMETIMES I WISH I WERE A CHILD AGAIN by Tinka Milinovic. She is from Bosnia & Herzegovina, This was a selection song. Tinka was also one of the members of the group SIX4ONE who represented Switzerland in Eurovision 2006.

Tinka Milinović participated on BH national final for Eurovision 2005 with this song and placed 2nd at the end. She received 10 points from both jury and tel...


We have now reached the top 5 of our top 50 Eurovision songs of the millennium and another song from 2010 (what a year) - this is Norway 2010 MY HEART IS YOURS by Didrik Solli-Tangen.

Powered by http://www.eurovision.tv. Didrik Solli-Tangen will represent Norway with the song My Heart Is Yours at the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest in Oslo (N...


Sometimes things are out of our control and we have to bring you sad news - we had a competition to let our readers guess what countries will be in each of the two semi finals for Eurovision 2018 and offered a prize for the person who had the most correct. The results were tabled in an EXCEL spread sheet but one day before the close that spread sheet just disappeared from our computer (along with 4 others) due to a power outing. We were hoping they would return but after 2 weeks or so nothing happened. AS people had added or amended their votes after the countries were allocated, we cannot use that now and the only thing we can do it to inform you that we are not able to announce a winner - but once all songs are 'picked, we will have another competition to pick your winner from each semi final and this time we will also keep a HAND account of the people voting in case the Excel spread sheet again disappear.


The 50th song in our series of 100 songs by Ralph Siegel is JOHNNY BLUE by Lena Valaitis who represented Germany in the Eurovision song contest in 1981 and came second - losing by 4 points.

Lena Valaitis performing the absolutt stunning "Johnny Blue" at Eurovision Song Contest 1981 in Ireland. After a hard competition she came 2nd,only 4(!) poin...


In position number 6 we find IN A MOMENT LIKE THIS by Chanee & Névergreen. one of the biggest covers of this song was done in South Africa by Jay & Lianie May.

Chanée & N'evergreen represented Denmark at the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest in Oslo with the song In A Moment Like This


We are almost half way - it is position 49 in our series of 100 Ralph Siegel songs and it is another song from the Malta selection in 2005 - THE ANGELS ARE TIRED by Manuel.

Malta Song 2005 - Manuel - The Angels are Tired - Copyright TVM.


Position 7 in our top 50 is quite interesting. It is the 3rd entry from 2004 to make the top 10 and it is only the only song title that make the top 50 twice - on position 10 is a song with the same title from Russia. There are also several covers of the song in Afrikaans.

Powered by: http://www.eurovision.tv Eurovision.tv goes back in time. We start in 2004. Ivan Mikulic represented Croatia at the 2004 Eurovision Song Contest ...


We got the following from one of our facebook readers Andrushk Dianovska - in Romanian but we translated it with the help og Google. It seems there are drama as usual in some selections.

Today, Feb. 12, the day after the 4th of the Eurovision Song Contests took place in Salina Turda, Liviu Sorescu filed an appeal against one of the songs in the contest: "Desire of Feelings" by Tiri.

"I was called last night by Rafael - who is qualified from the Timisoara semifinals - and he drew our attention to the violation of point 2.7 of the Competition Rules," said Lion's Roar, in the phone conversation for Agora Media, Liviu Sorescu worn today.

Concretely, as Liviu Sorescu said, point 2.7 of the regulation states: "Participants in the contest assume the compulsory and extinguishing condition that the musical piece (music and / or text) is original, does not affect rights owned by third parties, has not been edited on any audio or video medium and has not been broadcasted on any radio, television or Internet channel or made public in any way, in whole or in part, until 1 September 2017. "

Also in the same regulation at the same point it is stated that "If, at any stage of the contest, evidence will be submitted by any third party regarding the violation by one piece of the mandatory and eliminatory condition above, that piece will be disqualified by the organizers. Analysis of the evidence (including plagiarism charges) will be made by a committee nominated by SRTv as an organizer "but also that" the final decision belongs exclusively to SRTv. Liability for any charges of plagiarism belongs solely to the Author. "

Liviu Sorescu referred to the song "Desert of Feelings," considering that, as the jury also noted and Tiri confirmed, the song contains fragments from Ciprian Porumbescu's Ballad.

Those who think the band's soloist has filed for some personal interest, are wrong. Liviu Sorescu made clear in the discussion with Agora Media that "Here we are not talking about emotion or feeling ... We discuss the way a lawmaker discusses, on the regulation: does it contain another work or not? Contain. Point!".

Even more, Liviu Sorescu wanted to say: "If Tiri is disqualified, we will not qualify anyway, but Nicoleta Ţicală (no - present in contest with" Una oportunidad ") will qualify.

According to Liviu Sorescu, he filed the appeal by sending it to the e-mail address eurovision.romania@tvr.ro .

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