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29 червня стану гостею вечірнього шоу "2B" на радіо NRJ

Запишіть у календарі і не пропустіть :)

Захоплюючий матеріал нашого піар-менеджера Sasha Varenitsa. Цікаво, що ви думаєте з цього приводу?

Что не так с группой Linkin Park?

Что не так с группой Linkin Park?

Новый и провальный альбом культовой группы как симптом глобального кризиса в музыкальной индустрии

UKRAINE - The National Public Television Broadcasting Company is trying to understand the reasons of initiating the procedure of arresting the EUR 15 million guarantee in Geneva provided by Ukraine to the European Broadcasting Union for hosing the Eurovision song contest. "We have hired a law firm from Switzerland, as we need to clarify all the circumstances of the lawsuit and determine the procedure for applying the arrest in line with Swiss legislation," Board Chairman of National Public Television Broadcasting Company Zurab Alasania said. [ 35 more words ]

Ukraine’s trying to understand reasons of withholding Eurovision guarantee

Ukraine’s trying to understand reasons of withholding Eurovision guarantee

UKRAINE – The National Public Television Broadcasting Company is trying to understand the reasons of initiating the procedure of arresting the EUR 15 million guarantee in Geneva provided by U…

UKRAINE - According to Detector Media website, the Ukrainian national broadcaster's Director General said that the 15 million Euros deposited to a Swiss bank as a guarantee for the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 are now frozen due to legal dispute with the Euronews broadcaster services. The money originally deposited to a Swiss bank in order to guarantee that Ukraine will host the event but there are no more information on the lawsuit. There is no participation yet of the Ukrainian authorities to support the return of the money to the Ukrainian government.

It couldn’t;t get any worst: guarantee money to EBU are now frozen in Swiss bank

It couldn’t;t get any worst: guarantee money to EBU are now frozen in Swiss bank

UKRAINE – According to Detector Media website, the Ukrainian national broadcaster’s Director General said that the 15 million Euros deposited to a Swiss bank as a guarantee for the Euro…

Рівно рік тому, 22 червня, вийшов кліп #Нашілюдивсюди!
Ця пісня стала нашим талісманом і об'єднала всю сім'ю О.Torvald під однойменним хештегом. Ми хочемо висловити величезну подяку всім нашим фанам, завдяки яким ми змогли зробити щось більше, ніж просто пісню. Це гімн любові до життя і об'єднання споріднених душ. #Нашілюдивсюди! Так було, так є і так буде...

O.Torvald - #Нашiлюдивсюди [official video 2016] Час, де ми назавжди молоді...

Неймовірно щаслива, що в Україні знімають справжнє дитяче кіно!

#джамала #jamala #небо

Photos from Jamala | Джамала's post

She’s Ukraine’s shady lady, who never stops pumping out the music, including last year’s killer track “Soprano”.

And now Ani Lorak — that’s Karolina backwards — delivers the smouldering mid-tempo number “Ti Eshyo Lyubish” (You Still Love).

The simple and sultry song sees Ani asking some tough questions and demanding answers: “Do you still love me or not?” she says, before repeating, “Do you still love me? Just answer!”

The intense lyrical content matches the music, which begins with a moody piano intro that gives way to something much darker. The electro beats are heavy and brooding, giving Ani’s lustrous voice a sinister edge that hints at the pain and personal trauma her romance has wrought. Ani hits the notes musically and viscerally. She sure can tug on heart strings.

WATCH: Ani Lorak cries

WATCH: Ani Lorak cries "Do you still love me?" in dark new music video | wiwibloggs

The sultry song sees Ani asking some tough questions and demanding answers. “Do you still love me or not?” she says. “Do you still love me? Just answer!”

