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Anonymous asked:

Can you please tell me that not everyone in europe hates germany? Because this is what many germans think. They don't understand that our song was just not good enough. Many people on facebook say that eurovision is just about politics and that they hated portugal (fact is that portugal got 12 points from the german televoting). Can they not just celebrate it?



Well, I don’t think that everyone in Europe hates Gemany or UK or any other country that does bad. Truth is that Germany had 3 bad years in a row but maybe is because the high level of the competition. I personally liked Germany 2015 (song and staging) and 2016 (song) and they dind’t deserve last place if you ask me… And Levina: in my opinion not a “that” bad song and she sing really really well. Maybe the problem was the staging: it had a VERY good start but the rest of the staging was really plane :-/

And yeah a lot of people say that this is the worst winning song but the fact is that they won both jury and televote so I guess it’s a very well deserved victory. :)

Nobody in Europe hates Germany… but sometimes, it feels like Germany doesn’t care. In 2016, freaking *Gregorian* competed. That could’ve been incredible on Eurovision. But for some reason, Germany went with the formula they went with several times and which never worked, and that was to take an unremarkable song.

That’s the main problem of Germany in Eurovision. The fact that they keep sending either bland or generic songs, nothing to capture the audience… I actually liked “Black Smoke” though and I felt sad for the 0 points… but way too often, it felt like Germany didn’t even care about the song per se… something in the way Germany picks its songs clearly doesn’t work and if you guys just fixed that - like France did - Germany would finally start getting more recognition in Eurovision.

#eurovisionGermany #escGermany

France has never been *mocked* for singing in French.

Some songs just sound better in French. Alma’s song was a real French song. The English part felt forced and unnatural. That’s all there is. It felt like she just put it in to please Europe and it did a disservice to the song. Portugal didn’t use any of the tricks and arrived with something honest. France lost on honesty when they put in English where it sounded completely artificial.

Compare it with Amir last year. It sounded okay because it flowed naturally with the song. You could HEAR that the song was meant to be bilingual since the beginning. The part that sounds better in French is kept in French; the one that sounds better in English was sung in English. It was bilingual, but it was honest.

That’s the nuance.

#eurovision2017 #eurovisionfrance #escfrance #alma #amir #salvadorsobral

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Brand new Article also published today on People https://t.co/Hisx1KFsIs

Brand new Article also published today on People https://t.co/tF0jqwlXV9

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