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Next week will be something magical, something nice for you guys as well 😉Now X Factor Finland MTV3 ☝🏼
#ourweek #letsdothis #xfactor

Hei ihmiset ❤
Viikon päästä suuri ilta tiedossa, joko on liput hankittuna? Jos ei niin nyt olisi luvassa viikonloppukilpailu, josta voit voittaa liput sulle ja kaverillesi + yllätyspalkintoja!! Käykää tsekkaamassa mun Facebook!
Palkintoja luvassa hauskoille videoille 😉 ❤
#umk18 #saaraaalto #oneweek

Come see me on tour this summer with @officialsteps! This is going to be the biggest & brightest stadium tour of 2018! 🌟🌟🌟 I’m practising my ‘One For Sorrow’ point @lisascottlee1 @llatchfordevans @princessclarabella @ianhwatkins @fayetozersmith!! Get your tickets here http://bit.ly/2FrGsPe ❤️

Have you seen the Queens music video??😍😍 I just LOVE this dress by @flyingtigerfi @mertotsamoofficial @polhemprfinland ❤️❤️✨🔥

We Are The Queens of The Brand New Nation. 🌟🌟🌟Stream ‘Queens’ right now! Link in Bio! ⚜️⚜️⚜️ #saaraaalto #QUEENS #eurovision #UMK18 #euroviisut

My darling @danwootton always has my biggest news first! 🌟 I cannot wait to see you at the shows 😍 The rumours are true... I am the special guest on the @officialsteps Summer Stadium Tour!! #saaraaalto #Steps #Eurovision

‪I want to talk to YOU on the Queens Phone! 👸🏻📲 Call me, Text me & let’s celebrate the release of ‘Queens’! 💃🏻 Lines open 8pm....phone number revealed soon! 🙌🏻 #callsaara #queensphone #QUEENS

These are the people who have made my world a better place and been the light of my life. On Friday I get to share the song that they inspired me to write. ❤️ Pre-Save now on Spotify! Link in Bio! ⚜️ #QUEENS #saaraaalto

*QueensFlash* Tomorrow evening with @danwootton I have an exciting announcement for my UK fans & a massive exclusive! I cannot WAIT for Dan to share this news with you all ❤️❤️

All the queens in this picture are really brave women who have made the world a better place with their example and love. ❤️
Tomorrow I will reveal all the other queens of my life. Do you have any idea who they might be? #saaraaalto #QUEENS

Queens. Song 3. ‪23rd February‬

Hei ihanat❤️
Nyt on Schwarzkopf-ystävänpäiväkilpailun voittaja arvottu Facebookissa! Onnellinen voittaja pääsee tapaamaan mua ja katsomaan huikeaa UMK18-showta Espoon Metro areenalla 3.3.2018! Käy tsekkaamassa voititko täältä -> http://bit.ly/2FUyTQv
Pian nähdään!

Saw my very old friend for the first time in 28 years!! We used to be in the same day care and yesterday we ended up being in the same TV show. 😍💥❤️ Small world!! @ernestlawson_ ✌🏼️ @mtvputous

Kunnia saada olla Spotifyn "Ensisoitossa"-playlistin kannessa!! ❤ Nyt on kuunneltavaa, sillä Monsters ja Domino are here to stay🌟🌟 Kiitos niin paljon kaikille! Thank you so much everyone for listening!!❤

I am going live now on @NRJfi Tune in! 🔥

‘Domino’ is such a special song to me & I can’t believe I can finally share it with you all. ❤️ Listen now! Link in Bio! ✨ #saaraaalto #DOMINO #Eurovision #UMK18 #Euroviisu

I am so excited that ‘Domino’ is out now! ✨✨✨ My second song for UMK. ❤️ Link in Bio! #saaraaalto #DOMINO #eurovision #UMK18 #euroviisut

2 Hours until ‘Domino’ is released. ✨✨✨ This song & video are so magical and special to me, I cannot wait to share it with you all. 😍❤️ #saaraaalto #DOMINO #eurovision #UMK18 #euroviisut

Domino. Song 2! Pre-Save now worldwide on Spotify and get an exclusive sneak peek at the video! Link in bio ✨ ✨ ✨ #saaraaalto #Eurovision #UMK18 #Euroviisut #DOMINO

Follow Saara & re-post this image using #SaaraAaltoDomino to win 1 of 10 personalised Valentines video messages tomorrow from Saara herself! ❤️ (Closes 11pm 13/2/18 Finnish time)

Hei ihanat! Jos ei ensimmäisessä kilpailussa onnistanut, niin kannattaa mennä Facebookissa Schwarzkopfsuomi -sivulle osallistumaan kilpailuun, missä voit voittaa liput 3.3 UMK-show'hun ja tapaamisen mun kanssa 😍😍 Kipinkapin osallistumaan!
Odotan tapaamistanne innolla! Nähdään siis Metro Areenalla 3.3! ❤❤

All that glitters is gold. Song 2. ‪16th February‬. ✨ ✨ ✨ #Eurovision #UMK18 #Euroviisut

First stage rehearsals today!! Can't wait for you to see the Monsters show 😍😍❤️ Gonna be so epic!! While waiting please keep on streaming and watching Monsters, because next week.. new song... 😉🔥
Photo @villepaasimaa
Style @vesasilver
Makeup&hair @emma_makeupart
#monsters #saaraaalto #umk18 #euroviisut #eurovision

Ihana viikonloppu takana!! Kiitos teidän viesteistä ja tuesta ❤❤❤ Muistakaa katsoo tänään @xfactor_suomi MTV3 klo. 19:30✌🏼🌟
Thank you for your super lovely messages!!!! ❤❤ Today X Factor Finland episode 2!! ✌🏼
#monsters #xfactor #xfactorsuomi

So proud of my amazing team who did the Monsters video together!🌟🌟
Thank you so much @alxherron for directing this 🙏🏼
Thank you @vesasilver for styling, @boutiquekaarinak @hurricainekarinak for the dress, shoes & harness,
@annemaripahkala for the jacket !🌟@eerohintsanen for the spine jewellery!
The amazing glam team @stylisteminam and @nadiasminke 💅🏼 And my amazing @merisopanen and Kalvin, you're my rock in all this craziness. ❤🙏🏼🌟 wouldn't be here without you! 😘

And thank you YLE and Warner and the whole music video crew for making this possible for me and my snow fairies❤❤😘🙏🏼 #saaraaalto #musicvideo #umk18 #boutiquekaarinak

Yesterday was a whirlwind and a very happy day 😍 Thank you everybody from the bottom of my heart, thank you for waiting and thank you for being my supporters and my snowfairies❤️ The reaction to Monsters is something from my dreams. To be in the UK, Sweden, Norway & Netherlands iTunes charts & No.1 in Finland is incredible (and staright to No.11 on Spotify Top50!!) ❤️🌟
Keep on streaming and watching Monsters! This is going to be our year 🌟🌟 #monsters #saaraaalto #eurovision #UMK18
Photo @villepaasimaa
Style @vesasilver
Makeup&hair @emma_makeupart

‪Bath time babes❤️😘❤️ Crazy days behind, but been waiting for this😍😍 Keep on streaming the song! You are the best!! Thank you 😘😘🌟🌟‬#MONSTERS

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