24.06, Київ, Контрактова Площа #kiadrivetour #otorvald #нашілюдивсюди KIA Ukraine

0 Likes, 1 Comments - Jenia Galich (@jenia_galich) on Instagram: “24.06, Київ, Контрактова Площа #kiadrivetour #otorvald #нашілюдивсюди @otorvald @kia_ukraine”

UKRAINE – The image of the Ukrainian organisation of the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest is humiliated once again after Ruslana’s statement that she still hasn’t received her fee (13… #eurovision #eurovision2017 #eurovision2018 #eurovisionbettingodds https://www.casinosolutionpro.com/eurovision-betting-odds/

Закінчився мій перший знімальний день!
Фільм "Небо", режисер Олексій Пантелєєв

#джамала #jamala #movie

Photos from Jamala | Джамала's post

Фестиваль Рок Булава, виступаємо о 23:00, а поки насолоджуємося природою Переяслав-Хмельницького.
#нашілюдивсюди #otorvald #ontour #ukraine

Спасибо всем, кто был с нами сегодня на Кураж Базар! Спасибо за прекрасный день! И чудесный его финал - полная импровизация с невероятными Mgzavrebi

Вы фотографировали меня, а я - вас 😊

Все вырученные от продажи вещей деньги передали организаторам! Ура!

Всем любви!

Завтра вы сможете купить ещё одно платье!

#куражбазар #помогаюдетям

Photos from Jamala | Джамала's post


Tayanna was the close runner up in the 2017 Ukraine national selection. Here she talks to Eliana Goncharova for ESC Covers

At the beginning of your career you have been known to spectators and admirers as Tatyana Reshetnyak. Tell me, how did receive the nickname Tayanna?

-When we had already started cooperation with Alan Badoevym, he suggested I use the alias Tayanna, explaining this choice so that my name and I associated him with a secret. I got this nickname, I certainly liked it and it seemed very warm, consonant with my real name. Now my personal and public life delineated: Tatyana Reshetnyak is a person and Tayanna creative path.

When was your first introduction to the world of music?

-With the music I met while still quite small. From early childhood, Grandma and Dad taught me the love of music by singing lullabies. Later I began to sing: performed for my mother’s friends, becoming the Chair and taking into the hands of an impromptu microphone as Combs. Already then I knew I had a lot of songs, and one of the most beloved Christmas carols were. Even when she was older, coming to her grandmother, sang them on Christmas.

My love for music led to what is already in the 13-14 years, I know who I want to be in life and began professional vocal. At 17 years I came to Kiev to study at the Kiev National University of culture and arts.

Recently in Kiev ended the Eurovision 2017. Eurovision theme was and still remains one of the most discussed not only in Ukraine but also in Europe. And how long ago did you hear about this contest?

-Quite a long time. Even before the victory of Ruslana, which was in the year 2004.

And who did you for at Eurovision 2017?

-I liked the representative of Italy, the representatives of Belarus are very cheerful and energetic guys and of course I supported my country, Ukraine.

Many people around the world love your song “I Love You”, with which you participated in Ukrainian national selection for Eurovision 2017. Do you plan to participate in the selection of next year?

-I am very pleased that the people support me and want to see a musical contest. But while I don’t want to guess. If at the time of the qualifying round next year I should have a song, I feel that when it is my time, I might try their strength. But I’m not sure. Maybe it will be in 2 or 3 years.

But the dream of the Eurovision Song Contest?

-Contest was my goal this year. But I until I reach my goal, winning (she smiles).

Your child’s dream came true recently, you performed the main vocals in the ballet “The Great Gatsby.” Tell us about this project?

-“The Great Gatsby” was a wonderful project-Ballet-vocal. It is a subtle art that wakes you feeling through visualization. Do you see how people body movements to transmit the story? Their dance is so slim and graceful that you immediately become hostage to this art. Earlier I was not fascinated by Ballet, but already after the first rehearsal I reviewed many productions with well known artists and realised that today is exactly what art you want to promote. In addition, Ballet something resonates with musicals, I have childhood dreams of singing.

I am grateful to Alexander and Ken Field, producers of the project, for the opportunity to be part of this ballet and this amazing story.

“The Great Gatsby” already conquered Ukraine, it sold out in four major cities of the country. Plan to deliver abroad?

