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#FBLivePoll Round 35. Poll will run for 30 minutes and will be extended in case of a tie until it is broken.
Vote with Facebook likes for your preferable entry of 6 selected songs that will be competing in the Eurovision Song Contest 2017. New entry today is Montenegro.
Song with the least number of votes is relegated, and replaced in the next round by new entry.

Round 1 winner: Tako Gachechiladze (Georgia)
Round 2 winner: Norma John (Finland), relegated: Lindita (Albania)
Round 3 winner: Alma (France), relegated: Timebelle (Switzerland)
Round 4 winner: Alma (France), relegated: Levina (Germany)
Round 5 winner: Alma (France), relegated Manel Navarro (Spain)
Round 6 winner: Francesco Gabbani (Italy), relegated Tako Gachechiladze (Georgia)
Round 7 winner: Francesco Gabbani (Italy, relegated Norma John (Finland)
Second Chance Round 1 winner: Norma John
Round 8 winners: Francesco Gabbani (Italy), Kasia Mos (Poland), relegated Lucie Jones (UK)
Round 9 winner: Francesco Gabbani (Italy), relegated Claudia Faniello (Malta)
Round 10 winner: Francesco Gabbani (Italy), Kasia Mos (Poland), relegated NAVIBAND (Belarus)
Round 11 winner: Francesco Gabbani (Italy), Alma (France), relegated Omar Naber (Slovenia)
Round 12 winner: Francesco Gabbani (Italy), relegated SunStroke Project (Moldova)
Round 13 winner: Alma (France), relegated Anja (Denmark)
Round 14 winner: Francesco Gabbani (Italy), relegated O.Torvald (Ukraine)
Round 15 winner: Francesco Gabbani (Italy), relegated Nathan Trent (Austria)
Round 16 winner: Francesco Gabbani (Italy), relegated Hovig (Cyprus)
Round 17 winner: Francesco Gabbani (Italy), relegated Jacques Houdek (Croatia)
Round 18 winner: Francesco Gabbani (Italy), relegated Triana Park (Latvia)
Round 19 winner: Kasia Mos (Poland), relegated Joci Papai (Hungary)
Round 20 winner: Kasia Mos (Poland), relegated Ilinca feat. Alex Florea (Romania)
Round 21 winner: Francesco Gabbani (Italy), relegated Koit Toome and Laura (Estonia)
Round 22 winner: Francesco Gabbani (Italy), relegated Demy (Greece)
Round 23 winner: Alma, O'G3NE, Salvador Sobral, relegated Martina Barta (Czech Republic)
Round 24 winner: Salvador Sobral (Portugal), relegated O'G3NE (The Netherlands)
Round 25 winner: Francesco Gabbani (Italy), relegated Alma (France)
Round 26 winner: Salvador Sobral (Portugal), relegated Kasia Mos (Poland)
Round 27 winner: Salvador Sobral (Portugal), relegated Brendan Murray (Ireland)
Round 28 winner: IMRI (Israel), relegated Jana Burcheska (Macedonia)
Round 29 winner: Salvador Sobral (Portugal), relegated Tijana Bogicevic (Serbia)
Round 30 winner: Salvador Sobral (Portugal), relegated IMRI (Israel)
Round 31 winner: Salvador Sobral (Portugal), relegated Fusedmarc (Lithuania)
Round 32 winner: Salvador Sobral (Portugal), relegated JOWST (Norway)
Round 33 winner: Salvador Sobral (Portugal), relegated Blanche (Belgium)
Round 34 winner: Salvador Sobral (Portugal), relegated Valentina Monetta & Jimmie Wilson (San Marino)

SAN MARINO - San Marino has criticised Ukraine's decision to ban Russian representative Yulia Samoylova from performibg in Kiev. Carlo Romeo, the head of San Marino RTV, said, “We disapprove this decision by Ukraine. We do not care if it’s a conspiracy or a Russian provocation, the Eurovision Song Contest should be a neutral ground". Apart from Ukraine and Russia, San Marino is the only country to have commented on the row. It is still unknown wheather Russia will take part in the contest. The country has refused the EBU's proposal for Yulia to perform via satellite.

