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Eurolaul 2007

ETV Stuudio 03.02.07


Marko Reikop & Maarja-Liis Ilus


2 rounds of televoting

Position in ESC

22nd with 33 points in Helsinki semifinal.

Backup jury favorite

Partners In Crime

Kristjan Kasearu

1. Kristjan Kasearu & Paradise Crew - So Much To Say

Place: 7Composer(s): Madis Muul
Votes: 1771Song writer(s): Kristjan Kasearu

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Deva Deva Dance

2. Deva Deva Dance - Supreme Nature

Place: 9Composer(s): Priit Pajusaar, Glen Pilvre
Votes: 1543Song writer(s): Arne Lauri

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Koit Toome

3. Koit Toome - Veidi veel

Place: 10Composer(s): Koit Toome
Votes: 1371Song writer(s): Fred Krieger, Berit Veiber

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4. Laura - Sunflowers

Place: 3, place in round II: 3Composer(s): Sven Lõhmus
Votes: 8170, votes in round II: 25896Song writer(s): Sven Lõhmus

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Gerli Padar

5. Gerli Padar - Partners In Crime

Place: 1, place in round II: 1Composer(s): Hendrik-Sal Saller
Votes: 16759, votes in round II: 55416Song writer(s): Berit Veiber

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Vanilla Ninja

6. Vanilla Ninja - Birds Of Peace

Place: 4Composer(s): Elmar Liitmaa
Votes: 7552Song writer(s): Piret Järvis, Lenna Kuurmaa

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7. Linda - 1 Year From Now

Place: 8Composer(s): Pearu Paulus, Ilmar Laisaar, Alar Kotkas
Votes: 1701Song writer(s): Jana Hallas

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Soul Militia

8. Soul Militia - My Place

Place: 5Composer(s): Kaido Põldma, Lauri Pihlap
Votes: 4524Song writer(s): Kaido Põldma, Lauri Pihlap

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9. Ines - In Good And Bad

Place: 6Composer(s): Ines, Ivo Etti
Votes: 2583Song writer(s): Ines

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Hele Kõre & Kristjan Kasearu

10. Hele Kõre & Kristjan Kasearu - Romeo & Julia

Place: 2, place in round II: 2Composer(s): Elmar Liitmaa
Votes: 9350, votes in round II: 36881Song writer(s): Jaagup Kreem

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The score board

  Title Round 1 Round 2 Place
1 So Much To Say 1771   7
2 Supreme Nature 1543   9
3 Veidi veel 1371   10
4 Sunflowers 8170 25896 3
5 Partners In Crime 16759 55416 1
6 Birds Of Peace 7552   4
7 1 Year From Now 1701   8
8 My Place 4524   5
9 In Good And Bad 2583   6
10 Romeo & Julia 9350 36881 2
  Points 56172 118949  
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