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Uku Suviste - Pretty Little Liar


If I was,
If I was a soul you could lean on.
If you knew, you'd still want something more.
You should know my love ain't free

If I was, I tell you
If I wasn't down and hurt,
Icy cold or bittersweet
Would you come back for more?

We can take it higher,
reach into the peaks of love.
You told me we could shine a little brighter,
brighter than the stars above
You pretty little liar, you!

Your words were right,
all your words were right in all the wrong ways.
Couldn't be further from the truth
and the way you really feel

Fool me once shame on you
Fool me twice and we're through!
You're not taking this away from me.
I'm gonna let you go


I threw myself into the fire
blinded by the shades of love
oh baby,
You pretty little liar, you!


Video: Yianna Terzi - Oniro Mou (Kreeka 2018)
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