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Gerli Padar - Partners In Crime

Eurolaul 2007

Song nr 5

Performer(s) - Title

Gerli Padar - Partners In Crime

Composer(s) / Song writer(s)

Hendrik-Sal Saller / Berit Veiber

Place: 1, place in round II: 1

Votes: 16759, votes in round II: 55416



We're standing in the rain
And sipping cold champagne
The night is full of angels of sin -
The demons of pleasure and pain

You whisper in my ear
I'm holding back the tears
Your words are burning the way to my heart
That's been held hostage for years

The wild look in your eyes
Will light my fire inside
This is the night that we can not deny
We'll always be partners in crime

I kiss your lips so sweet
Do you feel the heat
Is it so wrong to be hungry for love
To follow the passion so deep


Now it's too late to turn back the time
We just have to go with the flow
I will be yours and you will be mine
And that's how the story goes.


Video: Gerli Padar - Partners In Crime (Estonia NF 2007)
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