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Stig Rästa - Home

EESTI LAUL 2018 esimene poolfinaal

Laul nr 7

Esitaja - Laul

Stig Rästa - Home

Muusika / Sõnad

Stig Rästa / Stig Rästa, Fred Krieger

Koht: 2

Punkte: 18



Baby if I told you that
All is wrong and bad
I’d be just like the rest

And if I showed you the
Whole wide world and how
It is all a big mess

With angels falling and
Sirens calling and
Towns are crumbled and crushed

Lights are fading out
Colors graying out
It’ll all turn to dust

But I’ll stay here with you my love

If you give a little love to me
Put a bit of trust in me
I will build us a home

Where we
Sleep on the balcony
Watch a bit of GOT
And we won’t feel alone

Yes I will build us a home

And then you smile at me
Say that it is a-okay
We are not like the rest

All that matters is
That you’re here with me
This brings out all the best
See the

Angels flying and
Sirens idling
Towns are built from the ash

Lights are brightening
Ties are tightening
We won’t crumble or crash

And I’ll stay here with you my love


Yes I will build us a home


2xYes I will build us a home

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