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He’s the teenage singing sensation who took Australia to its third straight Top 10 finish at Eurovision this May.

Since then Isaiah Firebrace has enjoyed still more momentum with his single “It’s Gotta Be You” going double platinum in Sweden and gold in Norway, and his most recent release “Streets of Gold” racking up more than 1.2 million Spotify streams in just two weeks.

And guess what: He ain’t slowing down. On Tuesday the X Factor winner released the official music video for “Streets of Gold”, which celebrates some of his recent achievements, including his appearance at Eurovision, which will be instantly recognisable to members of the Firebase. #eurovisionsongcontest #eurovision2017 #eurovision

We have a winner! According to our poll, your favourite #Eurovision in Sweden is by far Stockholm 2016, so let's re… https://t.co/gpAJU8TOvN



















Today I heard “I can’t go on” playing in a fast food and I always feel such a wave of joy when I hear Eurovision entries playing in different parts of the city, in shopping centers, supermarkets, restaurants, or blasting from people’s cars :)

Wow that’s so cool!! I once heard Malta’s 2014 entry Coming Home at my local fast food which is quite weird because it’s a Maltese song from 3 years ago.

It always feels so nice :D

I often hear the Sound of Silence, Birds, and Only Teardrops in the supermarkets ^^

It always feels nice :)

…of course, we hear Blanche and Loïc all the time everywhere, but they’re local singers, so we’d be hearing them anyway x))

Still, it’s always nice ^^

A radio here really likes to play Heroes.

So do I, honestly.

one time, i heard “Glorious” by Cascada (Germany 2013) play at H&M aka my favorite store.

Blanche’s “City Lights” is very overplayed on the radio in Lithuania

Update : Yodel it is also a thing on a Lithuanian radio

All these are happy news :D

I think we need to promote European artists from other countries more :)

Which is why I’m always so happy to hear Eurovision artists :) Måns was very popular in France! Especially “Should’ve gone home” that you could hear on every radio a gazillion times a day. That makes me happy (even though I wasn’t a fan of the song, to be honest xD I loved Heroes though!) :)

i heard j'ai cherché on french canadian radio last year when i was on vacation

I heard Fiumi di Parole and Occidentali’s Karma in a restaurant. BACK TO BACK.

A shop played yodel it

Early this year, my sister said she heard “Soldiers Of Love” by Lighthouse X (Denmark 2016) in a clothes store.

I heard Satellite in a supermarket today :D

I heard “You’re Not Alone” in a chain restaurant yesterday…and at the moment, I’m living in the US

That’s wonderful!!!! Are you talking about the “you’re not alone” by Aram MP3? Because that song is a masterpiece; I’d wish for the whole world to get the opportunity to hear it :D

I heard both “You’re Not Alone” (Joe and Jake) and J’ai Cherché on my cruise in the Caribbean this summer.

I heard Korake ti Znam by Maya Sar yesterday xD

I really really dislike that song 😂😂😂 but hey! Eurovision!

A few weeks ago I went to the store with some friends to get a few beers & then go out. It was already pretty late (around 9) and we were the only visitors. So we went to pay for the beers and all of a sudden I hear If I were sorry on the radio. And everyone was like ???? Wtf ilse why are u so happy??? So I said “Sweden, 2016”. That was the moment they realized how obsessed I am with Eurovision. Hehe.


New week, new poll! Which of these #Eurovision in Sweden was your favourite?

Today: Bollnas, Sweden - Aug 13 at Långnäs https://t.co/zMDxwwDFpy

RT @wiwibloggs: Sweden's Loreen releases "Jungle". Are you feeling it? via @katsjonouchi https://t.co/TPz60u1sKy

Today: Strömsholm, Sweden - Aug 12 at Strömsholms Slott https://t.co/AOtEFgKuu5

Sweden's Loreen releases "Jungle". Are you feeling it? via @katsjonouchi https://t.co/TPz60u1sKy

Today: Nyköping, Sweden - Aug 11 at Rosvalla https://t.co/IWU3ZGF6W1

1. Belgium: Blanche, “City Lights” 7.06% (2,526 votes)
2. Italy: Francesco Gabbani, “Occidentali’s Karma” 6.24% (2,232 votes)
3. Bulgaria: Kristian Kostov, “Beautiful Mess” 5.32% (1,902 votes)
4. France: Alma, “Requiem” 4.38% (1,566 votes)
5. Azerbaijan: Dihaj, “Skeletons” 4.07% (1,456 votes)
6. Moldova: SunStroke Project, “Hey Mamma!” 3.95% (1,412 votes)
7. Portugal: Salvador Sobral, “Amar pelos dois” 3.61% (1,291 votes)
8. Sweden: Robin Bengtsson, “I Can’t Go On” 3.25% (1,164 votes)
9. Norway: JOWST, “Grab the Moment” 3.24% (1,160 votes)
10. United Kingdom: Lucie Jones, “Never Give Up On You” 3.11% (1,113 votes) #eurovision #eurovisionsongcontest #eurovision2017


Usually the host country put extra effort in to give the press a nice promo single of their entry (Belgrade 2008, Finland 2007, Norway 2010, Sweden 2013, etc) but according to our knowledge Ukraine became the first host country not to hand out a promo item for their entry TIME. So of course ESC Covers got a promo single designed for the library and it is so beautiful - the cover it like 100 better than the song.

Photos from ESCKAZ.com / ESCCovers.com / Euroforum / Eurovision South Africa's post

This Weekend: Strömsholm, Sweden - Aug 12 at Strömsholms Slott https://t.co/vSH1MfA4v1

This Weekend: Nyköping, Sweden - Aug 11 at Rosvalla https://t.co/yVJ6Pblnvi

This Weekend: Bollnas, Sweden - Aug 13 at Långnäs https://t.co/ohuA6yhQ7Y

Sweden: Eight finalists announced for P4 Nästa song competition

It’s the annual talent competition that gives a clue to the upcoming Melodifestivalen line-up. Now the eight finalists have been announced for P4 Nästa 2017 — the contest formerly known as Svensktoppen nästa .

The contest is run by Swedish Radio P4 and aims to find new artists and new music suited to the station format.

Since 2012, one finalist has also been given a slot in the Melodifestivalen heats, but the adult radio faves of Nästa haven’t always been a good match for the bright television aesthetic of Mello.

The Nästa acts with the best results at Melfest were Terese Fredenwall with “Breaking the Silence” in 2012 and Smilo with “Weight of the World” in 2015. Both acts each placed fifth in their respective semi-final, and both narrowly missed out on making the Melfest grand final.

Sweden: Eight finalists announced for P4 Nästa song competition

Sweden: Eight finalists announced for P4 Nästa song competition

The eight finalists of Swedish song competition P4 Nästa have been announced. One of the acts may be selected as the wildcard for Melodifestivalen 2018.

Woke up with fever and a sore throat, perfect timing when we have 4 Diggiloo shows thursday-sunday... #showmustgoon #drinksometea #slutagnäll

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