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Elina Born - In or Out


This is gonna be a
One time invitation
To a secret place I know
So keep it low

There you can be whatever
It's a place that can be
Never ever found
It's underground

Every dream you've ever dreamed
Will soon be coming true
Oo be careful of what you're wishing for
Cause it may startle you

Everything that happens here
Will always stay here
But once you enter you're in deep
And you can never leave

Are you in or out
You will soon find out
What it’s all about

It’s the final round
There can be no doubt
So are you in or out

It’s where all you’re fantasies
And darkest kind of wishes
Come alive
So take a dive

If you feel like doctor jekyll
Don’t you worry you will
Soon be mister hyde
Just step inside


I will lead you all the way
Through the neverending maze
Don't be afraid


Video: Elina Born - In or Out (Eesti NF 2017)
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