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Last year I was honoured to be the most googled person of the year in Finland. This year I was the second googled a… https://t.co/V85gbgHAp6

Suomi! Vielä on ihania ALE-tuotteita jäljellä. Kun tilaat tiistaihin 19.12. mennessä ehtivät ne vielä pukin pussiin… https://t.co/MIwoFzWCMe

@JannikaB @petrasi @GunellKristian Sinä olit mieletön eilen!! Sussa on niiiin paljon kaikkea ihanaa!! Ja tervetuloa hopea-kerhoon

Happy Independence Day
Finland 100 years old today

For years I had waited to have a chance to perform my favourite song "Defying Gravity" on a TV show (wanted to do i… https://t.co/ovRz8Lv0Ef

Song writing day number xxxxxxx

This Sunday!! Musical episode on "Tähdet tähdet" show and I'm gonna be a guest judge and perform a songGuess whic… https://t.co/9yJbytKPNu

All Disney songs + Defying Gravity + Broken Vow + I will always love you https://t.co/8fEF5rMNZj

Aladdin, Little Mermaid, Pocahontas, Beauty and the Beast

That you can make your dreams come true If you work hard and follow your intuition. Sometimes you have to Let Go of… https://t.co/t4IttNnttD

My day was so good! I'm in a song camp atm and we did a really cool and sexy song!!! https://t.co/TQi4qFywEh

My Eurovision song is gonna be my first international single https://t.co/AGuzQBZwHO

Honestly I've written almost 40 songs already!! maybe it's gonna be a double album https://t.co/zg625qQIc2

The BEST! Because he is one of the best singers on this planet and I had wanted to sing with him for years!!! https://t.co/0i2QbpOG2i

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