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Remember when the most controversial thing about Russia’s Eurovision entry was that they were too desperate to win? Stockholm 2016 really does feel like a distant memory. Fear not, Sergey Lazarev is here once more to offer us some respite from all the political posturing.
Released last week, Sergey’s latest single “Lucky Stranger” takes us back to the ’80s. It’s a simpler time… at least in his world. There’s nary an iron curtain or cold war in sight. Read @justpadraig's review on wiwibloggs. #Eurovision #eurovisionsongcontest #celebratediversity #russia #yatoo #newmusic #nowplaying #songoftheday #europop

In 2015 he became the first ever artist to represent Australia at Eurovision. And Guy Sebastian is keeping the music flowing, releasing “Mind On You” last month.
Coming after “Set In Stone” and “Candle” (one of our top tracks of 2016), it’s the third single to be taken from the Aussie’s Part 1 EP. Read the full review on wiwibloggs. #Eurovision #eurovisionsongcontest #newmusic #australia #nowplaying #songoftheday

She took the Oslo stage by storm at Eurovision 2010, bringing Albania straight to the final with the banger “It’s All About You”. Now, Juliana Pasha shows her emotional side with her latest single, the power ballad “Jeto” (Live). Read our review on wiwibloggs. #newmusic #Eurovision #eurovisionsongcontest #nowplaying #songoftheday #europop #albania

#NowPlaying It's Gotta Be You - Tungevaag & Rabaan Remix by Isaiah ♫ https://t.co/0UqKig6GKI

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