San Marino openly against Ukraine’s decision on Russia

San Marino openly against Ukraine’s decision on Russia

SAN MARINO – San Marino has criticised Ukraine’s decision to ban Russian representative Yulia Samoylova from performibg in Kiev. Carlo Romeo, the head of San Marino RTV, said, “We disap…

Нагадуємо, що ви можете подивитись наш виступ онлайн за посиланням.
#YOUУНІКАЛЬНИЙ #otorvald #нашілюдивсюди

Трансляція концерту "Подяка Нашим Людям" гурту O.TORVALD з площі КПІ. Підписуйтесь, ставьте нагадування та приходьте на канал 26 березня 17:00, щоб побачити ...

#Denmark and #SanMarino have spoken out over an increasingly political #Eurovision situation - read more below! #Russia #Ukraine

Denmark and San Marino condemn Russia-Ukraine scandal – escYOUnited

Denmark and San Marino condemn Russia-Ukraine scandal – escYOUnited

Two of the participating broadcasters in this year’s contest have spoken out to condemn the approaches of both Russia and Ukraine regarding the Yulia Samoylova banning situation.

Всем хороших выходных и таких милых и добрых встреч! @lenka_bloom 😘приезжай чаще 😘

Нарешті вже сьогодні ми з вами побачимось на концерті в КПІ, що пройде за підтримки AXE UA! Як обіцяли, підсумовуємо конкурс. Ми вирішили подарувати квиток у AXE FAN зону всім, хто наважився та заспівав! На схемі вказаний вхід до AXE FAN зони, всі переможці для входу повинні мати при собі документ, що посвідчує особу.

Переможці: Яна Беззуб, Андрей Чепурко, Евгений Шевчук, Надежда Яценко, Димон Головко.
#YOUУНІКАЛЬНИЙ #otorvald #нашілюдивсюди

Italy is still your Number One, no surprise here. Norway is the biggest grower and Ukraine dropped down more than any other country this week. Check out the full Ranking this week #eurovision

The Ranking 2017: What is your favorite song of the week?(Round 9) – escYOUnited

The Ranking 2017: What is your favorite song of the week?(Round 9) – escYOUnited

Our readers award points Eurovision Style to their favorite songs. At the end of the week we will tally up the points, post the results and reset the game to keep the ranking current and up to date.

DW Deutsche Welle has published a story with comments on the ban of Russian entrant from European Broadcasting Union - EBU spokesperson Dave Goodman and ARD Entertainment coordinator Thomas Schreiber.

"We do our best to avoid politicizing the contest," Dave Goodman, spokesman for the European Broadcasting Union, said.

"The Russian broadcaster, of course, knew whom it was choosing and the Ukrainian authorities also know what they are doing. The parties are publicly sorting out their arguments", says Thomas Schreiber, coordinator of entertainment programs of ARD.

Like Goodman, Schreiber emphasizes that the goal of the organizers is still to ensure the participation of the singer from Russia in the contest. Whether this will be possible depends on the goodwill of the two conflicting sides - in particular, the TV broadcasters, ARD coordinator explains.

"At the same time, what is happening is so symbolic that we can assume that the broadcasters are not as independent as it would be in Western Europe," Schreiber believes.

The EBU faces a difficult task: the European Broadcasting Union must assume the role of a diplomat and find a solution to the conflict. This may mean either that the organizers will try to still obtain the Russian Federation's consent to the proposed compromise, or that new ideas will emerge from the organizers of the contest, Schreiber explains. "At the same time, it makes no sense to publicly voice them, because in this case, ideas rarely succeed," the expert believes.

Whether the EBU have any other diplomatic means in its disposal, the organization does not reveal, at least officially. According to Goodman, the Union conducts dialogue with both sides.

"We must respect the laws of the host country, but we ask Ukraine to consider this special case and find an opportunity to allow a participant from Russia to enter the country. If this is not possible, then there is still a proposed option. Our proposal stays as an option. It will not matter for televiewers at all", explains EBU spokesman.

In the event that Ukraine still decides to insist on its own decision, the further development of events will depend on the Russian Channel One. "Then we will ask Russia to reconsider its decision," admitted Goodman.

Asked whether the conflict between Kyiv and Moscow affected the image of the Eurovision, Thomas Schreiber replied in the affirmative: "There is nothing good in this."

In his turn, Dave Goodman is more optimistic: "When we start broadcasting three shows live for a 200 million audience, when the music starts playing, people will forget about many things and focus on the very competition and the variety of languages ​​and peoples who perform on the same stage. And that is the most beautiful thing in Eurovision.

