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Victor Crone - Storm

EESTI LAUL 2019 esimene poolfinaal

Laul nr 10

Esitaja - Laul

Victor Crone - Storm

Muusika / Sõnad

Stig Rästa, Vallo Kikas, Victor Crone / Stig Rästa, Victor Crone, Fred Krieger

Koht: 1

Punkte: 22



All my life I've wondered why
I keep fighting all the tides
For a million reasons that I find
But I might, I might be all wrong

I've hit highs and I've hit lows
But somewhere down the winding road
It felt like I could lose it all
But I might, I might have been wrong

A storm like this
Can break a man like this
But when it all calms down
We're all safe and sound

All my life I've tried to find
The meaning of what's left behind
They say it's life itself but I
(feel) it might, it might be all wrong


In no time the storm will end
It'll be alright again
The battle scars won't matter then
But I might, I might be all wrong

Video: Victor Crone - Storm (Eesti NF 2019)
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