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The International Exhibition Centre (Ukrainian: Міжнародний виставковий центр) in Kiev is the largest exhibition center in Ukraine. Located in the western portion of Livoberezhna microdistrict, the center was opened in October 2002, and the head of the center since its construction was Anatoly Tkachenko.

The idea of building complex was Viktor Tkachenko, then director of the Palace of Sports. Current director of the center the Ukrainian architect Yanush Wig who designed the complex, and Eduard Safronov was the head of its construction.

The center combines in a single architectural ensemble three pavilions with a total area of 58,000 sqm, of which 28,018 m are for exhibitions. The complex has a congress hall and fourteen conference rooms with a capacity of 90-600 seats, meeting rooms, rooms for storing valuables and weapons, cafes and fast food restaurants, bathrooms, toilets and air conditioning.

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