What happens in the event that none of the conflicting parties wants to make concessions and the EBU can not find another solution is unclear. Organizers emphasize: the current situation is an unprecedented case in the history of the contest.

"It would be great if the EBU could find a solution that would allow both sides to "save face" and at the same time prove that the Eurovision Song Contest corresponds to its name and it is a song contest and nothing else," summed up Shreiber.

Смогут ли организаторы

Саме з цим шаленим лайвом ми беремо участь у конкурсі sziget.bigmir.net/artists.

Цікаво, чи багато з вас були присутні на цьому концерті в SENTRUM? )

Режисер-оператор - Кадим Тарасов Виробництво - Chupacabra production Студія пластичного гриму ''Голем'' Керівник Олег Цьось Продюсер - Аліна Краснянська, Оле...

Watch press-conference of Ruslana Lyzhychko at the Eurovision PreParty Riga.

Singer has also commented on it on her Facebook page saying:

"A large press conference took place in the framework of the Eurovision Pre-party Riga, which was attended by a large number of international journalists from major publications writing on the Eurovision Song Contest.
The questions were very different. I had actively invited everyone present to Ukraine, dispelling all the stereotypes created around Ukraine. On what to expect from Ukraine, I replied that it would be a mix of new original ideas.

Of course, the key issue concerned the situation around the participant from Russia. I answered frankly and sincerely. Those who chose the performer from Russia knew about the Laws of Ukraine, and therefore - this is definitely a provocation. That's why Ukraine reacted so. The Security Cervice could not act differently in this situation.

Perhaps, to someone it is difficult to understand this situation completely, but people continue to die in Ukraine every day. I hope that propaganda will not distort my words.

In general, I am satisfied with the questions of journalists and the atmosphere. Everyone is very positive. Europe is going to Ukraine with a great interest. This trend pleased me the most"

Thanks to all Europeans for such genuine interest and respect for Ukraine! "

http://esckaz.com/2017/ ESCKAZ.com reporting live from Eurovision PreParty Riga, Latvia. Press-conference with winner of the Eurovision 2004 Ruslana, who is ...

Да просто как-то не до селфи было. 😝Много всего и рассказывать не хочу😂 вчера вот попала на концерт @bloomtwins 😘 @jetsetterua #photo #thankyou #леньделатьприческу #леньделатьмейкап #выходной

Eurovision 2017: EBU suggest to delay Yulia’s ban to enter Ukraine https://t.co/k3lRM1yiEs https://t.co/k3lRM1yiEs

I am very simple guy.
I am artist.
Art is about sending love.
I adore nature.
I am vegetarian.
I give my heart and soul for bein' who I am.
I am thankful.
For every moment I experience with extraordinary people.
Eurovision gave me so much. And I will make you proud.
#eurovision #montenegro #ukraine #kiev #show #spectacle #preparations #performance #art #artist #mission #wecanbeasone #space
Love, S xx

I am very simple guy.
I am artist.
Art is about sending love.
I adore nature.
I am vegetarian.
I give my heart and soul for bein' who I am.
I am thankful.
For every moment I experience with extraordinary people.
Eurovision gave me so much. And I will make you proud.
#eurovision #montenegro #ukraine #kiev #show #spectacle #preparations #performance #art #artist #mission #wecanbeasone #space
Love, S xx

WATCH: We speak with #Eurovision 2004 winner, Ruslana, who says Ukraine needed to win Eurovision again. https://t.co/CctQ69Qucy

WATCH: We speak with #Eurovision 2004 winner, Ruslana, who says Ukraine needed to win Eurovision again.

Ruslana (Eurovision 2004 Winner) Interview | Eurovision Pre-Party Riga 2017

Ruslana (Eurovision 2004 Winner) Interview | Eurovision Pre-Party Riga 2017

Ruslana won Eurovision 2004 for Ukraine with her song "Wild Dances". She reminises about Jamala's victory in Stockholm and discusses the ongoing preparations in Kyiv. Interviewer: William - https://twitter.com/willyleeadams Download the NEW Wiwibloggs app! iOS App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/wiwibloggs/id1196402350?mt=8 Google Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.wiwibloggs.app&hl=en

Не пропустіть "Вечерний Квартал" на каналі 1+1!
Заспіваю "Заманили"! За участю Morphom та Apache CREW
Вмикайте о 21.15!

