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Sofia Rubina feat. Janika Tenn - Deep Water

EESTI LAUL 2019 esimene poolfinaal

Laul nr 8

Esitaja - Laul

Sofia Rubina feat. Janika Tenn - Deep Water

Muusika / Sõnad

Sofia Rubina-Hunter, Janika Tenn / Oljana Kallson

Koht: 7, koht II voorus: 4

Punkte: 8, hääli II voorus: 1073



I let the waves carry away
There's no walls, no ceiling
Since I moved on from yesterday
I'm in love with this feeling
I wanna feel it all
I'm no longer fish out of water
Deep water, deep water

ooo, even if its me, myself and I
Take a seat, this is my solo dive

2xDeep deep water tried but couldn't drag me down
Since I found myself we became the one

There's so many ways to go
There's so many new destinations
There's so many shores to reach
Forget about your hesitations
I know I can trust myself
So I'm not afraid to be diving
Deep water, deep water


Video: Sofia Rubina feat. Janika Tenn - Deep Water (Eesti NF 2019)
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