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Українська пісня зазвучить на весь світ! Перша репетиція пройшла успішно 😍 Тримаємо кулачки за чарівну Настю ❤️🇺🇦 Video: EBU and junioreurovision.tv @junioreurovisionofficial 👍🏼

He’s lovin’ it! Today our @rmamsikashvili joined eight Junior #Eurovision stars at a party hosted by Wendy’s and… https://t.co/sESEjC9OGR

Serhiy Prytula will host the 2018 Ukrainian #Eurovision national selection #Ukraine

Ukraine: Serhiy Prytula to host ESC national selection - ESCToday.com

Ukraine: Serhiy Prytula to host ESC national selection - ESCToday.com

Eurovision news 2018: Ukrainian broadcaster STB has announced today that Serhiy Prytula will host the 2018 Ukrainian Eurovision national selection. Serhiy Prytula will be hostin


A surprise visitor to the press center - TIMUR MIROSHNYCHENKO who was one of the presenters in Adult Eurovision in Kyiv, Ukraine. He has D2 accreditation which is commentator so we think he will be the official commentator for UKraine

Last to rehearse, and making sure we end the day on a high, it's Ukraine's Anastasiya Baginska and 'Don't Stop'… https://t.co/pYxmQCjkqi


The first euro friend was handed to Muireann of Ireland - this happened at the fun party event at one of the Wendy restaurants in the center of the city. She really liked her Dublin euro friend and wanted ESCCovers to thank Carolina for it.

Misha, Armenia's representative at the 2017 Junior Eurovision Song Contest performs his song #Boomerang during the… https://t.co/vuxyj2c2bQ

A message to you all from Gianluca Cilia - check out his first rehearsal from the stage in Tbilisi ➡️ https://youtu.be/j5fMwRPdziY 🇬🇪🇲🇹 #DawraTond #JuniorEurovision

Fource are here! Their rehearsal of 'Love Me' is looking and sounding amazing! What do you think? #JESC2017 https://t.co/2xbNjWUcFr

Прошла первая репетиция Полины Богусевич. 🇷🇺 Она является главным лидером и претендентом на победу. Видео будет на нашей страничке через 5 минут 😉

The host of the national preselection of Ukraine for the Eurovision 2018 has been revealed.

In three months time, Ukraine will once again embrace the excitement of choosing a representative for the Eurovision Song Contest. Live broadcasts of the National selection will begin on February 10 in parallel on the STB and UA:Pershiy channels. As it was announced earlier, this year's Natsvidbir has a new music producer - Ruslan Kvinta, who already reviews applications from Ukrainian performers and music groups. Serhiy Prytula becomes the host of live broadcasts for the second time.

"I think that the choice of presenter does not raise any questions," says the head of the National Selection Natalya Franchuk (STB). - Serhiy is a favorite of the public and a great professional; To watch how he conducts live broadcasts and communicates with the participants is an incredible pleasure. We are glad that our selections will again be filled with high-quality humor and proprietary irony of Prytula"

The host himself admits that he will be guided by jokes in part, and from the first live broadcast of the National Selection 2018, he expects the absence of an obvious favorite.

"I would like the same competitive set of performers as in the previous two years, when in each semifinal 3 participants were immediately eligible for a ticket to the Eurovision," says Serhiy Prytula. - I honestly have an internal conflict. On the one hand, I want more young bands, different music genres (like this year Monochromea, AGHIAZMA, Panivalkova and Vivienne Mort), but on the other hand you understand that Eurovision is still a pop contest, and we must focus on the selection of a quality pop music. "

An application for the participation in the National Selection 2018 can still be submitted on the site eurovision.stb.ua

In total, three live broadcasts of the National selection for the Eurovision 2018 are scheduled: February 10 and 17 (semifinals) and February 24 (final). They will be broadcast simultaneously on the STB and UA:Pershiy.


ESCKAZ - Eurovision 2018 - Ukraine / Украина

Such a fun rehearsal from Serbia’s Irina Brodić and Jana Paunović! #JESC2017 #ShineBright https://t.co/69MD5SmHfY

Junior Eurovision 2017: Watch the first individual rehearsals (Wednesday 22, Part 2)

Junior Eurovision 2017: Watch the first individual rehearsals (Wednesday 22, Part 2)

Junior Eurovision 2017: Watch the first individual rehearsals (Wednesday 22, Part 2)

Today another set of participants will step on stage for the first time inside Tbilisi Olympic Palac...

RT @wiwibloggs: Who had the best first rehearsal at #JESC2017? Read our quick reviews and vote now! #JESC #JuniorEurovision #ShineBright h…

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