-Yes, in June we fly to Kazakhstan. But even organizers plan to tour in Europe.

And about what you have dreamed of as a kid?

-Since I was a child I wanted to learn to play the three musical instruments: harmonica, guitar and piano. And this desire I still plan to implement. Still I dream to find their mission in this world. For me it is not enough just to live, sing, do something else. I want to be useful to the world and make a meaningful case, which will remain in the history. Also I really want to write and release a collection of lullabies and fairy tales. The last, by the way, I already wrote.

In general, since childhood I have a lot of what I dream. Some of my desires are material, others highly spiritual. I’m trying to balance them so that they can be implemented.

For fans of your creativity, you are an Idol and an example for others to follow. And whom do you admire from Ukrainian or foreign artists?

-Frankly, I prefer foreign music: Rihanna, Beyonce, Whitney Houston, Celine Dion, the Bee Gees, James Brown, the Beatles. They are all great people, who have left their mark in history. In our country, I respect musicians, who themselves write the kind of music that will be relevant not only today, but also through the 10-20 years. This Is Ivan Dorn, Monatik, Max Barsky. It seems to me that Max’s album “Freudian slip” is eternal.

Do you have a favourite book and favourite movie?

-There are so many. I’m not going to say just one, I can’t be limited to something. I read a lot, I especially like books on esoteric. As for the movies, from recent memory Diary “I Loved” and “Lion”.

Many creative people have their mascots, which help them in life and career. Do you have them?

-The main mascot of my life is my son. Together with him for me the world is beautiful even in the terrible storm. It seems to me that moms don’t need any charms, because children are the best and most reliable amulet. In General, the mascot we can do with our own hands-just pick up any object and charge it with positive energy. Then this thing will help in life.

Thank you, Tayanna

Для всех настоящих модниц!

У вас есть уникальная возможность завтра на Кураж Базаре приобрести платья, костюмы, юбки из моего гардероба. Все вещи в идеальном состоянии, надевались буквально по разу на съёмки видеоклипов, выступления, фотосессии, что-то совсем новое. Наряды от Bicholla, Masha Reva, Valery Kovalskaya, Patoka, Who is it , Luba Makarenko by Sayya, Valentino, Ted Becker, Riess DRome и много других дизайнерских вещей. Может, у вас скоро выпускной? Есть очень яркие эксклюзивные наряды специального для этого дня!

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Photos from Jamala | Джамала's post

RT @kristinapichkur: @ManelNMusic whole Europe is lava except Ukraine,come here!!!

On 14 June in Geneva, Switzerland, during a meeting of the Reference Group of the Eurovision Song Contest, the National Public Broadcaster of Ukraine UA:PBC, as a host broadcaster of the Eurovision 2017, has presented the final report on the organization of the contest. At the same time, the organizers of the event have noted that all the necessary works for the proper completion of the project continue in an intensive planned mode.

At the meeting of the Reference Group of the Eurovision, Deputy Executive Director of the Central Directorate of UA:PBC Pavlo Hrytsak, together with the Deputy Director General Hanna Bychok have submitted all necessary reports related to the preparations and organization of the Song Contest in 2017. EBU representatives have noted that the reports of the Ukrainian delegation were duly accepted, and that Eurovision in Ukraine was held at a high level.

Representatives of the Ukrainian team have exchanged experience with the representatives of Portugal, where the Song Contest will be held next year. In this regard, the Executive Supervisor of Eurovision Jon Ola Sand said: "The work on the preparation of Eurovision begins at the moment the country wins the contest. The team from Kyiv, participating in the meeting here in Geneva, conveys its experience and knowledge to the host broadcaster from Portugal. Ukrainian Eurovision team is an important participant of the process, thanks to which the successful experience of Kyiv will be transferred to Portugal".

