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Good morning world! 'Queens' was actually one of the first songs I wrote for my album & I can't quite believe it is… https://t.co/VBqRjXKbwp

I love my fans so much. Thank you for the amazing connection we have had on the Queens phone tonight. A… https://t.co/7iHr8VIoiS

I was inspired by so many women making the video for ‘Queens’. I felt so empowered and I hope you do too! Wa… https://t.co/qHF5ySB6OW

I am back on the Queens Phone now! Let’s celebrate the release of my new single together. #callsaarahttps://t.co/mv05s6a3DR

We Are The Queens of The Brand New Nation. Stream ‘Queens’ right now: https://t.co/8NmFPBwEPE https://t.co/8NmFPBwEPE

My queens....1 hour to go until release! Plus I will be back on the Queens Phone at midnight to celebrate with y… https://t.co/alQFwFvrbK

2 Hours to go until you can stream & download ‘Queens’! Your support so far has been unbelievable & I’m so happy… https://t.co/PPlqq2F3wA

Wow! The Queens phone was so crazy fun, I loved telling you all some album secrets If you missed out, the lines… https://t.co/UuF6SXrmeJ

I am on the Queens Phone right now! Let’s talk about Eurovision, Steps Stadium Tour, Queens, Monsters, Domino &… https://t.co/sImZqSjXUy

3 mins and you can call me!! follow my phone calls on instagram!

1 Hour to go until the Queens Phone is live! Let’s text, chat & celebrate the release of Queens. I can’t wait t… https://t.co/fbD5fJCEKh

My darling @danwootton always has my biggest news first! I cannot wait to see you at the shows! The rumours are t… https://t.co/qFibaB5npZ

I want to talk to YOU on the Queens Phone! Call me, Text me & let’s celebrate the release of ‘Queens’! Lines… https://t.co/h1CBdWYWao

These are the people who have made my world a better place and been the light of my life. On Friday I get to share… https://t.co/zScZhFcRGd

*QueensFlash* Tomorrow evening with @danwootton I have an exciting announcement for my UK fans & a massive exclusiv… https://t.co/nfqQdCKJcO

We Are The Queens of The Brand New Nation! Pre-Order worldwide on iTunes now https://t.co/9NhqDx3R5s https://t.co/9NhqDx3R5s

All the queens in this picture are really brave women who have made the world a better place with their example and… https://t.co/wpHoJBuRZ8

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