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Greta Zazza and Paula Valentaite return to Lithuania's #Eurovision selection https://t.co/745OWIu05Z

She loves life. And soon she's going to love #Eurovision in Concert. Congrats to @ESCinConcert for booking Sandra K… https://t.co/WfMe1uFgAY

The video for "Ride" shows that @LOREEN_TALHAOUI's evolution isn't just musical — it's also visual. Gone are her lo… https://t.co/ljPLYCnWQT

RT @wiwibloggs: Belgium's @LauraGroes is quickly becoming a master of the #Eurovision cover. Listen as she takes on @L0oiic's "Rhythm Insid…

According to Google Trends 2017, "Salvador Sobral" was the most googled search term of the year in Portugal. The… https://t.co/efI3qZr6eg

@eurodifferentB We look forward to listening and spotting!

"Dancing with wolves in my kingdom of dreams, Baby, it's a wildlife, Baby, I'm a wild child..."… https://t.co/c7dNUJfxaJ

RT @francescacheeks: Il cuore è un drago che morde, è fuoco ma non (si) brucia mai. Il mio petit #BattitodiCiglia è di20ato d’oro, quindi g…

Russia's @BilanOfficial on his new album "Egoist" — "Having crossed the threshold of my 35th birthday, I surrendere… https://t.co/pneOAyiz6P

RT @ESCinConcert: Our first special guest was just revealed by @mauricewijnen on @ShownieuwsSBS6: it’s SANDRA KIM! J’aime, j’aime la vie!

Do the latest photos of the #Eurovision 2018 stage change your opinion of it? And where do you stand on LEDs?… https://t.co/0azOn9CIfq

Belgium's @LauraGroes is quickly becoming a master of the #Eurovision cover. Listen as she takes on @L0oiic's "Rhyt… https://t.co/NmDC3XvuSo

RT @josh_salmon: When @jessicamauboy says on national TV that she wants an uptempo song with a catchy chorus for Eurovision. Don’t let us d…

RT @Ronkesc: Melodifestivalen 2018 without Edin ?! WTF?! Vad fan?!

(At least i got to meet him in 2017)

#EdinJusuframic #melodifest

RT @wiwibloggs: The #Eurovision Pre-Party Riga returns on March 24 It’s a lovely event. Press release here: https://t.co/lt8xDx97xC http…

RT @wiwibloggs: Six #Eurovision acts so far. Who has you the most excited? https://t.co/rOtmyBeXXh via @KatsJonouchi

RT @bbceurovision: More tickets for #Eurovision You Decide are now available! Head to the @brightdome website for details. https://t…

@scdesc That's great to hear! Given the length of that show, you must have stamina!

Fans of Lithuania’s #Eurovision selection should mark their calendars https://t.co/7uUaP9DCbO via @robynesc

RT @wiwibloggs: Australia’s #Eurovision singer @jessicamauboy says she’ll spend the next month working on her song https://t.co/QzkzXBOt…

@MrGreenFR Flag emojis fill us with joy

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