"Eurovision is the largest music show in the world, a big and complex project for every country, and for Ukraine it was a real test for strength, many did not believe that we could cope with it, there were rumours that the contest would be moved to another country and various other rumours. However, despite all the challenges and doubts that we had to face, we coped and managed to make a great show, to accept at a high level 42 delegations of participating countries, thousands of foreign and Ukrainian journalists, fans, to show the world professional Ukrainian hosts and talented artists. I think this is a victory for the country and we were pleased to be recognized by the European Broadcasting Union ", - said Pavlo Hrytsak.

UA:PBC has received an official letter from the European Broadcasting Union, in which EBU Director General Ingrid Deltenre, Director Media Jean Philippe De Tender and Executive Supervisor of the Eurovision Jon Ola Sand have thanked the entire team of the organizers of the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 for their work.

"Three highly artistic shows that were broadcast from Kyiv have become a successful example of quality, value and excellence, thanks to the amazing stage, artistic lighting and content, talented presenters, exciting script and quality presentations of the participating countries. EBU has received positive feedback on the show, organization and hospitality and we are proud that the Eurovision Song Contest, which is the flagship project of the European Broadcasting Union, showed that public media can unite and celebrate the diversity, "- says the letter.

"Recently, we've managed to implement two ambitious projects: the creation of the public broadcasting in Ukraine and hosting of a large-scale music show - Eurovision 2017. And we are grateful to our European partners for their support and assistance in this. Together we went on a difficult but quite successful route. And we have prepared for the world a fantastic show of the Eurovision Song Contest in Ukraine, "said Hanna Bychok, Deputy Director General of the UA:PBC.

For the team of the organizers of the Eurovision 2017 this large-scale project, however, did not end immediately after the final of the contest. Now the important stage is the fulfillment of all obligations to the partners, contractors, employees, and also publication of the final report ob the project.

The final stage of the project is headed by Pavlo Hrytsak, Deputy Executive Director of the Central Directorate of UA:PBC. Also the key persons responsible for this work are the head of the Eurovision Directorate Yuri Bilovus and the deputy general director of the UA:PBC Hanna Bychok. These experts have worked on the project Eurovision 2017 leading the entire process of preparation and organization of the song contest in Ukraine, so have all the necessary knowledge and competence.

The newly elected board of UA:PBC has created all the conditions in order to enable the Directorate of the Eurovision 2017 to complete the project properly and promptly. In particular, the team of the Song Contest organizers has been provided with a separate room, office equipment and the necessary powers.

"A team of 26 people works daily within the framework of the Eurovision Song Contest Directorate for the speedy completion of all cases, these are the same people who led the project from the beginning, that is, they can fully finalize the work. Board monitors the performance of the directorate of its obligations, "said Zurab Alasania, chairman of the Board of the National Public Television and Radio Company of Ukraine.

As of June 12, 2017, more than 250 contracts worth more than 142 million UAH were still expected to be paid. Last week, payment documents were signed to close contracts worth 8.31 million UAH. This week, it is expected to close another 57 acts worth 44.7 million UAH.


В эту субботу, 17 июня, я иду на Кураж Базар Благотворительный
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В этом году барахолка посвящена социализации детей с инвалидностью, деньги от продажи вещей пойдут на финансирование лагеря для детей с комплексными нарушениями и лагеря для детей с проблемами слуха.

Барахолка будет работать с 11.00 до 20.00.
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Ваша Джа

С Днём рождения, Саша!

Будь счастлива! Хорошей музыки, ярких эмоций, любви!


Photos from Jamala | Джамала's post

Привіт, друже! Любиш авто, рев моторів і рок-н-ролл? Давай з нами! Разом з O.Torvald та з Kia у подорож до Одеси на Kia Drive Tour! #kia #otorvald


