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Happy 31st to gorgeous Johannes: proudly gay man, husband and father, a remarkable example of how many guys dream their future to be.  He’s more of an actor, but maybe in the future he’ll come back to singing.

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His group Lighthouse X dramatically won the 2016 Danish national final against two fan favourites. Now the ex-boyband frontman Johannes Nymark returns to the scene of the crime, this time as the co-host of the 2017 edition of Dansk Melodi Grand Prix. He’ll be joined by 2016 host Annette Heick.

Danish broadcaster DR yesterday confirmed that the hosts of DGMP 2017 will be Johannes Nymark and Annette Heick.

While Johannes is well known in Denmark as an actor and a musician, this will be his first time presenting Dansk Melodi Grand Prix. He told DR: “I am really looking forward to helping lead a show where we are to both enjoy and celebrate Danish music. It will be really cool and huge, but also a little anxiety making, so I’m glad that I have Annette as a rock beside me.” #drgrandprix #denmark #danskmelodigrandprix #johannesnymark #lighthousex #eurovision2017 #eurovision

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