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Today we look back at Isabella Clarke's week in Tbilisi, where she scored the best ever placing for Australia in… https://t.co/xIZsgZZyrx

If you're missing #JESC2017 as much as we are, here's a surprise for you! A special message from Fource, the winner… https://t.co/o1LOMVS8EN

THANK YOU! Our YouTube channel has just reached 100,000 subscribers and we couldn't be happier! If you haven't yet,… https://t.co/tMEoPkCuQ7

Now that #JESC2017 is over, it's time to look forward to the next fun event: #Eurovision Young Dancers! Find out ho… https://t.co/Fs2O9xgasN

We're still buzzing about yesterday's show, so here's a recap of the #JESC2017 top 5. Were these your favourite per… https://t.co/bYD1taGoTM

A special message from the winner of #JESC2017, Polina! Congratulations Polina! https://t.co/pSVYnOLQNC

You can listen again to the #JESC2017 winning song Wings and all the others here: https://t.co/uNWSlv1T4U https://t.co/uNWSlv1T4U

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Maria Iside Fiore is performing the last song of the evening, and she's closing on a very high note! #JESC2017https://t.co/y4WSwNT8HT

Massive vocal performance from Polina Bogusevich and the staging along with the dancers is so powerful #JESC2017https://t.co/3kYDR344lD

This is such a catchy song! Everyone in the arena is dancing along with Gianluca! Love his #JESC2017 #ShineBrighthttps://t.co/j0cq2PSBR0

We love the sparkly Ukraine have on stage, and Anastasiya Baginska is singing her out! #JESC2017 #ShineBright https://t.co/pHyBtaNEKB

Wow! We're blown away by Ana Kodra! What an incredible vocal. And don't forget: #JESC2017 #ShineBright https://t.co/FJdZmMbXKS

Wow this interval act is incredible! Look at all those dancers! It's so colourful! #JESC2017 #ShineBright https://t.co/sQwPnVJxJ3

Muireann for Ireland is giving a spellbinding performance - such a beautiful song. #JESC2017 #ShineBright https://t.co/dKyZdKhkva

Such a bright and fun performance of Youtuber - this song gets in your head and stays there! #JESC2017 #ShineBrighthttps://t.co/yk3M9DiNAB

Helena Meraai is bringing down the house with a big vocal on 'I Am The One'! #JESC2017 #ShineBright https://t.co/VKrwD8uxrV

Misha is riding his boomerang all over the stage and it really brings his song to life! #JESC2017 #ShineBright https://t.co/67QrKHEhdQ

We love the guys from Fource! They're bringing some fireworks to the arena tonight! #JESC2017 Talk about… https://t.co/tOJLujqb7U

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