die Abstimmung - voting/poll
der Auftritt (Auftritte) - performance
das Austragungsland (Austragungsländer) - host country
der Austragungsort - venue
die Bühne (Bühnen) - stage
der Beitrag (Beiträge) - entry/contribution
die Überreichung (Überreichungen) - presentation
der Choreograf (-en) (Choreografen) - choreographer [male]
die Choreografin (Choreografinnen) - choreographer [female]
das Europa - Europe
die Fahne (Fahnen) - flag
der Fernseher - television
das Finale (Finalen) - finale
die Flagge (Flaggen) - flag
das Gesang - singing
das Halbfinale (Halbfinalen) - semifinal
das Heimatland (Heimatländer) - homeland
die Jury (Jurys) jury
Kiew - Kiev
der Künstler - artist [male]
die Künstlerin (Künstlerinnen) - artist [female]
der Komponist (-en) (Komponisten) - composer [male]
die Komponistin (Komponistinnen) - composer [female]
das Kostüm (Kostüme) - costume
das Land (Länder) - country
das Lied (Lieder) - song
die Mehrsprachigkeit - multilingualism
der Moderator (Moderatoren) - presenter/host [male]
die Moderatorin (Moderatorinnen) - presenter/host [female]
die Musik - music
das Nachbarland (Nachbarländer) - neighbouring country
der Ohrwurm (Ohrwürmer) - catchy song/song stuck in one’s head
das Programm (Programme) - programme
das Publikum - audience [crowd]
der Punkt (Punkte) - point
der Sänger - singer [male]
die Sängerin (Sängerinnen) - singer [female]
die Show (Shows) - show
der Sieg (Siege) - win/victory
der Sieger - winner
der Song (Songs) - song
der Songschreiber - songwriter
die Songschreiberin (Songschreiberinnnen) - songwriter [female]
die Sprache (Sprachen) - language
die Stadt (Städte) - city
die Stimme (Stimmen) - vote
der Tänzer - dancer [male]
die Tänzerin (Tänzerinnen) - dancer [female]
der Tanz (Tänze) - dance
die Teilnahme (Teilnahmen) - participation
der Teilnehmer - participant [male]
die Teilnehmerin (Teilnehmerinnen) - participant [female]
die Telefonabstimmung - televoting
das TV [Tee-Fau or same as English pronunciation] - TV
die Ukraine - Ukraine
die Vielfalt - diversity
der Wettbewerb (Wettbewerbe) - competition/contest
pl Zuschauer - [television] audience

am/beim ESC teilnehmen - to participate in the ESC
eine Fahne schwingen - to wave a flag
ein Instrument spielen - to play an instrument
feiern - to celebrate
fernsehen - to watch television
für ein Land abstimmen - to vote for a country
für sein Land eintreten - to represent one’s country
gewinnen - to win
mitsingen - to sing along
Punkte vergeben - to give points
schunkeln - to rock to and fro together with linked arms
sich (+dat) den ESC ansehen - to watch the ESC
singen - to sing
tanzen - to dance
verlieren - to lose
voten - to vote

inspired by @malteseboy’s Eurovision vocabulary in Maltese

#important #languages #German

OGAE Second Chance Contest - Warsaw 2017 is underway.

22 entries are competing in 2017 edition of the contest hosted by OGAE Poland.

1. Albania (Dilan Reka – Mos Harro)
2. Belarus (NUTEKI – Take My Heart)
3. Denmark (Ida Una – One)
4. Estonia (Kerli – Spirit Animal)
5. Finland (Zühlke – Perfect Villain)
6. Rest of the World [Georgia] (Maliibu – We Live Once)
7. Germany (Axel Feige – Wildfire)
8. Greece (Demy – When The Morning Comes Around)
9. Hungary (Gabi Tóth & Freddie Shuman feat. Lotfi Begi – Hosszú Idők)
10. Iceland (Daði Freyr – Is This Love?)
11. Italy (Paola Turci – Fatti Bella Per Te)
12. Latvia (My Radiant You – All I Know)
13. Lithuania (Greta Zazza – Like I Love You)
14. Malta (Janice Mangion – Kewkba)
15. Norway (Ella – Mama’s Boy)
16. Poland (Carmell – Faces)
17. Portugal (Pedro Gonçalves – Don’t Walk Away)
18. Slovenia (BQL – Heart Of Gold)
19. Spain (LeKlein – Ouch!)
20. Sweden (Mariette – A Million Years)
21. Ukraine (Tayanna – I Love You)
22. United Kingdom (Holly Brewer – I Wish I Loved You More)

In addition to that, 11 clubs will join the contest as guest juries:
Andorra, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Ireland, Israel, Luxembourg, Russia, Serbia.

