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Kerli Kivilaan - Cold Love


I'm lying in my bed
I couldn't change the sheets
Trying to figure out
Which side on I should sleep

Is there a medicine
Is there a pill I could take
For my selflessness, cause

I gave you myself
I gave you myself
I wanna give you myself (now I'm lonely)
I wanna give you myself

Show me some guidelines, bright lights
So I could forgive
I bet your mom wouldn't like
If she knew what you did

Give me some time to revive (I)
Really want you to see
How you gave no more than
Cold love

I try to tell myself
We all keep making mistakes
Although our memories
They all turned out to be fake

Give me a medicine
Give me a pill I could take
For my selflessness


Video: Kerli Kivilaan - Cold Love (Eesti NF 2019)
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