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Eurolaul 2004

ETV Stuudio 07.02.04


Marko Reikop & Karmel Eikner



Position in ESC

11th with 57 points in Istanbul semifinal.

Backup jury favorite


Slobodan River

1. Slobodan River - Surrounded

Place: 3Composer(s): Maria ja Tomi Rahula
Votes: 2080Song writer(s): Maria Rahula

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Ewert Sundja

2. Ewert Sundja - Dance

Place: 7Composer(s): Vaiko Eplik
Votes: 640Song writer(s): Vaiko Eplik

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Zone & Cardinals

3. Zone & Cardinals - Turn The Tide

Place: 8Composer(s): Priit Pajusaar & Glen Pilvre
Votes: 581Song writer(s): Maian Kärmas

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4. Charlene - Whatever You Say

Place: 6Composer(s): Pearu Paulus, Ilmar Laisaar, Alar Kotkas
Votes: 785Song writer(s): Jana Hallas

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Airi Ojamets

5. Airi Ojamets - I Wanna Stay

Place: 9Composer(s): Raid Liiver
Votes: 393Song writer(s): Raid Liiver

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Hatuna & Sofia Rubina

6. Hatuna & Sofia Rubina - Whenever Blue

Place: 10Composer(s): Fred Krieger
Votes: 188Song writer(s): Fred Krieger

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Maarja-Liis Ilus

7. Maarja-Liis Ilus - Homme

Place: 4Composer(s): Maarja-Liis Ilus
Votes: 1320Song writer(s): Maarja-Liis Ilus

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8. Neiokõsõ - Tii

Place: 1Composer(s): Priit Pajusaar & Glen Pilvre
Votes: 8696Song writer(s): Aapo Ilves

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Kerli Kõiv

9. Kerli Kõiv - Beautiful Inside

Place: 2Composer(s): Kerli Kõiv, Timo Vendt
Votes: 3638Song writer(s): Lauri Laubre

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10. Charizma - I'll Give You A Mountain

Place: 5Composer(s): Henrik Sethsson, Stig Lindell
Votes: 1157Song writer(s): Henrik Sethsson, Stig Lindell

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The score board

Points oli telefonihääletusel osalejaid 19478.

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