Listen to all participating entries at playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?list=PLCy3Z9mdvWVeXzAs8wOD4fXQqtZCfBKVw&v=MLenrqJbT3U

Find more information on the official site of the event:

For the voting details contact your local OGAE International Network club. Deadline for the club to submit votes is 15 July, while results will be revealed in early September.

OGAE Second Chance Contest | Warsaw 2017

It’s only been a month since the Grand Final of the Eurovision Song Contest and planning for 2018 has already started. Representatives from Portuguese broadcaster RTP have met with the Reference Group, the governing body of the Eurovision Song Contest at the EBU’s headquarters in Geneva. A new chapter in the history of Eurovision begins.

The meeting started with a review and de-brief of the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest before representatives from Portugal’s public broadcaster, RTP, presented their initial plans for the 2018 competition. Several venues were proposed and an announcement regarding the provisional dates of the 2018 contest is expected in the coming weeks. “The next key milestone will be the selection of a venue, which meets the requirements for hosting the Eurovision Song Contest,” said Jon Ola Sand, the Executive Supervisor of the Eurovision Song Contest.

The first Reference Group meeting following the contest is an opportunity to share advice and best practice with new Host Broadcaster. “Representatives from the team in Ukraine handed over valuable knowledge to colleagues from Portugal. The Eurovision Song Contest is a huge event to organise and the work starts the minute a country wins,” added Jon Ola Sand.

Carla Bugalho Trindade, Portugal's Head of Delegation at the Eurovision Song Contest introduced members of her team from the broadcaster RTP. Reflecting upon Salvador Sobral's win in Kyiv she said: "We won for the first time, it was a wonderful experience to finally hear 'Portugal 12 points' but we did not expect to win, the main goal was to qualify for the final. When we won, it could not have been better. Everyone stood still to watch the TV, everyone wanted to see Salvador win." Carla arrived at the airport where thousands gathered to welcome the team home. "It was amazing, a very special moment," she added.

Cristina Tomé, Chief Finance Officer at RTP added: "We were really happy, we were expecting this for more than 50 years. It was good for our country and for us at RTP." What was the first thing Cristina did after the victory? "We celebrated of course but we got to work right away. I sent messages to my colleagues, read the documentation given to us by Jon Ola Sand at the winning press conference and we then began to set up the core team," she explained.

The team at RTP have already had several conference calls with the Reference Group and yesterday they attended an EBU workshop which covered all topics relating to the Eurovision Song Contest from the venue through to city transportation. "When we return to Portugal we will finalise the venue and Host City selection including the dates of the 2018 contest. After this it's time to develop the slogan and artwork. This is more than just Eurovision, this is a huge event," Cristina Tomé explained.

The team at RTP are excited to welcome fans to Portugal next year. "You have to come to Portugal, enjoy the country and enjoy the contest. We will have sunshine for you!" Cristina added laughing. When it comes to the preparations for 2018, the message from the Reference Group is so far, so good.

A new chapter: Portuguese delegation meets the Reference Group

A new chapter: Portuguese delegation meets the Reference Group

Planning for Eurovision 2018 is underway. Representatives from Portuguese broadcaster RTP have met at the EBU’s headquarters in Geneva.

GENEVA - The first Reference Group meeting after the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest took place in Geneva. Despite the first news coming from the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest, there is still complete silence on the issue of Ukraine and Russia. Regarding the meeting here are the highlights There was a debrief of the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest from all teams participating in the project… [ 338 more words ]

EBU and RTP hold their first meeting; complete silence on Russia and Ukraine

EBU and RTP hold their first meeting; complete silence on Russia and Ukraine

GENEVA – The first Reference Group meeting after the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest took place in Geneva. Despite the first news coming from the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest, there is still com…

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