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Soul Militia - The Future is Now


I follow my heart, I've always done that,
Proudly play my part, a matter of fact,
Through better times and the bad I've always stayed the same

I was keeping my cool, throughout the days they said I was a fool,
That hope was dead,
This is the time and the place to turn it all around

I just wanna change,
Stop looking back and move ahead,
Forget I was down,
I've turned the page,
No matter what's been done or said
The future is now


Never thought I'd say, what I'm about to say,
I'm forgiving all my enemies,
You chose to say and do things but I'm bigger than that

Just gotta move on, 'cause it's a new dawn,
Ain't gonna be broken down no more, 'cause I'm being strong,
This is my path, I'm letting go of my past




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