#джамала #jamala #заманили

- There are several Member States that have approached us being concerned about the situation with Russian entrant, says Eurovision Supervisor Jon Ola Sand speaking to DR Grand Prix website.

- It is clear that it is something that we are all concerned with. Because we want to keep the competition free of any political statements. And that ban of the participant is a very strong political signal, he adds.

Jon Ola Sand admits that EBU proposal to broadcast Yulia Samoylova performance by satellite goes against basic principle of the contest:

- Yes, it's not as the Eurovision Song Contest used to be. But here we are in a situation where for the first time in Song Contest history we have a participant who may not get the opportunity to travel to Ukraine. And we must find a solution which means that we can offer an opportunity for the Russian participant and not let politics get in the way, says Sand, who has not given up getting Yulia Samoylova to the Kyiv stage as yet.

- We will follow the situation closely, but we strongly urge the Ukrainian authorities to find a solution, says Jon Ola Sand.

- The decision has been taken by the security authorities, who have to follow the laws, but we will appeal to the Prime Minister and the Government of Ukraine to overturn the decision, so that any travel ban will only come into force after the Eurovision Song Contest. Our main goal remains that the Russian participant comes on stage in Kiev in May. We are working hard for that.

EBU boss rejects thoughts that Russian entry is a deliberate provocation against Ukraine as speculation:

- The song can be put in a political context, but it can be everything. And in the situation that there is now between Russia and Ukraine, it is clear that it is being used politically. But we must deal with the rules that apply, says Jon Ola Sand.

The current conflict doesn't make him regret the decision to keep the controversial song of Jamala last year:

- It is a reference to an actual incident in the Crimea during World War II, and it's a song that we do not see then or today as a political message, said Jon Ola Sand.

At the same time, Jon Ola Sand remains confident that unless there are more external challenges, Ukraine will succeed in creating three good shows in May.

DR entertainment manager Jan Lagermand Lundme is also concerned with the Ukrainian preparations:

"It is clear that I am concerned on behalf of the Danish TV viewers. We must get some decent TV shows", says Jan Lagermand.

"I know how much it takes to prepare a show like that, since I was involved in 2014 organization, and I hear that there still is a long way to go. There certainly will be a show, but we do not know how good it is. It seems that things are a bit out of control. I hope I am wrong, and the beauty of the Grand Prix is ​​of course is different from country to country. But it would be really annoying if the show is characterized by the lack of planning.

Entertainment boss is annoyed that the peaceful music competition has become a major political battleground.

"It is practically unbearable. I know that the EBU takes it very seriously. Denmark takes part in the Eurovision Song Contest as an event where we can meet across borders and differences", says Jan Lagermand.

"I would be really happy if EBU will manage to get Yulia on stage in Ukraine", he adds.

Russia page:

ESCKAZ - ESC 2017 - Yulia Samoylova (Russia) / Юлия Самойлова (Россия)

Ruslana: Ukraine right to ban Russia's Julia Samoylova from Eurovision 2017: https://t.co/OsdiVIWJAA via @YouTube

Ми довго розмірковували, як зробити концерт в КПІ подарунком абсолютно для всіх Наших людей, що підтримали нас у голосуванні. І вирішили зробити максимально атмосферну пряму трансляцію.

Ось за цим посиланням завтра о 17:00 почнеться стрім. Тож всі, хто не зможе приїхати на концерт, все одно будуть з нами!
#YOUУНІКАЛЬНИЙ #otorvald #нашілюдивсюди

Трансляція концерту гурту O.TORVALD з площі КПІ. Підписуйтесь, ставьте нагадування та приходьте на канал на 26 березня 17:00, щоб побачити все наживо! Нарешт...

Montenegro and Ukraine have been eliminated from the ESC Big Brother game? Who will be next? It's up to you, please vote in the poll for the song you think should leave next #eurovision

ESC Big Brother 2017 – Day 8: Two more songs eliminated – escYOUnited

ESC Big Brother 2017 – Day 8: Two more songs eliminated – escYOUnited

The most outrageous game is back for an 11th year. The ESC Big Brother gives our members the ability to nominate songs for eviction and our readers get to vote for the song they want to see eliminated from the game. Are you ready to get down and dirty to protect your favorite songs?

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