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Goodreason - Three Days Ago

EESTI LAUL 2022 kolmas veerandfinaal

Laul nr 3

Esitaja - Laul

Goodreason - Three Days Ago


Hele-Mai Mängel

Koht: 9, koht II voorus: 6

Punkte: 387, hääli II voorus: 0



Baby tell me how
How can I fix this
It's been days now
Have I missed it?

We're not talking about it anymore
It's like we forgot we even had a fall

So we just sit here
Across eachother
And after years I'm still afraid

To say something I don't even mean
When I really want to get back to the

Endless nights of holding hands
Talking about our future plans
Cruising down the streets at night
Tell me how to get back to the
Dinner dates and movie nights
Learning how to hold on tight
I really wanna get back to three days ago

I know this silence
Is not forever
It's you smiling
That I'm missing

Your laughing gives me butterflies
And now it's been a while

Can we pause this
And make it better
You know how stubborn I can be

When these things go on for a while
I just wanna get back to the


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