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Sissi - Lighthouse

EESTI LAUL 2023 finaal

Laul nr 12

Esitaja - Laul

Sissi - Lighthouse


Sissi Nylia Benita

Koht: 6

Punkte: 11



Couldn't write music cause you're in all of my songs
If I ignored this then maybe you'd truly be gone
Put all this heartbreak just out of my mind
But as longs as you and I live under same sky's

My heart will beat for you
Each beat holding steady and true
My lungs they breathe for you
Your name on my lips with every exhale
Each night I dream of you
Each night we find a way
To stay in the past, never let go
Hold on to the place where we were for once more

You were my lighthouse
Guiding me home
I knew you like myself
From the skin to the bones
I once made a promise
To love you as long as I live
But now you're gone and I'm here alone
Silently keeping my promises

Couldn't write music cause now there's shame in my songs
Who knew these feelings would linger this long
I keep telling the world the part of me that you lived in is gone
If that was the truth, oh tell me why, the hell am I writing this song here for you


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